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  1. 11. Steve Slaton Good to see you have Slaton over guys like Pierre Thomas, Marion, Barber and Ryan Grant etc.Less about Slaton and more about the other guys falling off a bit. I'm not happy about Slaton in the 11 spot. Oh, and I don't think Grant's been above him at all this offseason.I didnt imagine you would be thrilled with ranking him there, nobody likes admitting they were wrong. Youre probably right about Grant, i might be remembering you having Grant over him during last season.
  2. 11. Steve Slaton Good to see you have Slaton over guys like Pierre Thomas, Marion, Barber and Ryan Grant etc.
  3. This thread should be renamed "dynasty trade advice".
  4. DHB - Highest ceiling of the bunch, and i think he is better than popular opinion here on this board. Nicks - Maybe a slightly safer pick than DHB, but not as talented or the upside. Britt - Limited by being on a run first/run often team, but i believe is just as talented as Nicks, if not more.Sanchez - Not really sold on him, the only real reason i have him ranked ahead of Davis is for his perceived value.Davis - I truly think he will get a shot to start this year, and has a decent chance of succeeding.Scott - Has the talent, just not sure if he has it upstairs.
  5. This is a weak draft at all of the offensive skill positions.I agree that this was one of the weakest classes i have been involved with since doing dynasty leagues. However, the weak ones usually turn out better than you think and the strong ones weaker than you think. Although i thought last years class was the best i have ever seen, and it actually has exceeded my expectations to this point. I do think this years class will be better than we think, the problem is which players will be responsible for that. As far as RB's, i didnt have any hope for the backs after the top 5, and pretty much crossed the rest off my list. Since then though, i have started to really like two of them, James Davis and Bernard Scott. Both were considered at one point during their college careers to have 1rst or 2nd round talent.I do like the WR's more than the '08 class but thats pretty easy since last years class didnt have a 1rst round pick. I could easily see 4 or 5 guys from this year with top 15-20 fantasy potential. I know the Herd mentality says DHB is a bust before he ever plays a down, but the guy certainly has the size/speed combo to be an elite WR, and worth the risk of a late first round pick. Maclin is my favorite WR to come out of a draft since CJ, although he obviously is no Calvin Johnson.Stafford is the only QB i like this year, but i bet this draft pumps out more than a couple top 12-15 dynasty TE's over the next few years. There also seems to be a good amount of IDP talent, for those who play in IDP leagues.As far as hype, or fluff peices, alot of people will say it doesnt matter at all, or very little. I dont agree, i just think you have to be good at reading between the lines of whats fluff and whats legit. A players best shot of getting on the field as a rookie is in training camp/preseason. If you cant impress your own coaches, dont expect to get an opportunity to show what you can do on the field. I have made alot of decisons in drafts based on reports from team practices or preseason play, and has worked out for me more times than not.
  6. Gary Kubiak expressed frustration with rookie RB Arian Foster's recent hamstring injury."Yeah, he was a very impressive young man, and now he's missed some very valuable time," said Kubiak. "Arian has got to get in the training room and get his butt out here. He's a good football player, but he's got to stay out here." Chris Brown remains the favorite for backup duties
  7. I also declined the invite due mostly to the fact that i am already in 4 dynasty leagues. However, i would have been willing to maybe do one more for a chance to play against some of the respected posters here at FBG, but i dont like the idea of fantasy playoffs during NFL playoffs. Mostly for the reasons already mentioned. Although maybe just as important, as much as i love fantasy football, when it comes to the playoffs, i enjoy just watching the games, and dont want to worry about fantasy football.
