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  1. I'm starting from scratch with the database since I didn't run it the last couple years - please PM me your info (real name, address, and shirt size). Thanks.
  2. It's going to be hard to find a decent scotch at that price point. If you're willing to go a tad higher, there are a few pretty good ones. Most of the peaty scotches come for Islay, and that region doesn't produce a ton of scotch, so it's usually a little pricey. I'm a fan of Laphroaig, and they make a 10 year that's around $45. I also like Glen Moray and I believe they have a peated scotch (I think it's called "Classic Peated"). I've never had it, but it's in a similar price point, and they make a good scotch. I know these are about twice what you're asking, and I'm sure there are some decent ones in the $20 range, I just haven't tried any.
  3. This is interesting. I can’t keep up with this whole thread - can you post the link to the data you reference here?
  4. This state is ####ed. I was up in Prescott Saturday. They had a bluegrass festival in the town square and there were hundreds of people there. I counted maybe 10 with masks on, and that's being generous. I was going to video it and post it, but I thought better of it.
  5. Bump. @tonysmiles I still need your info - real name, address, and shirt size.
  6. I agree. We have to set a time and a game and just stick with it. Everyone won't be happy, but for the most part, what we have is working pretty well. And there's always the late night drunken HORSE games for those who want to switch things up.
  7. @Bluesbomber, I need your t-shirt size. @doowain, I saw you "black dotted" the thread - does this mean you are in? @tonysmiles and @Sandeman, PM me your info. Thanks all - 31 entries so far
  8. Send me a PM with your real name, address, and shirt size. And Welcome!
  9. Is that because we haven't had a good turnout? Also, with family life and all that BS, it's good to know the time commitment is only a little over an hour for that game. But honestly, I'm good with anything.