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  1. I have a friend that once told us during a poker game he was looking forward to marriage so that he never had to make another decision outside of work again if he didnt want to. He didn't even have a girlfriend at the time. He married a pretty nice girl, but she really does control all of it. I imagine we would find her less nice if we thought he was unhappy. But he legit seems happy to just have a neverending script for his life.
  2. Yeah. I would bet she hasnt been asked "when are you due" very many times.
  3. Well i guess we can criss barbara mcquade off of the reliable source list.
  4. In all seriousness, i think you are being a partisan by posting that article and agreeing with the headline. I would take zero issue with your post if you said that right now is not the time for poor taste jokes regarding congresspeople. But to say that the aforementioned post was saying she should be murdered and not acknowledging that he posted a pun and was just making a hyperbolic joke is just dumb. Especially when you have dumb the same.
  5. Blah blah. Look we are discussing if he said to go back to where she came from. We all know that didnt happen and this "gist" bs isnt gonna fly. She is a liar. She lied about needing to use the line because she cant stand. She lied being so sad and scared when she made that pathetic video. She is a lying opportunist. Trump just said something that triggered her and she tried to capitalize on it. Unfortunately for her, she picked a guy that didnt fit the narrative, and also she sucks at lying. The only positive here is knowing how pissed she is reading tweets calling her out. You can see the anger in her press conference. Hahahaha. Her jussie smollett tweet is pretty awesome too.
  6. How do you make "those kinds of references"? Either he said go back to where you came from or go back to your country or he didnt. It isn't exactly a very long phrase. Um what? Also love her trying to make it seem like this was some grand occasion for her daughter that got ruined. Also how can you honestly try saying you cant stand for very long, but then hold a press conference where you are standing???? How can you say you were afraid of him when you dwarf him and then you get in his face and yell at him? Then on top of it all the guy had a history of negative posts about trump and even stood up for the squad when trump told them to go back. ( She is a liar.
  7. Thanks for the story. So i was remembering correctly. They gave it to themselves and then when the 4 voted against the border bill and pelosi spoke it really caught on.
  8. Maybe i am misunderstanding how they got the nickname "the squad" did trump give that to them?
  9. Isnt this kind of like asking how did joe dumars get caught up with all this bad boys talk?
  10. How dare they call the police on a black person!!!! They obviously did that to intimidate her and remind....oh wait...