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  1. We got the OP saying that the NFL bought his silence. Can we all agree that is equivalent of big K selling out? I mean why is it so hard for you guys to look at both sides of an issue?
  2. I'm not sure he said "go around" , but, point taken. There are people here that call Trump supporters racist regularly, time out worthy?
  3. Well I will second your statement with offense. Squid and Tim owes everyone an apology for using this repeatedly in their arguments for an apology.
  4. Agree. Perhaps I have grandeur visions of what a social justice warrior could have accomplished with a win against the NFL and no NDA.
  5. Come to think of it I can t remember the last time I asked for a link in the PSF and actually got one. Including several the past couple of pages. Hmmm It's not an outrageous sum for the NFL. To quote s Sho Nuff, that's a falsehood. They are laughing right now.
  6. So it was all about the money! Just kidding. It's my opinion Keap gave up a lot more in the NDA and the amount of money while large to normal people is meaningless to the NFL. Therefore victory to the NFL. And they got it done in the off season so it's not talked about all next year. That alone pays for itself.
  7. Dude, it was on Twitter so that pretty much makes it fact.
  8. Zzzzzzz. Don't you ever come up with new material? Can you formulate an argument without an insult. It's like kindergarten in here.
  9. Thumbs up. And I'm not saying the NFL isn't guilty, just pointing out the NFL has other legitimate reason to settle that seem to be completely lost on quite a few people in here.
  10. Shouldn't the mods take into consideration what the poster who is being talked about might feel? I mean I much rather be called Elton John than I would be Hitler. But it is debatable, I see how one term is derogatory.
  11. Cmon Clayton you can't rewrite history when you don't like it AKA Bernie thread. I get cleaning up posts in regular threads sometimes approach, but this is the echo chamber thread. Deleting all the echos defeats the purpose.
  12. I can't figure out how some of his supporters aren't upset. You would think they would want change in the NFL not a payoff.
  13. That's one way to put it as it relates to the NFL, yes.