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  1. My favorite was "Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage", plenty of Torgue and Tiny Tina.
  2. I just don't think they could ever top BL2 the gameplay and humor was just spot on for me. Hard to try and beat or match something like that without coming up short.
  3. Yeah, not to thrilled about this. An idiot like John fox was able to get 2 1000 yard seasons out of Jordan Howard, now our offensive genius coach can't figure out how to get yards with him, trades him for nothing and leaves our backfield with an undersized amazing playmaker and a bunch of trash.
  4. I wouldn't take that deal with 10 Free Throws... yeah, I'm that bad at basketball.
  5. Warren Sapp sure was a few years back. Stiffed a waitress on a big bill and left a note about how grown men don't want to be called boys. I thought that was as dumb as this article.
  6. Maybe that's their real plan, trying to steal your free healthcare, not your treasure!
  7. It sounds like the Bears aren't even in this Bell thing (which i'm fine with), and no way is he taking 11-12M per year.
  8. I'll be excited if it happens, but I don't think it would be a good use of cap space, I just can't justify spending that much for a RB.
  9. Good and bad news today: The good, Long restructured, so he'll still be around. His price was too high, but he's still a good player and is really the heart of that offense, and I think that matters. The bad, Gould tagged by SF, I'm not sure I was sold on resigning him, but it would have been an improvement without a doubt.
  10. I just finished the same full completion for AC Origins and felt pretty much the same, enjoyed the story as much as any in the series and thought it was a pretty great leap to a more open world RPGish format. Anyone do any of the Origins DLC, AC usually hasn't had the best DLC so I didn't bother to buy any of it, either of the two large ones worth it?
  11. For gaming pc's I prefer an Intel i5 processor with NVIDIA card, in that price range a GTX 1060 or 1070 cards would be good. I don't know much about the "gaming pc companies" like ibuypower and cyberpowerpc, but i'm pretty sure some other guys on here have bought from them and they've been ok. These PC's don't come with monitors, so assuming you'll need one i'm trying to keep the PC price below $1000 so the total is below the limit. A lot of these links are similar to ones posted previously in this thread. If you want to stick with Dell, one of these guys would work, but they are over priced for what you get:,ddcwblsk108ps Off Amazon this one is pretty equivalent to the more expensive dell, but cheaper: From Best buy, this one similar to the one above with a larger SSD: From Newegg, this one is the most expensive, but the video card is a pretty big jump from the others: Not sure on monitors, but i'm pretty sure if you read back the last page some guys have posted links to decent monitors.
  12. Big kicker tryout then sign a no name from Toledo with a medicore kicking record. Sounds to me like a cheap option to provide camp competition and the can say they tried other things when they keep parkey.
  13. Are you crazy??? Someone offers you a head coaching job and you take it, especially when you are already at 60 and those jobs start going to younger coaches. Your name is only hot for so long, you don't wait for another opportunity, you take the job. Zero betrayal, really sad he won't be here, but guy was a hell of a coach and deserves the shot at a HC gig.
  14. Giving him a pass on the 59 minutes where his offense couldn't put up more than 15 points?? That's horrible for an offense. This loss is on Mitch , the play calling, the offense in general, then the worthless Cody parky.
  15. F you worthless kicker and f you Mitch. Mitch you better get better or this team isn't going anywhere soon.