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  1. Zero talk about Biden. Corona - Trump Extreme Leftist Riots - Trump I'm worried his message isnt getting out. Are these basement interviews? Who with?
  2. People frequent a political forum that dont?
  3. He doesnt know there is looting going on. Maybe he does, but, he doesnt understand why. He has trouble connecting dots.
  4. Unicorn. j/k It's like the black person who told the reporter "please tell them that all the black people arent looting" think about that for a second. Seriously though. 20 people just standing there with their phones out hoping something happens. That should be the bigger story here.
  5. Have you thought about which cities this is happening in and if they are red or blue states?
  6. Where is Joe? Has he talked to the Floyd family like Trump has? Anything besides one tweet stating the obvious? Hes not aware of what is going on is he?
  7. In response to a post in The Trump Thead that was celebrating a report where black people were protecting a business from the rioters, this is what you choose to post? You've hit rock bottom SID. Time to take a break.
  8. ACAB. F 12. There arent two teams playing in this. It's pretty sad for those pretending there are. I get it. Fundamentalist Mormons arent really Mormons anymore. But you have to call them what they are.
  9. Was saying how brave the news lady was on the local channel tonight. Pretty tense when the "protesters" were shoving their middle fingers into the camera. I imagined a very large guy holding the camera for some reason.
  10. It might be the only good thing that comes of this. Besides normal people's contempt for extreme leftists.
  11. Special log in to that alias for that drive by hit job.
  12. 100% agree and have suggested as much in one form or another. But, theyve already said it a net loss for their business. It wouldnt mean anything to the crew if they didnt take something personal away from it. The way it is, is the only reason it is still alive.
  13. How does Tanner get so many gosh darned aliases?
  14. Right. I think we ought to concentrate on the couple of bystanders that got hit by friendly fire with rubber bullets. They are the real victims in all of this.