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  1. Lol I just can't imagine owning this sight and having to constantly get messages from 40 year old men complaining that it's no fair that someone is picking on them. But you be you.
  2. Plenty of messageboards if you don't like this one. Can we please quit the constant whining? Add something to the discussion or simply don't post. The constant crying is annoying. Thanks.
  3. That's like a drill going through rock and shale for 50 feet and drilling 100 feet into the earth and then someone operates the drill through soft soil and brags that he's down 110 feet now. Of course unemployment is lower now. It went lower every year of Obama's presidency. As it would have if he was able to serve a third term.
  4. Yup. Like I said, economy is built on a house of cards right now. Artificially boosted to make Trump look great in the moment.
  5. Wait, what? Obama takes unemployment from over 10% to under 5%, and in two and a half years, Trump gets it down another point and THAT'S the major accomplishment? Umm, wow. Just wow.
  6. Hmm, after rapid-firing about 20 posts, Ack88 suddenly disappeared after telling me I couldn't name one area where Obama outperformed Trump. Suddenly not interested in the topic, I guess.
  7. I just gave you two facts. Obama shrunk unemployment from over 10% to under 5%. And Obama increased the stock market by 150%. That's two humungous and very important economic indicators where Obama blows Trump out of the water. Of course, I'm sure you want to stick to GDP because that one favors Trump.
  8. Awesome. So when Trump has a year over 3%, talk to me. Until then, don't beat on your chest because he's failed so far but still has time.
  9. Exactly. Cherry pick the facts you like. Ignore the ones you don't.
  10. Exactly. I bet people would be more willing to give Trump credit if they weren't so adamant about ignoring the fact that Obama was great for the economy too. Unemployment was over 10% when he took office. He left with it under 5%. That's outstanding. Amazing, even. He lowered the rate by over 5% and they give no credit. Trump lowers it one more percent and they act like he's the God of Economy. lol The stock market also increased by 150% under Obama. Trump is at around 30%. All you ever hear is that it's at its highest ever. Well big deal. Of course it is. That's what trends do. They continue in the path they were on.
  11. You didn't even answer his three questions. Obama accomplished all those things.
  12. His zero years with 3% growth is somehow better than Obama's zero years?
  13. What did that course teach you about debt/deficits? You forgot to cover that. Less taxes is wonderful. Any candidate can do well by promising that. Hell, maybe I'll run and claim no taxes whatsoever. I'll be the best president evah!