  8. Rotoworld's Evan Silva -- a long-time Rams fan -- weighed in on this subject in today's Pancake Blocks blog:Who will be the Rams' No. 2 Wideout? I previewed the biggest position battles around the league in Friday's column. To the attentive readers of this blog and the Rotoworld News page, the contents of the article might be considered common knowledge. Pancake Blocks is here to take you more in-depth with articles on players like Justin Forsett and Devin Thomas. We already know that Adrian Peterson is a good running back, Peyton Manning has the arm strength to succeed at the NFL level, and Larry Fitzgerald has reliable hands. "Donnie Football" Avery is the Rams' clear-cut No. 1 wide receiver. After him, St. Louis is auditioning three wideouts with interesting resumes for the No. 2 spot. Let's have a look. 1. Keenan Burton - A possession receiver with mid-4.5s speed, Burton was the Rams' fourth-round draft pick two Aprils ago. He battled knee problems for most of his first year, but entered the offseason as the favorite to start opposite Avery. That appears to have changed, as a hamstring injury kept Burton sidelined all spring and he was no longer running with the first team at the outset of training camp. In theory, Burton would be a good fit for new coordinator Pat Shurmur's West Coast offense as a nice-sized (6'0/202) weapon with good hands and chain-moving potential. But Burton is sitting on 13 career catches with an injury-prone label and looks to be headed south on the depth chart. 2. Laurent Robinson - A deep threat with legitimate mid-4.3s speed and over-the-shoulder catching ability, Robinson was poised to start over Michael Jenkins in Atlanta last year before injuries ruined his season. The now-receiver needy Falcons gave up on Robinson fairly quickly despite his promising 37-catch rookie year and shipped him to St. Louis in April for substantial moves up in two rounds of the draft. Robinson practiced with the first team to open training camp. While he too must show durability, Robinson gives the Rams more options than Burton. He is bigger (6'2/194), much faster, and is the pick of the new coaching staff. 3. Ronald Curry - Another trade acquisition, Curry arrived in St. Louis just before camp in a deal with the Lions. Curry slumped badly in Oakland last season, forcing the Raiders to bench him and give seventh-round rookie Chaz Schilens a large bump in playing time. Curry, 30, is the elder statesman of the group but is familiar with the concepts of the West Coast offense and caught 117 passes from 2006-2007 despite playing mostly as a slot receiver. That's Curry's best position, and where he figures to fit in here if he shows good hands in practice and makes the final roster. With Steven Jackson as the centerpiece, the Rams are intent on running a smash-mouth run-first offense as Marc Bulger and company adjust to Shurmur's system. That limits the upside of all their receivers, Avery included. But the winner of this competition could be good for 50-60 grabs and spot start use in fantasy. It's still early, but Robinson has moved to the forefront and is worth drafting in all leagues. It should be an interesting battle between the two young ones, Curry is pretty much worthless in dynasty. Now the Rams have to decide when to turn the page on Bulger and bring in their QBoF and they'll likely know if they have a true WR#1 on their roster after this season. I'm not so sure that they do.......Paging Arrelious or Dez to the podium, St. Louis is on the clock...... What the heck happened to Bulger? He was fantasy gold... Sad to see a player like that just crap out... Bulger was a good QB and got a huge contract then immediately crapped out. It would suck to be a Rams fan.Injuries and supporting cast, or lack of it, was his undoing.
  9. Good thing about being in a league with these guys is you could get Slaton in the 9th or 10th round.With the 1.2 EBF selects...Rashard Mendenhall With the 2.3 pick, F&L selects...Percy Harvin With pick 4.7 SSOG is thinking of grabbing Slaton, but decides against it and selects .......Terrell Davis!!! Just messing around with you guys.
  10. Just because you didn't believe Peyton Manning was more talented than Daunte Culpepper wouldn't make it an opinion... It would just make you wrong.Certain things are facts regardless of whether or not a handful of people agree on them. He already addressed the fact that their line wasn't great as proven by the previous years rushing totals and stats etc.That didnt prove anythimg. Like i said in the previous post. Their rushing success had more to do with Shanahan taking over as head coach. Which was proven by the success Denver had rushing the ball after Davis was gone.Its also easy to say Manning is better than Culpepper, their careers are almost over, so thats a pretty bad comparison.
  11. Couple more things to add: Had you said this on this message board you would have been called insane, just like you did when Krem compared Slaton to Davis. This is an opinion, not a fact. This is just silly, are you really arguing that Slaton is less talented than Davis because he has breakaway speed? The fact that Davis averaged 4.7 YPC without breaking long runs could have alot to do with a stellar offensive line and blocking scheme.
