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  1. Read that Turkey is threatening to remove American access to two Turkish bases over the sanctions imposed by Congress, including the Incirlik where we have some nuclear weapons stored. I'm sure this is just posturing and won't happen, but damn we need to get any top level strategic tech out of Turkey at this point including those weapons. Things are just too bad with our relationships with that country to have those types of things stored there.
  2. Wasn't a Tesla, but one of my coworkers didn't know how much the cold affected his charge and mis-judged his morning commute. He had to pull into a gas station on the way to work and ask if he could use their outdoor AC outlet to charge his car. Said he had to sit there for like 2 hours to get enough juice where he was sure he could make it to the office where we have chargers. I couldn't believe the gas station let him plug into their outlet.
  3. At this point I'm also amazed the Patriot's were able to get permission for a video crew anywhere, not sure if it's required to allow certain access. If I were a team and got a call "Hi, I'm with the Patriot's and we'd like to bring video crew...", I think I'd just hang up and maybe laugh.
  4. I like the fact that somehow one of the scientists that saved the City of New York is reduced to working in a barn in the middle of nowhere, and the family has "forgotten" about what happened. Then through discovery a next generation learning about this story and finding those pieces around. Seems like a good start with some story there... then I get lost at bunch of kids picking his stuff up and running around hunting ghosts.
  5. I don't think it's necessarily that, especially since the New England option is losing pretty heavily, and I voted for NE. I guess to me it depends if you are considering the question of morality vs effect on football, a game I enjoy watching, and I took it as the latter. Those guys are already out there trying to inflict physical pain on each other in order to win the game. So while morally giving the guys a "bonus" when that ends up with a player leaving the game is wrong, I don't really think it changed the way those guys were playing because they were getting some small cash bonus. They were already trying to hit as hard as they could and inflict pain on the opposing team, every defense is. Also, on the field it was being done within the rules of the game, guys could get penalized, or thrown out of they violated those. I just don't think "bountygate" was changing the way the game was being played by the team. Spygate on the other hand was a coordinated behind the scenes effort to take an unfair advantage in the game that the other team did not have. So for this poll I considered it the "worse" of the two options.
  6. Not bone head, but his 1 on 1 tackles were pretty bad. Maybe a game or two will knock the rust off on those though.
  7. Man Tolliver hasn't been bad on coverage, but I think that's 3 bad tackles missed.
  8. Two nobody's getting more catches and yards then an over-priced FA and a second round pick could manage!
  9. Fudge that. Bears you are FINALLY beating someone, don't go prevent, keep pushing.
  10. Tough catch there. Mitch, don't get guys killed!!!
  11. Man, really rare the Bears have the better kicker in a game.
  12. Should have blown that dead, had 6 players on him holding him up.
  13. I loved when Martelus was a bear, best TE we had in years.
  14. I agreed with him at the beginning of the game...
  15. Jerry-cam on the bottom right side of the screen? That would be awesome.
  16. Don't know what to say, sure as F didn't see this coming.
  17. Wims gotta make those catches. Hope he's ok, but matched on the LB, he should have the advantage.
  18. Why not a screen to Cohen? When was the last time they did that?
  19. If the bears lose this game it's not going to be because of the refs...