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  1. And it’s going to remain the worst team in the league
  2. I own DJ and Kupp. I don’t think I’d give them plus my 2020 1st for OBJ. But I’m pretty high on Kupp and DJ.
  3. Sitting in the AA lounge in Phoenix waiting for my flight to Anchorage. Heading there for my annual salmon fishing trip. Just went ahead and paid the extra for first class - it’s a long damn flight! Fish on!!
  4. Package sent to Chicago. Sorry for the delay. No note, but it’s full of Arizona stuff
  5. At the airport on my way to Anchorage then down to Soldotna to slay some salmon. I’ll update along the way.
  6. I agree with @Milkman for the most part - good post. I think what’s missing is DJ excels in the open field and catching the ball. I see him lining up as a WR a lot, as well as catching the ball out of the backfield. Yes, the WR corps has improved, but besides Fitz, they are still very young. DJ may be the best or second best WR on this team still. I put DJ at the very top of the second group of WR’s and would not hesitate to take him at 1.05.
  7. I'm not sure how many miles you're talking about, but I think I'd take the club access. It really makes a big difference when travelling, at least for me. It's much more comfortable and peaceful in the clubs. And, there's the added bonus that if you do fly a lot, you'll earn those miles back for a free flight anyway.
  8. I hope so too! We've had some crazy sockeye days in the past - over 20 for each of us in one day. Your pics make me want to go NOW! We had an amazing halibut/ling cod haul last year. Here's a pic - note that the big fish on the left wasn't turned around correctly so it's hard to see, but that was a 100 pounder. I'm the bald guy second from the left.
  9. Nice!! I leave Thursday for our annual trip. A few days of sockeye and king fishing in Solodatna on the Kenai River, and a day down in Homer for Halibut and Ling Cod. I know I promised updates last year, and never got around to it. I'll be sure to post details when we get back this year.
  10. I’m not saying the line will be good. I’m saying ranking them low based on last year is a mistake and lazy. Ranking them low because they lack cohesion and experience is perfectly acceptable.
  11. I think they are being lazy. I agree Cole wasn’t very good last year, but he wasn’t even supposed to play until Shipley went out. Shipley is back this year, and Cole may not even play center. So to single him out as an indication of how bad the line will be is just lazy analysis, IMO. We’ll have to wait and see. My point is that yes, the line was horrendous last year. But literally every guy was hurt and every starter missed multiple games. It’s very hard to know how good or bad they will be this year, but you can’t use last year as a barometer.
  12. 4 The only one I really like is avocado toast. But I was eating avocados on toasted English muffins in 1993.
  13. Seems like that’s something you can really use to your advantage when trading with him in the future.
  14. According to officials, Hood had at least 24 prior arrests and convictions. I think the dad did us all a favor.