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  1. What the chargers need is a 3 and out...promptly give up a 20 yard run, lol.
  2. Allegedly joshua Brown fired first hitting one of the men that were there to buy drugs.
  3. The money and drugs were found in his home. The firefight happened outside in the parking lot. They took everything he had on him outside. Should they have tossed his place too after shooting him and one of them being shot? Provided of course that they knew which apartment was his.
  4. What????? That doesn't even make any sense. He isn't making fun of some medical condition she has or saying she is unattractive. He is mostly mocking her for her statements about how is it okay to still have children?
  5. My wife said if she was the pitcher after getting him out she would have done the michael jackson the way you make me feel dance.
  6. Soto is a pretty awesome player, but that batters box crap he does is so stupid.
  7. Then why did you post what you did? It is relevant information regarding AOC. She literally took out her phone and made a student loan payment during a hearing and made a big deal about it. She also wants to be paid more by taxpayers and has openly said so. Somebody that does that opens up their stupid spending habits to criticism. Had she not done that, it would be uncalled for.
  8. Of course not. It just means you shouldnt take her seriously when she whines about how much her student loans cost.
  9. How many PAC's also have an LLC arm that receives "strategic consulting" fees from the campaigns? I just searched through Comcast, Honeywell, bankers, and a couple others. I just looked at AOC's opponent. I couldnt find any examples of it. Do you know of any? I fully admit that this could be something that is common and I am just looking incorrectly, I dont think so, but dont feel like spending hours. FEC
  10. BNC is a post-partisan federal political action committee supporting Democrats, Republicans and Independents who push for progressive legislation such as Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, clean energy initiatives, tuition-free education, abolition of ICE and others. All BNC candidates have taken a pledge to refuse corporate PAC dollars. Lol @ jon made it up. Brand New Congress recruited Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to run for Congress back in 2017. She was one of 32 BNC candidates who ran in the 2018 elections
  11. At least before you could understand when it was just a missed call. Mistakes happen. This just makes no sense. It is way worse.