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  1. Sounds like you're decided then. Vote for the guy with 47 years of vacuuming up money because Trump bothers you on TV. Makes just about as much sense as the other arguments I've heard in here.
  2. Sounds like you need a new television.
  3. Ok. Now multiply it by the CNN factor. Big Trump win in the final debate, again.
  4. You dont even know what it is all about. You thought it was all about Ukraine a few minutes ago. lol
  5. People cant stop saying 4 years like Biden is a fresh new face.
  6. Remember when there was going to be a crackdown on aliases after that one proTrump guy? Anyway. Come on man! Trump crushes the final debate, again. History is repeating itself.
  7. So simple until you offer freeloaders socializm. Let's hope they do with their vote what theyve done with everything else in life.
  8. Ok. What about emails of presidential candidates family members that they left on hard drives that are now property (including the data) of someone else that are incriminating?
  9. Wow, you think most viewers aren't that smart too? I hope WaPo keeps reporting that it "went over their heads" . I hope they keep doing that.
  10. Link to any of those, because I think you're making them up in your head.
  11. Please keep telling people it "went over their heads" . I fully support WaPo on this one.
  12. Awesome, WaPo calling people dumb so they have more incentive to seek out the truth. . This is turning out beautifully.