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  1. I agree. I have no idea what the margins are on those games, but I don’t really care. They are fun.
  2. I agree on the AA clubs. I live in PHX and those clubs are always packed. But it sure is nice waiting in the club in most airports. Much more peaceful
  3. It would, but most blackjack players hate it. Most people think they can count cards to some extent, and the casino is more than happy to let them think they can. So I think your guess is probably correct.
  4. I’m exec plat and I get upgraded so much that it’s to the point where I am genuinely angry when it doesn’t happen. I don’t know what the heck would happen to me if I ever have to go back to flying coach the majority of the time.
  5. There are tables where they immediately feed the used cards back into the shuffle machine, so there’s no chance to count or use previous cards as some kind of indicator of future cards. I’m pretty sure the electronic machines are pretty much like that.
  6. It’s no different from playing at the table with a deck that is continuously shuffled. The order of the cards is predetermined, and there’s no way to count cards, etc.
  7. Man, I can’t stand that. Let’s start a thread about that! That’s the real problem in all of this.
  8. Well post the link, dammit! This is interesting ####!
  9. I have flown over a million miles. In the last four years, I’ve flown over 120K miles each year. Admittedly I get upgraded to first a lot, and this isn’t an issue there. But to get to that point, I’ve flown a LOT of coach flights. I have never once seen anyone complain about someone reclining into them, and I’ve never once seen anyone ask if it’s OK if they recline. Seats recline. People recline them. Sure, it kind of sucks. But it’s not rude, and no one is intentionally trying to inconvenience anyone. I’m a bit surprised by the hostility of those who don’t like being reclined into. I’ve just never seen it in real life.
  10. 😂 I typed “The great deity in the sky” and “the Hoover ‘Dam’”, and it changed it to “gosh darn.” That’s awesome.
  11. Flew from Phoenix to Denver today. Didn’t get the upgrade in advance, but fully expected it at the airport. I arrive and I’m first on the upgrade list. Lady in the lounge says first is checked in full. 🥵 I mope around, get in line to board with group ####### 2, and lo and behold, my name shows up in lights on the upgrade list! Bam!! As I walk through the line she hands me my new boarding pass 😍👊🏽😀