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  1. How would your daughter act? If she were raped? Would you still be so blase about it?
  2. So funny. The victim gets even more victimized.
  3. It has to kill him knowing that she's saying he's bad in bed and has a small penis. Everything he does is to compensate for, and to hide the fact that he's not much of a man.
  4. And then they cry when you call them racists.
  5. Dez Bryant was a locker room cancer when he was good. Why would we want him now that he's not? I'd much rather they give Corey Coleman look.
  6. We are all shocked that you feel this way. Shocked, I tell ya!
  7. I believe in motives. And logic. What is her reason to lie? So that she can face scumbags who will accuse her of lying and/or being slutty? Not saying it's not a possibility, but in most of these cases (O'Reilly, Cosby, Franken, Louie CK, etc) they turn out to be true. After a denial in the beginning. I'm glad there's a hearing. We'll know more shortly.
  8. Same dude who suggested the answer to school shooting is high barbed wire fences around schools with tall rifle towers. Much better than any sort of background checks or limiting magazine size.
  9. So what's your suggestion? Legalize rape? Death penalty to accusers? Chicks learn when to keep their traps shut?
  10. Perhaps we're at a point in the political landscape where a person should make the determination if he wants to put his family through this if he has things like attempted rape in his past.
  11. Same reason people like you believe that she's lying.
  12. I'm not. We both know that if news came out that Corey Booker attempted to rape someone in high school, it would be the top story on every single Fox News show and guys like Opie and Stealthycat would be having conniptions explaining why this scumbag should never hold public office.