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  1. I hear there are divisions in Philly that will vote 100% in favor of trump. A total reversal from obama election.
  2. Maybe look at trying to rent points at Elara? Great location for those types of places.
  3. Next year? Crap. Going back to candles.
  4. Target is free but only a 5$ gift card. No publix here. Dang it.
  5. I cant recommend target enough. It was so easy and the waiting area is the size of a department store! I walked into a walgreens the other day and I felt like I was walking into a wall of covid.
  6. My wife just had to have the fixture that doesnt even have bulbs for our wntry way. Just a ring of LEDs perma attached. Cant wait to have to replace that whole thing.
  7. If trump barely loses, which i just cant see, then i think he probably would have won if not for covid. But based on early voting turnout, i dont see how he doesnt get trounced.
  8. LED lights last about 6.2% as long as they say.
  9. My favorite thing about that NLCS is that Hershiser got the save in game 4. You know because he only went 7 innings in game 3. And only went 8.1 in game 1. Then CG in game 7. Then CG of game 2 in world series. Then another CG. Thats insane. I was at game 2. Was awesome.
  10. Yep, remember when republicans dragged the girl scouts for pointing out that ACB was the 5th woman appointed to the supreme court? Oh....wait....
  11. Yep. Biden's name not being mentioned specifically even though Bobulinski says that is who the big guy is= no proof. Blasey Ford's notes not naming Kavanaugh, but saying that it was Kavanaugh= proof. Ivanka Trump getting chinese trademarks (that I think were first applied for in 2016) for things like Ivanka branded sausage casings is some huge international issue and a conflict of interest.(trademarks for Trump Branded products are only worth anything if those products are actually being sold and do not generate any revenue on their own they just protect your name from being taken and used). There is zero conflict of interest since these were given after she had shut down her line, and even if she hadn't just look at these things. It isnt like now every single sausage in china that is manufactured has to be called ivankawurst and she just gets to collect money. Hunter Biden leveraging his dad's name to try and secure business- nada.
  12. I dont know how this gets fixed anytime soon, if ever. I mean we live in a country that went from shaming people that were wearing masks to shaming people that weren't wearing masks. In a week.
  13. Orel Hershiser pitched a shutout. Went 3-3 had a run and an rbi. Then pitched another complete game. That guy wasnt getting denied a WS in 1988. Zero doubt in my mind he would have hurled game 7 if he had to.
  14. I binge drink less. I will say it that way. I now enjoy more of a 2 glass of wine or bourbon night...or a couple beers. Something like that 2-3 nights a week...rather than 2 nights of that and one out or socially drinking more than that. Thanks for keeping the shelves stocked for me guys!