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  1. Black Lives Matter should e considered a terrorist group.
  2. You have reading comprehension problems.
  3. The vast majority of Americans det their news from the network broadcast news and newspapersand we ALL know how they are biased. True FOX beats the others down other hard but it is still a minority after all is said and done.
  4. Well hello I know FOX is MSM and everybody knows they are conservative I was referring to the left bias which is far more stacked than fox. Actually he was concerned most about AP so I answered that specifically. The WSJ I consider irrelevant because of the reasons you posted and they are more anti-tax, anti govt regulation and opposed to health care reform. If you feel better considering them conservative then know yourself out, TO me they are irrelevant to the conservation because they believe in positions not politics.
  5. ABC, NBS, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NT Times, Washington Post, LA Times, The New Republic, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, USA Today, Buzz FEED, Mashable, Gawker, Huffington Post, John Stewart and to answer your quesion directky, Associated Press not even trying to hide their liberal bias any more.
  6. It is also proven that the MSM was all out for Clinton. America doesn't believe any of them. AP: Survey Says Just Six Percent Put Their Trust in the Media
  7. As a Trump Supporter I could not care less about Hillary Clinton. Trump Supporters don't give a rats patootie about the ALT-Right. They are as bad as the ALT-Left organizations such as BLM, etc
  8. Pretty much nothing. 1 - All I want from him is secure the border in whatever form that takes, from letting Border Patrol do their job to the wall where needed. 2 - Deport the 2 to 3 million illegal aliens that commit violent crimes and deport others as they commit crimes. 3 - Strongly vet any immigrants that comes from Muslim countries. 4 - Roll back as many Obama Executive Orders as he can, especially that Dreamer Executive Order. 4 - Appoint a Supreme Court nominee that believes in an originalist approach to the constitution. Edited to add; Anything he does will be far better than having Clinton there. Actually that in itself is a net gain.
  9. What is the current president doing about these poor children?
  10. Google his 100 day plan. You seem to be able to use a computer.