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  1. We have a young, 80lb, hot, Asian chick at work that uses the f-bomb fairly regularly. At first it was suprising, now it's awesome.
  2. New hot tub being delivered Monday. Spent all day running 240 through the crawlspace to the patio. PITA, should have hired an electrician.
  3. Yet some people call and beg to pay for the NFL. Bizarre.
  4. Best episode of the season. Yes its campy, but they got multiple storylines and people ganging up on each other. The sole survivor isnt going to be who you are expecting it to be. Activities guy dead sucks tho.
  5. Yes it is that difficult, some still use and like the word tranny. Until one of my tranny friends asks me not to use it I'll use whatever word I damn well please in real life. In pretent fantasy forum I'll try to follow Joe's rules, which I havent seen a ruling yet, but I know some mods have used the word in the past though so there is that.
  6. I dunno, maybe ask all your friends on the left that have a history of using it on this forum. Not my job to run around trying to figure out the latest words put on the PC run amok list.
  7. It's not that difficult. Worse Henry vs. Trump. Who do you vote for?
  8. I'm split on the bathroom issue. On one hand its convenient, I used the single stall womens bathroom all the time at work. I dont care what the sign says and the law supports that. On the other hand it's an easy solution in my head to enforce sex oriented bathrooms if that were the law: use whats on your drivers license, make it easy to get a Dr and see a judge if you want to change that. And I say dumb stuff all the time
  9. Oh to have that thread just locked and not deleted.
  10. The biggest one was tripple A batteries. I mean I even started feeling uncomfortable. Then again if you add all the Tanners together its probably a close race for T.
  11. Weird that someone that has that view of themselves would take it upon themselves to spend so much time going around telling people how to behave. How does worse Henry compare to Trump?
  12. "[Biden] was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ###,”
  13. No offense, but, you lost a lot of credibility today and here you are still running around correcting people. You should give it a rest, there isnt much weight in your posts right now.
  14. It's a symptom of the anti-everything rush to use political correctness as a weapon. It causes memory loss.
  15. You’ve got a history of using “tranny” on this forum, so there is that.