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  1. Was reading some stories about 1918 and even back then anti maskers were a big thing.
  2. Anybody noticed this language on the CDC site before? At this time, we do not think that people with high blood pressure and no other underlying health conditions are more likely than others to get severely ill from COVID-19
  3. Gizmodo. You should. Never seen an elephant in all its glory.
  4. Hospitalizations are the best metric, but the big complaint is that they lag. So perhaps the demographics need to be what we look at for positive cases combined with hospitalizations. If you test a place of employment in its entirety and 50 people test positive, but the employees are all 25-40 year olds that is less of a drain on the hospital system than 50 people testing positive in a nursing home.
  5. I am pretty sure we heard the woman from oregon on NPR last night. I couldnt understand why she said bring your own food. I said to my wife that if the concern was utensils, she should just say that.
  6. Swedens biggest mistake was not implementing an actual strategy for nursing homes. That is where they got pummeled. Eta: approximately 10% of their deaths are under 70.
  7. I dont see the stories as often anymore, but early on the media was all over any story that involved somebody young. Even when there was cause to believe it wasnt even a covid death. I mean the media ran with the story about the kid in CA that was denied care at an urgent care and died of covid. Turns out he didnt die of covid and he never even went to an urgent care. The city mayor made a facebook video where he mentioned these things. He never spoke to the family, the media never spoke to him or the family. It was relayed second hand from somebody that barely spoke english. Time is the only publication I saw issue a retraction.
  8. I see now the totals on Wikipedia are based off of when the population was 308 million, so obviously need to be shifted upward a bit. But lets say we conclude that it is a 50/50 split, then the median would drop below 80. I realize it doesnt change Hooper's overall point, but just shows for sure that saying the median is "well over 80" is not correct.
  9. That isn't what I am seeing. I had 7.3 million to 5.7 million.
  10. Like drivers in New York ever followed lane lines. ETA: was skimming this video to find examples of people cutting all over, happened to watch at 15:32 ish. If you look closely you will see a skateboarder holding onto the truck to the left. Look how he almost gets smashed between the truck and the cab.