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  1. parasaurolophus

    It's time for the Tax Returns to be released.

    This confuses me. Why would trump's personal tax return show you more conflicts of interest than a list of his sources of income, assets, and debts? For example if he owned $2 million worth of stock in a company and hadnt sold any shares you wouldn't see it on the tax return but you would see it on the fin. disclosure. If there was 1 million in debt to a russian holding company, you wouldn't see it on tax return. You would see it on a fin. disclosure.
  2. parasaurolophus

    It's time for the Tax Returns to be released.

    This is one of the points I previously tried to make regarding these. Trump was required by law to release a financial disclosure. If you looked through it for even a few seconds it became painfully obvious there were tons and tons of corporations that fell under the trump umbrella. There were hundreds of millions in loans and other debt for various companies, billions in assets to holding companies and LLC's, and a very complex web of revenues and agreements.
  3. Eric Reid certainly doing his best to help keep Kaepernick out of the NFL. Now Reid is upset about getting fined and has decided to add that to his grievance. This has to at least be part of the reason teams dont even want to talk to Kaepernick. Why even risk anything? Look how many people he subpoenaed for his grievance. If you brought him in for a workout and didnt sign him good chance you would have another grievance filed against you. Who needs that for a guy that likely wants a decent chunk of change and wasn't very good when he was still in the league? "Coach, I just want you to know I found the food during my visit to be awful. You will be hearing from my attorney."
  4. parasaurolophus

    The migrant caravan

    It is the truth. He is usually very poorly informed unless it is something that shows up on his twitter feed. He certainly doesn't use google and instead just tries to dismiss everything that doesn't get blasted out by his list of shaun king-like sources as just fox news propaganda. He routinely posts material that is not factual and blasts other people for doing exactly what he does. It took me less than 5 seconds to find the info. Less time than it took him to post his lame retort.
  5. I think a request about whether an employee quit or was fired would count as employee conduct info. ETA: here was the text of the tweet 80's posted. "I asked if a ex-staffer who is a suspect in a state police embezzlement probe is still employed by the Senate, was fired or quit, when and if she was accused of any wrongdoing. "
  6. Are employment records usually things you can foia? ETA: no they arent. From the ftc site. Personnel, medical and similar files, disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, 5 U.S.C. § 552(b)(6);
  7. parasaurolophus

    The migrant caravan

    The bold is par for the course. Here you go.
  8. Lol at calling it an article. Thats a big stretch.
  9. Partial credit. Also how on earth did two people tattle on this page?
  10. Not sure what you guys are doing right now but if you are near a TV you should tune in. I think we are about to see a 16 seed upset a #1 seed for the first time ever. Game is tied 21-21 at half and Virginia looks rattled.
  11. parasaurolophus

    MNF Seahawks v Vikings

    Closer than trubisky got on some throws last night.
  12. parasaurolophus

    MNF Seahawks v Vikings

    Thats a bad call.
  13. parasaurolophus

    It's time for the Tax Returns to be released.

    Hey whats this 1099 from Ivan all about?
  14. parasaurolophus

    Another example of why i hate the media

    Baby its cold outside.
  15. parasaurolophus

    Another example of why i hate the media

    I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.