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  1. That seems to be giving up on Akers pretty early, IMO. I'd hold Akers and see if his value increases later in the year if you are looking to sell.
  2. You may have more luck trading him after tonight - he should have a big game.
  3. Totally agree - if he had been healthy all year I suspect he'd be right near the top of the rookie rankings.
  4. For those who still like to shop from shady overseas places, I just ordered from Order was approved - awaiting delivery now.
  5. I just dropped him in my dynasty league for Callaway. I think he's done.
  6. Can you answer my question above then? How many ST teams players must be on the field to consider it a ST play? If they change out a couple offensive linemen, is that a ST play? If they just bring in the punter but keep the rest of the offense on the field, is that ST? What if the backup QB is also the punter (Tom Tupa)? I think you are seeing the problem with your position on this. It just doesn't hold up under scrutiny. A special teams play starts when the ball is kicked. Period. It's simple and clear.
  7. Now I'm confused. I thought you said the type of play was determined by who was on the field? If the offense is on the field and the QB punts, then it turns into a ST play, even though the ST unit wasn't in the game? But if the punt team is on the field and the punter throws it, it isn't an offensive play? Seems like you are trying to have it both ways here.
  8. OK. Here's something for you to chew on. I used an example of Cousins punting on third down earlier. Check out this link. Lot's of examples here. Let's just talk about the first one. It's third down. The offense is on the field. Brady punts it. Are you saying that this is NOT a punt because the offense is on the field? If the guy ran this back for a TD, how is it scored? It can't be a ST TD because special teams wasn't on the field, right?
  9. A fake punt, pass for a TD, is scored in the box score as a passing TD for whoever threw it, and a receiving TD for whoever caught it. Do you go into your scores in your league and reverse those scores and credit the D/ST for that TD?
  10. In a dynasty league, that really sucks. So much of the fun is trading and negotiations. Especially in the next couple weeks when the bad teams are positioning for future years and the good teams are trying to win this year. Makes for a lot of trades.
  11. Serious question here. I just want to clarify your position. How do you define "Special Teams Unit?" We have given examples of a QB punting from an offensive formation (which does happen) and you say that's an offensive play because the offense is on the field. How many "special teams" players have to be on the field for it to be considered a special teams play? Can it just be a change of a few offensive linemen? Do the WR's have to be replaced with backup WR's and act as gunners?
  12. Because it COULD happen. And scoring must be consistent in all cases. You are going to come around, I know it. You are on the verge.
  13. So now we have to know specifically who was blocking on the play to decide what kind of play it is? What difference does it make who the left guard was on the play, or where everyone lined up?
  14. It's a defensive TD because the defense is on the field.