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  1. He was drafted in the late second or early third in most drafts this year. I think he’s worth a second at least. He’s shown a little bit this year, so I doubt owners would part with him for a third.
  2. Alright! Had a burrito for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and McDonald’s for dinner yesterday. Let’s get it on! 205 starting weight.
  3. You got the best player and 2 of the next 3 best. Horrible trade for the other guy.
  4. I wasn't a huge fan of that one. It's the one aged in sherry casks, right? I find I don't like those finished bourbons as much as everyone else does. I do like Angel's Envy Rye finished in the rum casks however...
  5. One of my all time favs. Just picked up a bottle the other day. For anyone in Phoenix, the Total Wine at Desert Ridge has cases of Angel's Envy Rye on hand.
  6. I was flying solo - they cancelled it. If anyone wants to play Omaha later, I can probably make it.
  7. Anyone up for a game tonight? I'm going to set up hold-em at our regularly scheduled time. @Ben & Jerry's @Getzlaf15 @CGRdrJoe @Nipsey @Otis @Don't Noonan @Good Posting Judge @Cavalier @FDAS@SHIZNITTTT @shuke @RJS113
  8. Ordered arrived safe and sound on November 16. No problems at all. Excuse me while I go take care of some business...
  9. A couple games into the season I gave Kirk and a 2021 first for Golladay. Just a data point for you.
  10. Awesome! I hope you have a great time! We fish in Soldotna every year so that’s all I know. I assume you’ll be fishing Kings and Sockeye? The only advice I can give for Kings is make sure to have a good guide, it makes all the difference. There’s not much skill in catching kings, but when you hook one, it’s a huge rush. Sockeye fishing is all skill and technique. So it’s really important to have a good guide so you can learn correct techniques out of the gate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and really pay attention. Once you get it - it’s a blast. There are strict limits when you’re with a guide, but they aren’t really enforced on private property, at least in Soldotna. If possible, try to get a cabin or a place on a river with sockeye: you want a chance to fish on your own at your own pace without a guide if possible. Especially once you get the hang of it. We don’t even use sockeye guides any more, and last year we caught 100 sockeye between the 8 of us. If you get the chance, make sure to take a day to do a white fishing trip on the ocean. It’s great to come back with lots of different kinds of fish, and not just salmon. We go out of Homer, but that’s probably too far for you guys. Plan to be up EARLY (3-4 AM). Plan for lots of different weather (cold, warm, wet), so bring rain gear. Plan for mosquitoes (bring Off). Plan for seasickness even if you never have it (Dramamine). Get a vehicle big enough to carry your group, your luggage, and your fish - we get two large SUVs, but a van is great too. They will probably have fish processing and packaging there for you. They package it in boxes so you can check it as luggage coming home. Just remember that you will have to get it home somehow, so have your freezer ready and no small cars to drive you home. Let me know if you have any questions - it’s the time of a lifetime - you’re going to love it!
  11. Awesome! Thanks - I’m gonna give this a try.
  12. Let it go! Give the man a chance to make his amends!
  13. I have not. But I probably need to do something a little different. I lost 20 ish lbs just cutting back carbs - still ate whatever I wanted (meat, eggs, cheese, veggies) and however much I wanted, and drank whiskey and light beer to my heart's content. So I was super happy with that. But I've been stuck right at 200 lbs for about four weeks, still doing that. So I agree - time to change it up. I know I feel tons better not eating wheat, so I'll probably add some fruit but watch how much of everything I eat. I'm super lazy, so I don't really want to count calories, but I know what I gotta do to cut back.
  14. I'm in. Gonna be tough because I've dropped about 20 in the past few months, but I'm stuck right now - haven't seen a weight change in weeks. 10 lbs. in that time frame seems like a great goal.
  15. That looks awesome! Can you explain a little more about how you braised it? Did you add additional liquid besides the recaito and sofrito?
  16. You will be missed @David Dodds. Now head over to the poker thread and get registered so we can stay in touch - really miss the old poker playing days with you, but we have a great group of guys still playing. Good luck, mi amigo!
  17. Great list - don't have time to go into detail yet, but appreciate the effort here. I'll comment later.
  18. Gibson seems like one of those guys you can get in the third round in redrafts next year, but could be a top 3-5 RB if he becomes a true three down back.
  19. Agreed - I think Henry still has a couple good years left, but if I was rebuilding I'd be tempted to accept that.
  20. Good feedback. I know some of the matchups aren't playoff matchups but some folks are still fighting for a bye, so if matchups are good weeks 12 and 13, that's a bonus.
  21. Curious about Akers. I own him (got him as part of a trade when I traded away Saquon). I really want him to hit, and I really liked him early, but he just can't seem to get going. What do you see and what do you like?