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  1. That will allow you to set up a 4 team, 10 player league for this weekend only. Rules would allow owners to only draft 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, and 1 D All other regular fantasy rules would apply. I looked for a bit... but couldn't find anything and don't want to compute the league manually. Just something to make the weekend more interesting... and another reason for me and 3 buddies to go to the bar.
  2. Ppr 12 team league. 100 bucks a guy. Start 2 rbs/2wrs/1 te and a flex Short bench Mahomes, Rivers D Johnson, Connor, L Miller, D Lewis, C Thompson M Thomas, Cole, Gordon, Crabtree Kelce, Reed K and D. Dump anyone for Jeffery? Love my team at this point and dont want to really mess with it, but cant believe Jeffery is on waivers Only 15
  3. Anything? He is sitting on the waiver wire in a league of mine. Would u dump Crabtree for him?
  4. I have to draft today from the 5 spot in a 12 team, 1 pt ppr. 1/2/2/1/1 big money league. Decision is between Kamara and Brown. I want no part of Zeke, and the other 3 guys will be gone. If I take Brown, best RB available in 2nd is probably Howard or Mixon. I doubt Cook/CMc/Freeman are available. Could go Wr/Wr 1st 2 rounds since theres a pretty good chance a quality guy falls (Allen/Thomas/Green/Adams), but then RBs suck and you're almost forced to take 1 in the 3rd (McCoy/Drake) no matter what else is available. If I go Kamara, I'll likely get 1 of those WRs in the 2nd... but I dont have a dominant guy at either position "on paper". This option allows more flexibility though... and if Gronk or Kelce or a quality wr you like on paper is still there you can take them. Really torn on what to do.
  5. This is new to me. I'm in a league where I have the ability to select my draft position. 12 team ppr By the time I have the opportunity to pick, pretty sure the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th slots will be gone. Would you: A. Draft 1st overall... knowing you'll get a stud rb and 2 other top 25 players. B. Draft 5th overall. Probably get Brown... a 2nd tier rb like Freeman... and best available in 3rd. C. Draft 8th. Take Fournette... get a wr like Allen/Thomas or possibly even a 2nd rb like Hunt/McCaffery in the 2nd
  6. but this guy was being drafted in the 3rd or 4th round without the "eye test". It's not like some nobody blowing up. It would be ridiculous to draft someone like Hogan in the 1st round if he would have posted a 8/180/3 TD line yesterday. Everyone loved Hunt's situation coming into the year, but he wasn't as highly touted as someone like Zeke because he's coming from a MAC school.
  7. Elliott went 9th OA. Start 2 rbs, 2 wrs, 1 te, 1 flex Rodgers (3.11) Cook (4.2), Coleman (7.11), Peterson (9.11), Henry (10.2), Foreman (14.2) Nelson (1.11), M Thomas (2.2), Crabtree (6.2), Parker (8.2), Maclin (12.2) Kelce (5.11) Texans (11.11) Vinatieri (13.11) Could have had Murray in the 1st Could have had Howard or Ajayi in the 2nd I thought Rodgers and Kelce were way too good to pass up at their draft positions. When I drafted Cook in the 4th... he was the 20th RB taken. When I drafted Parker in the 8th.... 30 RBs had been taken.
  8. rarely post and don't check out these boards often anymore, but saw this post and felt compelled to add the discussion. I added Lewis in all 3 of my leagues this week, dropping the likes of Fozzy Whitaker, Cole Beasley, and even Terrance West (10 team league I'm stacked at RB in). None of those guys are going to be difference makers. Lewis has the potential to be based on past performance. It's worth stashing him for a few weeks... plain and simple. If it doesn't work out due to hearing bad news, chances are you'll be able to pick someone up that isn't too far below who you drop Lewis for today.
  9. Checking out this thread for the 1st time. Think my team has a shot to go far: 1. IF everyone stays healthy and 2. IF I can make it past week 9. Those are 2 big IF's QBs: Brady, Stafford RBs: Peterson, Gurley, Martin, Abdullah WRs: Calvin, Hilton, Landry, Adams, Funchess, Wheaton TEs: Gronk, Reed Ks: Prater, Scobee Ds: Pats, Vikings Big mistakes: Abdullah was just stupid. None of my low end WRs have worked out... was hoping to hit on 1 of them. Scobee sucks for everyone. Positives: Brady + Gronk looks solid for the foreseeable future. Top 3 backs are currently in top 6 ypg... and I don't see that changing anytime down the road with the offensive philosophies of those teams being pretty much run, run, and run some more. 1st time I've ever gone with only 18 players. Figure try to go big with studs, hope they stay healthy, and hit with a few low priced guys. The only low priced guy I would call a hit is Reed. The studs... for the most part... have paid off and stayed healthy and the gamble of Gurley has worked so far...
  10. Victor Cruz (who has done next to nothing in his last 3 starts) or a gimpy Julio against the worst pass D in the league? Whatever I do... guarantee I'll be wrong.