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  1. Romo was known for his colossal breakdowns in pressure situations. I don't care what his 4th quarter QBR is. That's includes games against creampuffs. Nor now many games he fell behind in and then caught up. When it was playoff time, you knew what you were getting from Romo. That was his rep. And he never could shake it. Prescott is 0-1 in playoff games and had a tremendous team around him that year. He's going again this year. He's going to be able to write his own reputation. Maybe this time he'll rise up. We shall see.
  2. Tough call. Both have advantages over the other. Prescott has youth and running ability. Foles is the better passer, leader, and clutch player. How Foles finishes up the season will be key to what he's going to get paid. Same with Dak in the playoffs. Although Jones never let Romo's lack-of-clutchness stop him from writing big checks.
  3. JuniorNB

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Worse day, Jonessed ort Flynn?
  4. Not necessarily. Let's say he gets six months. Investigators can easily let it leak that his charges were serious enough to get him 20 years had he not cooperated.
  5. JuniorNB

    Government shutdown thread

    While that's definitely true, he might want to stay off the golf course or that will be what the media talks about.
  6. Not sure about that. Eyeball test tells me he will.
  7. I would do anything for a recording of Bill and Hillary's laughter.
  8. JuniorNB

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    GOP personified
  9. See what Foles ends up getting on the free market. Then subtract about 5 million/year. That'll be Prescott's salary.
  10. Agree. It's beginning to look like he may be one of the most corrupt people in the entire country. "Forcing" him to resign gets him off Scott Free (lol) plus will galvanize the right. I want him in jail after losing in 2020.
  11. JuniorNB

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Judging by memes on my Facebook by my MAGA friends, Ocasio-Cortez is greatly feared by the right. They are nearing obsession stage.
  12. JuniorNB

    Government shutdown thread

    I think Trump will be talked out of letting this happen by someone in his administration much smarter than him. Keep in mind, Schumer played him during their meeting and baited him into taking full responsibility for the shutting. The optics of having so many Americans without an income at Christmastime while he's golfing in Mar Lago is not going to be a good one. For once, I think smarter minds will prevail. Politically, a shutdown will be a nightmare for Trump.
  13. Could THIS be the thing that get some Republican officials to speak out against Trump? Actual evidence of a deal worked out with Russians to roll back sanctions in return for helping him get elected? This is the thing, right?