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  1. You joke, but that's what every single Trump supporter on this board thinks.
  2. Something along the lines of...despite lack of cooperation from the Democrats, I am using my powers as the leader of the world, I mean, country to put an end to the separating of children and their parents. As you all know, nobody cares more about children than I do. Nobody. Now we need the Democrats to finally agree to cooperate so we don't have to put the kids through this again. Blah blah blah
  3. I kind of like when certain things police themselves. I don't ever want Nazi tendencies to go unpunished in this country., And people to think they shouldn't criticize evil people because it might not be nice. Kids who are very bad and disruptive as toddlers often don't straighten out until they get to school and start to get an idea of what is socially acceptable. They don't want to be outcast. I will always be proud of a country that decides that evil, heartless people don't deserve a peaceful dinner.
  4. The one positive I hang on to is the fact that the future is bleak for old racists like him. The fate of scumbags like Trump lies in the hands of the millions and millions of voters 18-25. Young people are all about equality. They won't vote based on fear and hatred like Trump got his voters too. There will obviously be children of Trumpers who have been brainwashed to share their parents' beliefs, but I'd bet that at least 75% of voters 18-25 would vote Democrat. Especially if Trump was the opposition.
  5. With an aluminum foil blanket.
  6. Agreed. This is a horrible time in this country's history and I hope every single person responsible lives terrible lives from this point forward.
  7. Sounds like the word of Jesus has really left an impression. Quite the values system you have.
  8. Sometime soon, one of these children is going to become very ill. Or die. Do you think there is any kind of registry that would hold someone accountable or would that corpse conveniently disappear? They aren't letting media inside to see these facilities. Everything is shrouded in lies and secrets. If Trump was smart, he will end this before something horrific happens. These kids aren't all 18 months old. Some can and will talk after this nightmare ends.
  9. This is very true. Trump has played on their already preconceived notion that all Mexicans are rapists, murderers, drug addicts, and/or gang members. He has succeeded in turning all non-white, non-Americans into criminals in his supporters' minds. That's why they have no compassion and don't see them as crying babies or scared toddlers. They are little Jr criminals. As trump so eloquently put it, they are 'infesting' the country. Like bugs. And when you spray for cockroaches, you don't just try to kill the adult ones, right?
  10. A misdemeanor? Zero
  11. By all means, explain what the point of the thread was. You seem like Lassie trying to tell humans that Timmy fell into the well but have no way to communicate it. You started by crying that it didn't get enough coverage to suit you. You also said something about corruption, which is nonsense. They found a few FBI workers hate Trump. Surprise surprise! 65% of the country hates Trump. And concluded that there was absolutely no political bias in the investigation. Is there more? Here's your chance Lassie. Use your words.
  12. "No political bias". None You may as well wrap this one up, Ope. It's not quite going like you had hoped.
  13. Why? You forgot to add the most important part of the IG report. "It was found that there was no political bias in the investigating" None. Nada. Why did you leave that part out?
  14. Are you forgetting about the Benghazi trial? Led by Trey Gowdy? Who absolutely despises her? Once again, they found no wrong doing. lol Another rough day for you Opie. Not sure why you start these threads that only end up getting you curb-stomped.