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  1. Probably because she mentioned the echo chamber. That's been known to trigger denial.
  2. Of course I have no way to be certain, but, I feel like I've seen this Troll, Bait, Report movie before.
  3. How so? Mod shows up 10 minutes after Squiz, gives Bluto a suspension and you get just a warning for all your trolling. Seems like a normal day around here.
  4. Airforce 1 flyover, speech then lap in the caddy followed by a bunch of secret service escorts.
  5. If you wanna talk about hypocrites there isn’t anything more hypocritical than a Christian judging other Christians.
  6. Not true. Your imaginary friend in the sky loves ranking them.
  7. Their projections for the dem nominee completely changed after Iowa. If they were any good they would have predicted what was going to happen to Biden, we all did.
  8. Not sure how much shuffling would go on or in which direction, but, assuming Bernie's voters stand pat (using 538 projections) Biden plus all the superdelegates narrowly beat him. No one else could.
  9. POTUS appoints judges to the SCOTUS. Trump has appointed two, so far.
  10. That's what happens to you when you get your degree from Evergreen State College.
  11. Oh, and let's not forget it all started with the Stock Market Crash! the day after the election, as soon as he takes office, China!, any day now!
  12. An IMPEACHMENT!, But Russia!, OMG the Tweets!..........wait for it.............Dictatorship!