  12. The playoff numbers and the SB MVPs? No. The rushing numbers? Sure. Maybe not a 2,000 yard season, but 1,700 or 1,800 yard seasons, definitely. It's not like Denver was this rushing juggernaut before Davis arrived- they ranked 23rd (out of 28) in yards rushing and 24th (out of 28) in ypc the year before Davis came to town. They ranked 18th and 18th the year before that. They ranked 25th and 21st the year before that. In Davis' first season, they ranked 5th in yards rushing and 2nd ypc. That's three straight years of bottom-10 rushing performances giving way to top-5 rushing performances overnight. Houston's running essentially the same blocking scheme that Denver ran, but Houston's had years to install and teach it (and Kubiak has had a decade to perfect it), while Denver was making it up as they went along and putting it in place for the first time. His situation was certainly no better than DeAngelo Williams's or Willie Parker's or Jamaal Lewis's or any of these other after-the-fact comparisons. People assume that Davis is a product of the system because by the time he went down, the system was good... but I'd argue that Davis wasn't so much a product of the system as the system was a product of Davis. I had a problem with two claims. I had a problem with the claim that Terrell Davis wasn't an all-world talent (the results speak for themselves), and I had a problem with the claim that Steve Slaton was as talented as Terrell Davis (who was an all-world talent). Steve Slaton *ISN'T* as talented is Terrell Davis. It's not a question of whether it's impossible for Slaton to be as talented as Davis, it's a matter of Slaton simply not being as talented as Davis.If someone had told me that Terrell Davis was going to put up Jim Brown numbers after his rookie season, I would have said "it wouldn't surprise me". Terrell Davis burst onto the scene on a downright bad running team and turned them into one of the top 5 rushing offenses in the NFL overnight. He posted 100 yards per game as a rookie despite playing behind a maligned line in the process of switching schemes. His 4.7 ypc was also a lot more impressive than Slaton's 4.8, because Davis wasn't inflating his ypc with five plays of 40+ yards. You want to play the stats game and compare Davis's rookie season to Slaton's? Fine. Terrell Davis ranked 2nd in DYAR, 4th in DVOA, and 7th in Success Rate as a rookie. The stats objectively bear out what my eyes subjectively told me- that Terrell Davis was consistent, reliable, and dominant as a rookie. Slaton on the other hand, finished 9th in DYAR, 16th in DVOA, and 35th in success rate. Again, the numbers confirm my subjective opinion of Slaton as a good RB, but not a dominant RB, and a guy whose slugging percentage was much higher than his on-base percentage. Those same numbers also tell me that, after his rookie season, Terrell Davis was essentially in a 3-way tie for first in DYAR his second season, better than Barry Sanders in his third season (remember, that was when Sanders rushed for 2,000), and flat out unstoppable in his fourth season (more than doubling the second place RB's DYAR total and almost TRIPLING the second place RB's DVOA%- far and away the most dominant showing of any RB in DVOA history). I never said Slaton wasn't a very good RB. I said one's opinion of Slaton is going to depend on whether you think he's closer in terms of talent to Mike Anderson (a good RB) or to Clinton Portis (an elite RB). The very comparison suggests that I think that Slaton is, at the very least, a good RB. The only thing I find ludicrous is suggestions that Steve Slaton is as talented as Terrell Davis. To me, that's like Basketball's perpetual habit of declaring everyone "the next Michael Jordon". If Steve Slaton wants to have his name mentioned in the same breath as Terrell Davis, he's going to have to give me a helluvalot more than 1600 yards and 10 TDs. For a layperson, yeah. For a world-class athlete? Not really. Maybe 5 pounds, but not 25 (or 18 or 9, depending on which reports you believe). No NFL player is so far from his physical peak that he can increase his mass by 5+% without losing speed.You do know who elses rookie year it was in Denver other than Terrell Davis in 1995, right? Do you think it is a coincidence that Mike Shanahan took over as the Head coach during Terrell Davis rookie year? Do you think maybe that had something to do with the Broncos running game improving. What happened to the Broncos running game after Davis? I dont think you need to look any further than what happened to Clinton Portis after he left the Broncos to know the system has something to do with Broncos RB's success. Unless you think Orlandis Gary, Mike Anderson, Rueben Droughns, the journeymen from last year, etc. were all great RB's. Anyway, i am not going to argue that Slaton is as good as or better than Davis. I just dont thnk it is "crazy" for someone to suggest that Slaton might be. What i do know however is that it is most certainly possible for someone(yes, even an athlete) to put on 10-12 lbs. and maintain their speed. Also, anyone who thinks Slaton weighed less than 200 lb's last season obviously didnt see him play. I read reports that he was 207 during OTA's. I also linked a report somewhere in the Sharkpool during last season that he was over 210. Assuming Slaton weighed 210 lbs last year and was 8% body fat. He could add 15 lbs. of muscle while losing 4 lbs. of fat. This would leave him at 221 lbs, and 6% body fat, assuming the muscle weight was evenly distributed through his body, he could easily maintain his 210 speed, and possibly increase it. Unless you think it is impossible for a 5'9 220 lb man to run a 4.4 forty. Disclaimer, i am not saying this is what happened with Slaton, but just an example of what can physically be done.
