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  1. Actually bullets may be the one thing NK has plenty of. Now if they had to feed a rabid dog, well, that would be a problem.
  2. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant a medicore offense (that we don't have) would be winning most of those games.
  3. Don't forget the front office. This is the team Pace built, and they stink.
  4. Partially I agree, but so far they have let a team score more then 17 points twice this year, and those were only 21 and 25. They do allow some big drives, but still manage to keep the score down. The defense has kept every game within reach of a mediocre offense.
  5. That was great coverage. How are you that dumb to pull your helmet off and celebrate? That's been illegal since you started playing the game most likely.
  6. Who the #### are you trying to trick by that high school ####!!??
  7. Wait, did he say Burton on IR?? I heard he wasn't playing today, but is that correct???
  8. The Rams are trying real hard not to win this game.