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  1. And his supporters don't even realize how ridiculous they sound mentioning it. It truly is the bizzaro world right now.
  2. He is not going to wear it in public. Believe me. I doubt he even has one.
  3. I refuse to grade Trump and his supporters on a curve. To anyone reading that tweet, they would see it's the daughter of a man who had recently passed asking for people to be respectful of her feelings. As soon as you have to say, "But to Trump and his supporters", you're setting a whole different set of rules for him. I'm simply saying that if someone was attacking my dead father, especially someone who has never done anything admirable his entire life, I'd be banned from Twitter for life because of my replies to him. I thought her tweet was more than neutral.
  4. As long as we agree that we both realize what the 62% of non-Trump supporters thinks it represents. That should prevent you from any shock when you hear stories of altercations over the hat.
  5. Seriously? There is nothing in that quote that could be misconstrued as an attack on Trump. She's asking very nicely for him to be respectful and remember that her family has recently lost a loved one. The line about them recently having to say goodbye to their father would hit a tender spot with any human being. Especially one who also lost his father. I think it was an awesome and classy tweet. One of the rare things that has a tiny chance at hitting the desired target. Sure, it's a tiny chance, but that's better than the mud fights he tries to lure everyone into.
  6. Desperately wanted to post something and hoped he'd get a few likes from his buddies. It sounded a lot better in his head.
  7. Surely you realize that a lot of people see Trump as a bigot and his policies as racist. It's quite clear what making America 'great' again means and what that hat represents. And people who wear those hats are fully aware what they are perceived to mean. Wearing a swastika isn't illegal either. But I certainly wouldn't feel bad for someone who wore one and took grief for it.
  8. I just love how many people/organizations are quick to call out Trump on his lies. He really has his 38% and then a country of people who can't stand him.
  9. Very true. Problem is, they may not be prepared for the reaction they get. Dangerous game to play.
  10. My point still stands though. If Fox News isn't running with a hit piece on the Clintons, it's not a story.
  11. The funniest part is, McCain has been dead 7 months and he's still kicking Trump's ###. Every word out of the orange one's mouth makes him look even more envious of the war hero.
  12. Here's a free tip. Fox News is an actual propaganda machine for Donald Trump. They are one with the administration. I think we can agree on that. If you're discovering 'bombshell' stories on conservative hack sites like The Hill, Dailey Caller, or Brietbart, and would like to verify them, go to the Fox News website and see if they're running with the story. Believe me, they want to spread Democratic (especially Clinton) hatchet pieces more than you do. If you can only find these stories on The Hill, they aren't true.