  13. Alright, this is my last post on the subject because Terrell Davis isn't really relevant to dynasty league discussions anymore (unless you have a starting TV personality position), but if you really equate an MVP, two OPoYs, three first-team AP All Pros, two superbowl rings, a superbowl MVP, and every meaningful postseason rushing record in four years to "one or two very good seasons", then there's nothing I can do for you. If you think that Willie Parker, his 2 SB rings as a complementary piece, and his 78 yards per game of offense in the playoffs is remotely comparable to Davis, his 2 SB rings as the driving force of the offense, his SB MVP, and his 160 yards per game of offense (yeah, that's right- 160, as in more than double Parker's 78), then you're beyond reason. If you really think that DeAngelo Williams putting up 1630 yards and 20 TDs in one season is the same as Terrell Davis putting up 1850/15... then following it up with 2030/15... then following it up with 2220/23... then there's no hope.It's one thing to have some contrarian beliefs and to go against the herd... but it's another thing to pass the point of sanity and turn into a caricature.I cant speak for him, but i think he is saying that Davis was a very good RB, but alot of those numbers were due to his situation. Let me ask you this, do you think Terrell Davis puts up those numbers if he was drafted by the Cardinals?Also, if you are going to use stats to evaluate talent, here is a statistic for you. Terrell Davis - 237 att. 1,117 rush 4.7 ypc. 7 TD's, 367 rec. yards, 1 TDSteve Slaton - 268 att. 1,282 rush 4.8 YPC, 9 TD's, 377 rec. yards, 1 TDThose are each players rookie stats. So how can anyone say it is impossible for Slaton to not be as talented as Davis, or at least call somebody crazy for suggesting it? Davis also put up his numbers behind maybe one of the best Olines/blocking schemes in the history of football. Im not suggesting that Slaton will put up the numbers TD did, but if someone would have told you that Terrell Davis was going to put up Jim Brown type numbers after his rookie season, what would you have said?I am not sure what everyone has against Slaton, but if you watched him last year, there is no way you can say that he is not a very good RB. I think what happens is that guys just stick to their guns and dont want to admit they might have been wrong with their preseason thoughts about him last year. I also think there are 11 out of 12 dynasty owners who want to hate Slaton because they passed on him in their rookie drafts for players like Malcolm Kelly, Limas Sweed, etc. One more thing, it is certainly possible to add weight and maintain or even increase your speed.
  14. Why, because he believes Steve Slaton is talented? The bigger question is did Slaton punch F&L's baby?
  15. I recall you saying you didnt like him because he was too small and lacked the top speed to compensate for it. Also that he couldnt handle a full workload and was likely a 3rd down back. I think at this point all those things have been disproven. So i guess my question is what about his talent do you not like? Im not trying to win an argument, but if there is something i am missing about Slatons abilities, or lack of them, i would like to know what it is. This question isnt neccassarily directed at F&L, but to anyone who can point out something that i might be missing.