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  1. Here's something interesting. I was checking out Next Gen Stats and doing some sorting and looking. When sorting RB's by how much they see 8 man boxes, Chase Edmunds is BY FAR the lowest of all RB's at 1.96%. For comparison, David Johnson is also very low (ranked fourth) at 6.49%. Miles Sanders is second at 4.76%. And for reference, guys like Gore, Fournette, and Henry are in the 30% range. A lot of that has to do with the offense AZ plays, spreading 4 wide on what seems like every other play, so there's no way the D can put 8 in the box. But none-the-less, I thought it was pretty interesting. Here's a link to Next Gen Stats - it's really a great site for organizing data:
  2. Kid is rolling. He’s not making mistakes, and he’s accurate as hell. Cards just finished a VERY weak three game stretch. Will be interesting to see how he does the next four (NO, SF, TB, SF).
  3. I’ll usually bet $1,000 or so on the Sunday games and have never had a problem reserving two seats all day. I’d bet a few hundred would be good for one seat. And a lot of times you don’t even need the reserved seats - there are a lot of empties for the late games.
  4. I’d jump at that trade. High volume starting RB’s are hard to find.
  5. I still think I should get extra credit for picking the Dolphins as my D last week! Used: Offense: Detroit, NE, Dal, Rams, Philly, Atlanta Defense: Baltimore, NE, Dal, Chargers, Titans, Miami Week 7: Offense: Arizona Defense: Buffalo
  6. I thought I read somewhere that we lose it through breathing. That was an option so I picked it.
  7. I grabbed in him three leagues - hoping he can cover bye weeks for my starters. If I get more than that, yay me. That offense is so horrible, but if he can continue to catch passes and get 10 or so carries a game he will at least be servicable.
  8. I am Titanium Elite with Marriott and got upgraded to a wrap-around suite with the Bellagio fountain view for free. They have a special check-in line for Marriott members, so be sure to go in there. If I remember right, it's actually a little room sort of thing to the left of the check-in desk. One thing about the fountain view rooms - they are really awesome with great balconies, but we would probably get a lower room next time. I think we were on the 45th floor or something, and we couldn't hear the fountains or music. I would guess the 20th floor or so would be really great (the high floor was great too, but it's just something we will do differently next time). I really like the Venetian Sports Book. It's not far from the Cosmo, and they have nice TV's. You may get lucky and get a seat since it's a late game. But if you go there the night before and place a decent-sized bet, you can ask for a reserved spot and they will probably give it to you.
  9. Well, I probably will be different from what most others would do. Hopkins - Great young QB, and Hopkins is ultra-talented. He's the sure-fire number 1 for me 1.01 - This draft class is just so good, having the 1.01 is a great place to be OBJ - Him and Baker need to get their #### together. I'll give them more time, but not much more time. Godwin/Cooper - I'm not super high on either guy, and I am just not sure why. They are both putting up great numbers, but there's something just stopping me from hopping on board. It may be that both may have new QB's soon. Godwin also has Evans there, and I'm not convinced that Evans is going to continue to take a back seat. Cooper just feels "fake" to me, like at any point he's going to revert back to a low end WR 2. I realize I am in the minority with these guys, and I'm probably missing out, but it B what it B.
  10. Sounds like I need to put some offers out for Hopkins.