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  1. Actual proof of strong-arming an ally into helping him against a political opponent Proof of an administration cover-up Proof that Trump's AG was also involved in the crimes Good for Trump. LOL Crazy world we live in.
  2. Nice whistleblower you have there. Be a shame if something would happen to it.
  3. It probably has something to do with your eight year posting history about Obama.
  4. Challenge them to a fight and then claim you can't because you have bone spurs?
  5. Has there ever been a person who criticizes Trump who has credibility? According to Trump? When Cokie Roberts died last week, he tweeted that although she was not very nice to me, I extend sympathy to her family. Even that had to be about him. But I thought to myself, what an awesome way to be remembered. I bet she would love that, on her dying day, it was announced that she didn't like Trump. Now THAT is a lifetime achievement award.
  6. If, somehow, video came out of Trump and Putin's secretive meeting, where they wouldn't allow anyone else in on, I guarantee you that he'd be impeached and convicted within a week.
  7. So you're going out on a limb and saying that the GOP Senators are not going to vote to impeach Trump!! That is BOLD
  8. That place isn't safe. They ask for proof.
  9. There has never even been an ounce of corruption in Biden's career. That's a Trump invention. Biden't 'fault' was that he hugged two seconds too long. This is Trump 101. Make Hillary out to be corrupt. Make Comey out to be corrupt. Make Mueller out to be corrupt. Make Biden out to be corrupt. You haven't noticed the pattern?
  10. With all this going down and the proof of mob-like shakedowns and white house coverups, I would absolutely love to hear from a sincere Trump supporter and find out what's going through his head. All we ever get here are the trolling versions. How refreshing would it be to have somebody post that they hope the GOP can find someone with similar policies to Trump but this guy is terrible for our standing, internationally, and his corrupt activities are simply too much. A change has to be made.? I keep coming here waiting for that. But it never comes.
  11. It just boggles my mind to see what Giuliani did to his reputation. He was an American hero after 9-11. And was always held in high regard. For some reason, though, I don't have the dislike I have for him like I do people like Lindsay Graham or Mitch McConnell or William Barr or others who were once ethical and moral. Perhaps it's because I excuse Rudy because of his obvious mental decline. Her seems more crazy than evil to me.
  12. That's what I thought. You're not here for actual discussion. Not a single one of you. Toodles
  13. I asked for an explanation on why a gun bill, supported by both parties and 90% of the public, sits on McConnell's desk. In response to one of your crew asking why the Dems can't stop the witch hunts and work together to get things done. Not a single one of you cared to respond to that awesome question. Instead, you sit here whining because I pointed out that your boy is orange. Let's pretend I typed Trump instead of Cheeto Von Sharpie. Any chance I can get an actual response now? Or just more whining?
  14. Damien didn't practice and McCoy was limited yesterday. My guess is that Damien will be out and Darrell will split time with McCoy on Sunday. Hopefully Darrell continues to shine and starts to separate from the other two. It would be great to see him be the Kareem Hunt for the second half of the season.
  15. The Dems should hold a preliminary vote before the general election to see how disgusted people are with Biden. A primary, of sorts.