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  1. I dated a girl from New Zealand 33 years ago and her nickname was "Kiwi" so it's totally cool.
  2. My wife and I took an Australia/New Zealand cruise a couple years ago. It was absolutely amazing. We started in Sydney, went to Melbourne, over to Tasmania, then over to New Zealand where we had 6 stops. Our favorite town was called Akaroa, which actually is very close to Christ Church where the shootings happened. It is a beautiful little town with the prettiest water I’ve ever seen. Great fish and chips too. We stayed in Auckland for 3 days. We really liked it there - it felt like a mini-New York. It had an edge we didn’t feel in any of the small towns we were in - but we liked it. It’s the sailing capital of the world, and our hotel had floor to ceiling sliding windows that opened all the way around, right on the water. It was the coolest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. The people in both Australia and NZ were the nicest people I’ve met anywhere. Just so accommodating and friendly everywhere. From the servers to the bus drivers to the people on the street, everyone was wonderful. Great place, one of my absolute favorite places I’ve visited.
  3. Done. Should be interesting to see the results.
  4. We can only hope - hot AND crazy is a good combo!
  5. Lol!! Nope! This was all Phoenix friends - no psycho Boise chicks!
  6. I agree that every industry is different, and I’m coming from the perspective of the tech industry. I just want my employees to work for me because they *want* to work for me. If they don’t, the I want them to find a place that makes them happy. I can’t imagine “forcing” someone to stay at my company if they want to leave because they can’t work elsewhere in the industry.
  7. I guess I’ve always felt like people have a right to make a living in their industry. I can understand if a direct customer recruits someone - they are stepping over the line there. But a competitor is fine. The employee should be free to work where he/she thinks is best for him/her. If they made a better offer or offer a better job, more power to them. I’ve owned a business for 18 years and I’ve never once stopped an employee from leaving. I always shake their hand, wish them luck, and truly depart with no hard feelings. It’s their life and career, let them do what’s right for them.
  8. Non-competes are very hard to enforce, so your buddy may be disappointed. And, to restrict an employee, or former employee, from employment in their industry is kind of lame. And even if he gets an influx of some talent by recruiting from the competition, his reputation will most likely take a hit in the industry and it could very well turn out worse for him. When an employee wants to go, let them go. It’s almost always not worth the struggle.
  9. So maybe we do a poor job of using our funds?
  10. Do you think running General Motors is harder than running the laundry mat in the strip mall down the street? It’s not that hard.
  11. I was there last weekend buying a bunch of stuff for my daughter’s 21st birthday party - rooms at the Venetian and dinner with my wife, me, my daughter, and four of her 21 year old hot friends. It was a terrible weekend...
  12. Do you guys have the stadium seating or do you sit at a table? I've been there twice for UFC fights and both times we had a table and it was great. But the stadium seating looks awesome.