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  1. Our third round is about to start but he hasn’t been taken yet.
  2. That’s ####### bull####. What the #### man?
  3. Dang - lots of old dudes in here. Joe better start attracting a younger crowd or he’ll be out of business soon when we all kick it:
  4. Pretty good turnout yesterday. Let’s try again tonight.
  5. Thanks for putting in the effort. It’s nice to have some actual data to discuss instead of just blah blah blah
  6. Sorry you're feeling so low Beavers. I know it's simple and trite, but have you tried just getting away for a few days? Just today I took a drive up to Northern Arizona, had lunch in the small town of Jerome, and drove around the beautiful mountains for a while. It's amazing what being in nature and turning off your phone can do to your state of mind.
  7. Same here. I’m sitting on my porch in the middle of the night drinking whiskey and thinking about my problems. Man. You’ve reached a whole lot of people Randall, me included. Thank you. It’s so weird to give a genuine “thank you” to someone I’ve never met, but, thank you.
  8. I get to Huntsville a lot and there’s a bartender at the Rocket City Tavern there who took a few months off to go do this. With Covid hitting, I haven’t been able to get there and see how it went. He was a good dude and was really excited about it. I’ll report back if I ever see the dude again. OK. Carry on.
  9. Curious what the delicious dinner was. I love a delicious dinner.
  10. I like the move. He's available in my league now starting the third round soon. Both him and Moss are available, and if they are both there at 3.03, I'm taking AB.
  11. Sorry GB - I should be in tonight for the games.
  12. Most people include a little letter describing some of the goods and revealing who you are.
  13. You'll have to keep your eye out for next year's exchange thread. I am WAY too unorganized to do these things a year in advance...
  14. Makes sense. But from a football standpoint, he had a good chance to make a difference this year. Now he gives JJaw and Reagor a chance to establish themselves. Makes it that much tougher for him next year.
  15. Agreed - our weekends are ridiculously under reported. And tests are taking about two weeks to get results, so the case count is really a couple weeks behind. It's just so ridiculous.
  16. @cheese, I think I double sent your $60 tonight.