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  1. Walnut countertop. Real rail and stile ogee cabinet doors. Link 2 Link 3
  2. Since I don't have a shop, yet, I built a bench table that holds my table saw and router complete with gates, sleds etc. It's on casters that I roll out into the driveway. My miter saw is also mounted on the end. Other tools that are seperate from my main bench: Second router so I don't have to remove the one in the bench every time (actually I have 3 or 4 at any given time). Industrial size jointer. Planer. Worm drive Skilsaw. Band Saw. Jig saw. Scroll saw. Drill press, grinder and vice on a smaller bench top. Belt and disc combo sander. All the normal hand tools: cordless drill, hand sanders, rotozip, oscillating tool, etc. Biscuit joiner. I think the only tool I don't have yet is a lathe. I also collect and like to use old fashioned hand working tools when I have the time. I have just about every type of planer, drills, several full sets of auger drill bits, carving knives, draw knife, hand saws, mitre boxes, japanese saws, bow saw, chisels, wooden mallets, files, sanding blocks, you name it. I make most of my jigs myself. But, I am a big fan of the kregg pocket hole jig for quick jobs though and I do have a dovetail jig I bought to do quick dovetails with the router.
  3. Right on cue the "Squad" does the exact same thing: @IlhanMN You all should end this charade and accept that this racist president wants every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned
  4. There are swift fans old enough to vote?
  5. I was too. Even though the campground had wifi I didn't even log on except to use Amazon music. People are weird.
  6. People like history. And people were and still are fascinated with the Kennedy's. Surprised you didn't know that.
  7. Murder. Huge difference between 4 life sentances compared to 6. "Man I hope I dont get the death penalty a fifth time!"
  8. You think there is a big difference between six and four? It's not, it's only 2. There is only one number less than two.
  9. Why dont they go back? <> Send them back! Even I can see that. Punctuation added for emphasis.
  10. Its all they have left after the Russia embarrassment. He was grab'em by the ##### guy before the vote even happened and now somehow a tweet is something to get worked up over.
  11. Sup doods. Is this still the lib freak out thread?
  12. JFC, I didn't think it could get worse than SnoNuff, now Tim's quoting and reposting his crap? I'm out. Thanks for completely ruining this place Tim.
  13. Is it a requirement to be a Trump supporter If you don't want the same BS lib think in every thread? I'd say is that something I have in common with the Trump supporters here.