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  1. BUT, the 17th amendment has a provision where any vacant Senate seats can be filled by the State Executives, provided allowed by their legislatures, so most of those "empty" senate seats could probably just be filled by Governor appointments...
  2. I'm going to have to consider adding Apple TV to my lineup when the start up the show based on the Issac Asimov "Foundation Series". I have no idea if that will translate well to a TV show or not, but it was one of my favorite SciFi series ever, so I'll probably need to give it a shot.
  3. Yeah, this wasn't one of the more interesting finals I've seen. Though I will say, impressive that 45 year old Johnny takes this over the younger guys, keeping yourself highly competitive that long is pretty impressive.
  4. Really need some more info here on what you want to do: How much do you want to spend I have no experience with flight sim, so can't say for sure, but what "level" are you looking to hit here, at dell to hit the high specs you are looking at an $1800 Alienware PC. Are you really tied to picking a Dell? I know a lot of guys have had good luck buying their gaming PC's from other companies, we have a big thread for gaming pc's where you can usually see what guys are looking to buy. I use dell for all my generic PC's so i don't dislike them as a company, but when you are getting the higher end gaming stuff, you pay an extra premium with them. My generic recommendation in most gaming PC buying threads is to pick a mid range intel i5 processor (AMD has really good stuff to, I'm just not familiar with them), 8G RAM, and as much graphics card as you can/want to afford. For something like flight sim, maybe a i7 proc would be valuable, but i'm not sure, it wouldn't hurt. Can you play Xbox games on a PC? I'm honestly not sure about that, never done it myself. I have no experience with TV's for PC monitors. I always use my PCs on a desk with a dedicated monitor. Think other guys here do more of TV thing. ETA: Here is a link to the main Gaming PC thread where you can usually look at the last few pages and see what other guys have been buying recently. Most often through Amazon.
  5. I disagree, the opposite of most businesses, Education seems to run most of their IT around Macs from what I've seen/heard. Most of the software they use will mainly be tested on Macs, and I'm sure you will get better support on issues with a Mac. As I said, it's the opposite of most businesses I work at, they revolve most of their support around PC's and while you can get Macs, you better be able to support them yourselves, because most of their IT is PC centric. I'm 100% a PC guy also, but for a kid at school, I'd really consider a Mac for them, but obviously it's a financial hit that may not work for everyone.
  6. Good to hear sounds like it's getting bombed on metacritic by people that likely haven't even bought it. I plan to give it a try at some point.
  7. Some of the Witcher games handle it dumb, but it actually "fits" the character. In the Witcher books his sexual exploits are pretty significant part of the character.
  8. You may have longer to go then you expect, but when you do finish I think Borderlands 2 is the perfect place to go after RDR2 if you haven't played it. It's the best game in the Borderlands series and the fast paced pulp action is perfect after the serious RDR2. I'd go blow #### up and have fun the next couple weeks. I laughed my ### off playing that game.
  9. Man, I've been saying all along this may be the single thing that could get me into VR! Really excited for a new one of these, I loved them growing up, I have them all on steam, but haven't really been able to get back into them much.
  10. Seeing a lot of stuff that the Spiderman announced isn't a sequel but more of an enhanced remake + extensive expansion (the Miles Morales part) then a full new game.
  11. WOW, THAT'S A SERIOUS MONITOR CONFIG!!! What games can utilize that 3 across format? I can see it's mainly for racing games, but does anything else really take advantage of that? Looks like that 49 inch Ren posted would be right up your alley. And what's the extra 4x3 monitor for up top, just still had one laying around you needed to use :)?
  12. Anyone actually swear by the curved monitors? I guess for the 49 inch one I can see the value, but in the 27-32 inch space, I always thought it was kinda a gimmick, though admittedly have never gamed on one.
  13. NBC is showing Superbowl XX at 2:00(CST) today! I was pretty young so I don't remember anything besides we were at the neighbor's house and the adults were really excited. Looking forward to checking this out.
  14. Not outdated, it's just one of the lower end Intel processors. I never recommend these unless that is really all that is in your budget. With all the garbage that continually gets installed in the background on PC's, I think i3's just tend to get overwhelmed in 2-3 years and you feel like your computer is lagging. And I'm not talking viruses, but background stuff for legit programs you install. I think an i5 keeps the computer running much better for a 3-5 year lifecycle.