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  1. Looks like Donnie Jr forgot that it's only a dictatorship on the right and that the country actually still has ways of letting the states decide who they want in office. Although I'm sure we can all expect Trump to try to propose some kind of emergency that would grant him power to make the move himself.
  2. Yup. She has stolen Trump's big free campaign advertisement. She is always a mile ahead of Trump.
  3. Not to 40% of the country, and that's the 40% he cares about.
  4. Wait till Trump and his pack of pirhnas attack Romney these next couple days. They turned on their 2008 nominee (McCain) because he had integrity and ethics and now they're going to tear their 2012 nominee apart for not being loyal to the corruption and coverup. It is a full blown dictatorship now and if you dare step out of line, you will be destroyed.
  5. You mean the Mitt ###### Romney who was loved so much by what used to be the Republican party that he was the last pre-Trump presidential nominee?
  6. Says the guys afraid to give an opinion on what Trump did with Ukraine/Biden. 🤣
  7. She didn't lose. She leads the Congress. He was impeached. She won. Trump lost.
  8. So the president who's spent his entire term being petty and giving people childish nicknames got his feathers ruffled by an 80 year old woman. Not a good look.
  9. Wow. For someone with so much to say when criticizing others, you sure did pull up weak when asked to actually give your views on the subject. Maybe you shouldn't be in the impeachment thread if you don't have an opinion on the matter but want to criticize those who do.
  10. If you want to play that game, can you imagine Obama calling someone Nervous Nancy? Or refusing to shake someones hand? You get the respect you give out.
  11. I read threads that I have posted in before. I am not aware of which particular thread I am when I'm reading. When someone makes a post implying that Pelosi ripping up the speech indicates that she doesn't care about military families, then I'm going to comment. Everyone knows that pelosi ripped that up because Trump snubbed her handshake attempt plus told countless lies. The right can't argue that so they have to twist it to make it seem like she hates injured war vets. That will get a reply every time.
  12. I am included in the group that knew the outcome from day one. But I'm not included in the group that thinks it''s best to cover up the facts. Trump will get cleared solely because the Republicans have the majority in the senate. And every one of them is petrified of his base. No one is "outraged" that he's not getting removed from office. Because no one ever thought he would be. Sorry
  13. Her ripping that speech up also means she wants a depression. And she hates puppies. And apple pie. 🤣
  14. Obama's one lie >>>>> Trump's 17,000 lies. You can't make this stuff up.
  15. What would the reaction have been if she decided to spit on him? Or reach down and smack him in the face? I think she probably decided to do the thing that was least damaging but still make her point.