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  1. Seems like a no brainier. Trump should release the recording. Bet he won't though. You taking my bet?
  2. Were a little embarrassed to have Trump as our President. Illinois should be proud of Durbin for standing up and calling him a lying racist dirtbag.
  3. You don't have to repeat your stance. The fact that the poll was 110-5 tells you how much of a homer opinion yours is. Prescott was very average this year. And once he lost Zeke, he was below average. He's nothing special. You're right about his size and his being a strong runner. That's about it. He's middle of the pack.
  4. Better than Hillary!!. Benghazi!@#!%#!@ Emails#%@#@^&&^
  5. I'm not familiar with his a overall body of work, but he stated (as recently as the first Dallas/Philly game) that he thinks Prescott is better than Wentz. That prompted someone to start a thread with a poll and Wentz won something like 110-5. lol I realized when he said that Prescott is better that his opinion on anything Eagles is worthless.
  6. Graham has to have been told he's getting a position in the cabinet. His about-face has been more dramatic than anyone's. Trump gave away the guy's personal cell phone number during the primaries! And Graham was always one to tell it like it is and speak out against Trump. He's suddenly so far up his ### that his hair is brown. It's sickening.
  7. His whole shtick is that he can't believe people have the energy to be outraged about things Trump say. As if he's too cool to be bothered by any drama. Out of curiosity, I looked to see if he was always a troll or if it was something new. At least he's consistent. He's above caring about anything. He has so much going on and is way too important to care about trivial things. But he'll create dramatic posts to repeat the same thing over and over. THAT, he does have time for. I didn't realize this was his shtick before I engaged him last week. Or I wouldn't have bothered.
  8. The right is stuck somewhere between 'Trump never said that' and 'What he said wasn't racist'. They really should have a central meeting spot where they can get their story straight.
  9. He's actually half right. The Vikings could be good for a long time. Still unstable at QB though. Is it going to be Keenum of Bridgewater next year? Does it even matter? Great defense and stud young running back. Theilan and Diggs are young, too. The team has a bright future. What Football Jones (as a blind Dallas homer) would never admit is that the eagles future looks just as bright. They are still one of the top three teams in the NFC with four Pro Bowl starters missing, including the league's MVP at the time of injury. And they have every starter except one resigned for next year.
  10. Yes we do. Not one single person in attendance has disputed it. Just a few cowardly Republicans using the 'I don't recall' line of B.S.
  11. Because expecting those with limited mental capacity to understand nuance is asking a lot. Some Trump supporter on my Facebook posted a picture of a slum in Haiti where trash was piled up along the street and said "What's wrong with calling this a s***hole?" Totally discounting the fact that Trump was saying he doesn't want the people here. He wants white folks from Norway (who, ironically, wouldn't leave their homeland to live in his s***hole).
  12. Do you understand that Trump wouldn't be getting slack if he had said he's love to offer a better opportunity to people who are from those s***hole countries rather than saying he doesn't want more people from those s***hole countries? The outrage isn't about his perception of the countryside. It's about his elitist and racist attitude towards the people there.
  13. A lot of that is simply how far our country has progressed socially since the sixties. I'm sure homosexual favorability would be reflected very similarly. I'd also bet that his favorability right now wouldn't be 94% if it was a secret ballot. I'm guessing he'd be about 32% unfavorable.
  14. What does this party plan on doing in 2018? They really need to get together and decide that. They remind me of the rats following the pied piper, not knowing that Trump is leading them all to their demise. I guess the ones who are choosing not to run again realize it.
  15. Is there a picture of MLK wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs? Or supporting Castro? King was a peaceful man looking for equality. Kaep is a thug