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  1. Very violent and graphic, do not watch if you prefer not to... Knockout Game Knockout Game Knockout Game If either Tim or scooter are not angry or disgusted by these, there really is no hope for them. If this make me a racist for getting angry then i guess I am. Back to the game.
  2. Your making it difficult to keep up. Still not sure where I deservre the racist title from those two posts. Please show me where they are incorrect... Heck I didn't even get a timeout. Plus I missed all the scintillating discussion since the posts, thanks for nothing.
  3. Two examples that are politically incorrect maybe but not racist.
  4. That would be Black, Latino, Asian, White or anyone else. That is a problem considering the circumstances and I would do it today still. You can come and try it if you like.
  5. Where is this racist or untrue??? Not politically correct for you maybe" Okay this could be perceived as racist but is also true for that time in our history. remember the videos. Nothing in there is untrue.
  6. That post was not racist it was the unpolitical Havent got there yet, I am watching the Steelers dismantle Buffalo. Give me time.
  7. He thrives on this, it is passion. His nominees will do HIS bidding and follow his direction. He will listen to all inputs then make a decision.
  8. Because as usual you are full of lies and hot air. Thank you for being you.
  9. You have to reach all the way down to Evan McMullin. One of the original #NeverTrumpers. LMAO
  10. It was in a campaign speech, good lord people say a lot of thing in campaign speeches. Show me on his website or in his 100 day plan anything about Hillary. You are so dishonest. Check out Hillary Campaign speeches, against Obama, Bernie and Trump Trumps 100 day plan
  11. There are no sources for this except NYT, Washington Post, etc. There is no proof, CIA says is not proof. Show proof and what exactly did the do??? And no I do not trust ANY government departments lead by Obama appointees. They have been shown over and over again to be less than truthful.
  12. She has russian kids and she loves the Russian people I missed the part where she praised Putin or the government? Sounds like an engaged and good mom to me, you really took more away from that? Thanks for the link I learned something I did not know about her.
  13. It is not he has stated in numerous speeches that he doesn't think the should be prosecuted but it is up to others to make that determination not him. You gonna make me dig them out.
  14. I would like you to point out my racist statements so I can defend them. Because I don't believe you. If I am racist because I want strong borders then yes I am. If I am racist because the BLM movement encourages attacks on police then yes I am racist then yes I am. Believing that 2 million illegals vote in California is not racist. Mot sure what else you are referring to.