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  1. For the many reasons to hate McConnell and for the many more reasons why someone should hate McConnell... it is pretty telling when even McConnell attempted to persuade Trump from nominating Kavanaugh. For as despicable as McConnell is, he has to know something about Kavanaugh that we do not. Maybe this rape thing isn't what McConnell knows but the fact McConnell was not 100% for Kavanaugh is telling.
  2. Kavanaugh went to a forward thinking Progressive school that welcomed the LGBTQ community openly.
  3. I have an iPhone 6 and I'm not buying a new iPhone. I'm hoping Microsoft surprises everyone on October 2nd with a phone of some kind. I'd really like to see what Microsoft could bring out in the phone arena... as long as it is cheaper than any iPhone. $750 for the cheapest new phone? Crazy... that is why I bought 3 more shares of AAPL. The newer Sony Xperia phones look pretty darn nice with an awesome camera for much cheaper but these phones use Google. I cannot have a Mac computer, Windows computer for work, and a Google phone. I can't be in all three ecosystems.
  4. The Packers sign Kaep and America takes notice of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The publicity would be Earth shattering. The money that would roll into jersey sales and everything else would be huge.
  5. showing Rodgers is playing. Did Kizer throw it to Cobb?
  6. Kizer = Superbowl* *McCarthy finally gone from Green Bay. Fired mid season :dance:
  7. The only narcotic I ever did was for a 2-3 week period after having oral surgery. I had liquid Vicodin during that time. The dreams I had on that stuff were... real. I woke up thinking some crazy stuff happened while I was asleep. I never had a need to want more or for any other reason though. 10/10
  8. Or, if the people he appointed had any morals, they would save the country time and resources and resign. But, in the recent past, many Republicans have demonstrated zero morals or care for the country... so, don't hold your breath.