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  1. Please list measures that could be taken that you'd be fine with.
  2. I didn't like the Bennett acquisition from the get go. We had the best locker room in the NFL. There was no reason to bring this guy in. He's always been trouble. I'm a huge fan of Howie's and I think he's the best GM in football right now, but this one didn't make sense.
  3. Does he really think that they forgot that it was Trump, and Trump alone, who sign the EO to ship them out of the country?
  4. Is it true that there is zero funding for Planned Parenthood?
  5. Believe me, I hope every single day that today is the day his presidency comes to an end. I'm just looking at the bright side of a disastrous situation.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the Apprentice contestant taking him to court for groping her and trying to jam his tongue down her throat while she was saying "get real" isn't one of his proudest moments. And that one's going to court.
  7. Oh come on. Maybe some remedial school that sat at the top of a mountain.
  8. He hasn't gotten his Muslim ban either. When is he going to figure it out? Most Americans are not racist dirtbags like he is.
  9. It's sad that I respect other world leaders so much more than my own country's.
  10. Don't count on it. Their 401Ks could drop 90% and they could lose their health coverage and they'd still say "better than Hillary". He has them under a spell.
  11. I don't think she's a victim either. She was banging a married man. She's a pig just like Stormy and the rest of them. I just have a problem with Trump paying off everyone so they can't talk. I'm glad this is all surfacing. And a judge ruled that he is not exempt from lawsuits just because he's the President. This is going to be an extremely fun couple of years watching this scumbag get embarrassed.
  12. I have an inkling that it may have upset her when she found out that Trump was having simultaneous intimate relationships with a bunch of other girls. Were you equally upset with Paula Jones? I'm going to go ahead and say no.
  13. I like the fact that Squizz seems to be glued to Twitter and posts relevant tweets in the political threads. To me, I like what he contributes. Sounds like he annoys you because you disagree with his politics so you want him gone. While that seems like a pretty weak-minded stance, you are certainly free to put him on ignore so he doesn't continue to throw your day off.
  14. So is a magazine is going to make millions on your story, you should give it away for free?