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  1. Hou security guy was only tgere because there were reports of a houston employee filming into the red sox dugout from the outfield with a high def camera.
  2. Nice sacrifice bunt there.
  3. Show your work. Especially on the .210 hitter part.
  4. parasaurolophus

    Thoughts on this video?

    what is with the weird lady dangling her keys at the end?
  5. Hitting right now is in a pretty landmark state of evolution so there is a lot at play. I have seen a lot of guys try to slap it the opposite way to beat the shift and have royally screwed it up. Rizzo come to mind right away. He has tried a lot of gimmick swings and he often screws it up, or he wastes two strikes trying and now he is 0-2 facing a guy that is throwing 97 with a wicked slider. It just isnt that easy to do some of this stuff. And even if you are successful at it you could very well be giving up run expectancy because you didnt hit it deep. So what do you practice? Trying to be a slap single hitter or hitting home runs? There will be some stuff figured out and the pendulum will swing back, but it will likely take data points first to base the new decisions off of. Whether we like it or not, this is baseball now.
  6. Run expectancy with runner on 1st with no outs is higher than run expectancy for runner on 2nd with 1 out. .86 to .66 (Nevermind the fact that bunting could leave you with 1 out and a runner on first). Now this is only a valid stat for the visiting team since when you are the home team in extra innings only run run obviously wins the game.
  7. Even pitchers get less than 50% of attempted bunts in play. So less than 75% chance of getting it in play on the first two strikes. That's just getting it in play.
  8. Yes and no. I actually don't have a problem with not bunting. I think the real issue is that bunting takes a lot of practice. It isnt actually easy considering the stuff they are facing. So managers don't want to use BP for something that maybe gives them a slight advantage in isolated situations. Pitchers practice bunting all the time and are way better at it. Look at Lester. He sucks at hitting, but he is a great bunter. Joe has used him in situations where he pinch hits him to bunt instead of a position player. Happened in extra innings against the Mariners a couple years ago. People always think the bunt is a guarantee and it just isnt. Now factor in that you are sacrificing an out and you are the away team so one run isnt a guaranteed win, and then the math dicates often to not bunt.
  9. I am speaking about the play at first. I still think the plays at second are dirty, but I dont have as much of a problem with them. For many many years that was just what you did. He didnt spike him or barrel into him. I think it is holding onto an old custom, but again it is far more understandable, so I get it. The play at first is what I meant was indefensible and makes him a punk.
  10. How could you possibly defend what he did? There is no reason for it that falls within normal parameters of the game other than being a punk. I could understand dinosaurs that still cling to the old ways defending his slides into second base, but what he did at first is indefensible. It was classless if we look at it in the best light possible for machado.
  11. I have now crossed over to hating this game.
  12. That was a nice half inning. Good for my ticker. Lets see an aguilar 3 run homer.
  13. I hate these two watch commercial dudes. I want to see a staring contest between knebel and counsell.