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  1. I agree, I think the only "fair" way is to match NFC vs AFC the equivalent team from last years standings, only problem for the NFL is that guarantees a bunch of stinkers.
  2. When they talked about 17 games before, they talked about trying to create out of division rivalries, something like trying a yearly Chicago/Indy game because they are close in location but usually don't play each other. That artificial setup screws with competitive balance, so it still worries me the NFL would try something like that, after all, this is all about money/ratings. I would hope you are right though.
  3. On the playoff change, you are just tossing another two 8-8 or 9-7 teams into the playoffs that doesn't deserve to be there. Just adds another 2 spot for owners to sell fans they are a "playoff" team, and keep a couple more teams interested in that "still in the hunt" stat. On the 17th game, really curious what the NFL would do to set that match-up and how it would affect the relatively "even" split of games currently. Mathematically the current schedule sets up really nicely. Will the NFL try to set up "money" games for them that give them the high draw they want on big days? Will they find some new mathematical way to do it, cross AFC-NFC and play the team with the rank you ended last year with. Just seems like a lot of room for the NFL to screw teams trying to get in the playoffs because they want to see a certain matchup.
  4. Owners want this thing locked down before they need to start negotiating the next TV deal. Any concern of a labor stoppage would be a huge leverage point for the TV networks.
  5. I think a 3rd RB signing is needed regardless of if they cut Cohen or not. I don't really see a need to, just sign your complementary RB and Cohen is a cheap punt returner and if the offense gets going could probably be a dynamic playmaker again in certain situations. He looked great at times two years ago, no idea how he managed to become a non factor last year besides the whole, total team incompetence thing. Though if I see another opening game play of Cohen up the center for 0 (or less) I'm going to scream. What a stupid f-ing way to start a game at a near guaranteed 2nd and 10.
  6. would like to see some info, says you can't receive messages.
  7. I'm probably going to need to be looking at a Term life insurance policy in the next year or so, and I'm curious how much of the principle (if any) is based off things you can control and if they will discuss that with you. I know stuff like age and family history will affect cost, that you can't really change, but what about things like lifestyle and weight? Do those have significant cost factors in something like a 20year Term policy? Would someone tell me, hey, if you lose 20lbs, or x% BMI before you actually sign the paperwork for this you'll save $2 or $5 per month for the next 20 years? I'm pretty good on the health side and active, but my weight has gotten up there a bit in the last 10 years (220's). Curious if something like getting life insurance would be a reason to reverse a little of that.
  8. Yeah, Pace should get walked from the draft room if he was even considering that one...
  9. Doubtful, but they'll sure as hell keep looking.
  10. It's not just Mack, watching the playoffs, I think the refs have been told not to call offensive holding on a pass play. Seems like they only call them on runs now. They'll call a ticky-tacky penalty on a run play, and not call a guy with his arm around the DE's neck as he's trying to run past him. Ridiculous for teams with good D lines.
  11. Man, crap like that is just stupid. Skirting around making stuff illegal by just making it hard to do is something I'm pretty much never a fan of from either side. You can still have guns, you just can't shoot them anywhere, well, unless you have your own land, then you can do whatever you want.
  12. Outside of the fact the position is a joke and he's basically Nagy's clipboard holder, why are you OK with this? 4 out of the last 5 years he's been OC of the Dolphins twice and the Bengals twice with a best record of 8-8 and 3 of those 4 years his offense was ranked number 26 or worse. Not the worst OC hiring we've had, but pretty far down there, it feels like we are already at the place where "good" OC candidates feel it's a job they wouldn't want.
  13. I've only had a chance to watch the first episode, and my biggest problem was I had a hard time understanding them, especially names and places, made for a little bit of a confusing watch. Like you, I've read all the books and played all the games, so i'm pretty familiar with most of what they were talking about, but still had a hard time catching a lot of it. Besides that, thought at least episode 1 was cool as hell, will probably have a lot more time to finish it up in a couple weeks.
  14. He was around for so many years of complete #### football and was always gave 100% (when he was on the field unfortunately). Probably one of the few likable offensive players from those years. He was "old" when he got drafted and just kept getting hit with injuries, going to miss what he brought to the O-line when healthy. Not sure we have much "nasty" left on there.