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  1. Bruuuuuce!

    Miss ya on teh gears.


  2. Support is pretty funny somtimes... Chopping a 180-man tourney SupportKarl comes in the room, we tell him we've decided to play it out. I see there is 4 minutes till break and ask if he is still there and if we can pass the break just as my opponent goes AI and I call. I lose the hand. SupportKarl: Sure, you just skipped the break
  3. WTF when did this happen??? This is pure gold. Back in my days of playing way above my bankroll for kicks, I asked them if they would do this and they said no. Wish I hadn't perma-banned my account now. Just banned myself from playing above $0.10/$0.25, awesome.
  4. Your great at scouting video game talent. But, I really should have been picked in the 4th round.

  5. Assani > Not sure where you are star wise but have you seen the tournaments at the end of the month to move up. Tourney > VIP > your star Silver can move to Platinum Gold can move to Supernova Platinum can become Supernova Elite I know you've mentioned the VPP program is great once you get into the higher levels and this seems to be a great way to do so. Also, are you playing in the Super Tuesday tonight? I started at the $4+R satellite and am at the $215 level so may possibly have a ticket. Not sure I want to play that high so may be willing to sell some T$ if I wind up making it in.
  6. Playing in the Sunday Million with you today
  7. Not because I make $82,000 or so if he does, but yes, please win the ME.
  8. HostTimL [support]: Congratulations it's a icy icy deal!
  9. 353 of 696 in the $2+.20 at Stars In all seriousness, this is nuts to be this deep in both of these. GLLL