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  1. There are plenty of examples. They didnt cherry pick it. The story was newsworthy because the guy was yelling crazy stuff to reporters. A guy being arrested 6 times already and released without bail since a new law was passed is newsworthy. The networks should all cover that.
  2. Frontier has been doing it for years, but now they are actually making the middle seat wider so they can up the price. Plenty of airlines just charge a fee to pick your seat. So if you pick a seat and then you move, you just wasted that money. Also this issue is way different than sitting with your wife. She is an adult. I would look up the route and see if your window seat costs the same as one of those two aisles and if it does i would imagine you have an incredibly high likelihood of somebody willing to switch. I prefer aisle, but would switch to a window to accommodate a family. Would not give up aisle for a middle.
  3. Well to your granddad, that was probably pretty fast
  4. Unfortunately we dont all know its the passing lane. In my experience people that call it the fast lane think that just going "fast" means they can stay in that lane. Hence the whole passing lane vs fast lane debate. If you refer to them interchangeably as fast lane and passing lane, but abide by the rules and treat it as a passing lane, then i apologize.
  5. I assume you mean after you got to your vacation destination?
  6. You have to take her statement as true in order to ask your question. It seems highly unlikely that Trump is referencing his personal lawsuits here or taking any action regarding his personal lawsuits. He is more than likely referencing the fact that the state of New York is suing the administration for violation of 5th and 14th amendments. Also threatening to sue for some other claims that they say are tantamount to political extortion. I think it is important to note that the NY officials involved here have not made the claim AOC is making at all. They feel this is all about the Trump admins stance on immigration. Trump's stance on immigration isn't a secret.
  7. I think we need to talk about how you discipline 4 year olds. Maybe its best that you are sitting apart from your family in such a tense situation like a plane.
  8. Agreed. Doesnt mean I need to just take her word for what happened though.
  9. This while thing is starting to sound fishy anyway. She got the notice from the flight attendant. Not him. And now she is trying to capitalize on this. What actually happened could be very different.
  10. I would have thought it would be almost impossible for the woman to come out of this as the crappier person, but... Wendi says the repeated whiplash may have caused damage, given her medical history. She says she's had multiple back surgeries over the years and has titanium fused to her spine. She's worried the repeated blows might have damaged her vertebrae. She wants to get an MRI but says it's too expensive. Wendi wants the airline to pony up the dough and cover her medical bills. As we reported, Wendi also wants the passenger behind her to be identified, so she can press charges for assault. She also wants the flight attendant fired for the way she handled the ordeal -- giving the man booze, and threatening her.