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  1. I mostly play the main slate, but also play some of the Thursday - Monday. I almost always fade the Thursday players and many times have zero exposure to the game. This week was no exception as Vegas had this game tied for the second lowest expected over/under of the week. This strategy has worked pretty consistently for me. Unfortunately for those of us that had zero exposure last night it backfired in a big way. My question is what should the strategy be for those in this situation now that we're so far behind much of the field (this is mostly a tournament question although I'd be interested in people's take on cash also)- Should we A) Stick to our guns and build lineups as we normally would and hope that we can at least place in the contests even though the likelihood is that if we do place we may place low but at least we'll recoup some of our entry fees or B) Build lineups using many more boom/bust and contrarian players than usual knowing that this is probably the only way we'll now have a chance to place highly in the contests, but with the understanding that this is very high risk/reward and the likelihood is we'll probably lose most if not all of our entry fees Thanks for any input/advice!
  2. Hi all, just for a little bit of clarification on the limits of those who have played over $1M on DK- they are shut out of contests that have less than a $5 entry fee AND the total prize pool is less than $25,000. The contest has to meet both of those criteria. So for example CONDIA was able to play in the $3 entry $1.6M Play-Action contest (and he took third place). I just wanted to throw that out there since originally I thought only one of the criteria (<$5 entry or <$25K prize pool) had to be met, but it is both.
  3. Hello Footballguys, Excellent job on the updated Cracking DK Book. It was great to read the new material as well as go back and re-read some of the material that remained from the first edition to get a nice refresher. Will there be a supplement to the book or maybe an article or roundtable discussing some of the changes DK made this year and how those changes may impact strategy/game selection/bankroll management? Specifically, I'm referring to the following changes: The lowering of the minimum QB salary from $5,000 to $4,000 The new multi-entry limit (lowered from 150 all the way down to 20 for any contest with an entry fee of less than $5) The new high volume player restriction (players with $1 million or more in lifetime entry fees no longer able to play contests where the entry fee is less than $5 AND the total prize pool is less than $25,000) The new Pick 'Em contests
  4. Thanks for the updates! I'm looking forward to reading the updated DFS books.
  5. Hi, I thought that about a month or so ago in one of the e-mails I received from Footballguys it mentioned that there would be updated/revised versions of the cracking DFS books and I thought that the date for releasing those was listed as August 15th. I can't find the updated books and I actually can't even find the e-mail I'm thinking of...did I dream it? :-) I'm hoping for an updated version of the Draft Kings book since that one doesn't appear to have been updated since 2015.