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  1. parasaurolophus

    CNN: Questions As To Whether Jussie Smollett Faked Attack

    For all we know they did try to deny they were there. Police had video evidence and transportation evidence that put them there near scene.
  2. parasaurolophus

    CNN: Questions As To Whether Jussie Smollett Faked Attack

    If you become a rallying cry for two minority groups today, I highly doubt you get written off your show.
  3. 250 million is stupid. It is ridiculous. I hate lawsuits like this. Wapo is being singled out and that too is ridiculous. But Wapo is not without blame here. They were lazy in their reporting. I imagine opinion pieces must not lead to liability to wapo, because some of those are pretty bad, but lets skip those. If we excuse the earliest reports(we shouldn't, but lets do so) and focus on this article from the 22nd which is already after many publications started acknowledging the real story and is a couple days after the event. Still refers to the space as being permitted. They quote him first, but they then state it definitively without quotes. They at least updated it to correct that he wasnt a vietnam vet. They also changed the headline after this came out, which originally mentioned that the maga students surrounded phillips. At this point too there were multiple versions that had come from phillips and several inconsistencies. That article should have never been printed and was irresponsible journalism. They had the benefit at that point of time and even just searching google would have provided them with much more accurate data. Is it worth 250 million??? Absolutely not. But we should demand better reporting. Especially when it was easy.
  4. parasaurolophus

    CNN: Questions As To Whether Jussie Smollett Faked Attack

    Possibly a lot of truth to the report he was being written off.
  5. It should be handled by law enforcement and they should delay. I dont feel like looking for any quotes from these guys about kavanaugh, but i would assume they are being hypocritical. Could be wrong though and i admit to being lazy with this opinion.
  6. parasaurolophus

    CNN: Questions As To Whether Jussie Smollett Faked Attack

    Seth Mandel @SethAMandel Jussie Smollett royally messed up, in what’s beginning to look more like a cry for help than anything else. I don’t see how sending him to prison accomplishes that so I hope it doesn’t reach that point. 10:25 PM · Feb 19, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone Will be interesting if this mentality catches on
  7. parasaurolophus

    CNN: Questions As To Whether Jussie Smollett Faked Attack

    Idoubt it is that hard to do.
  8. parasaurolophus

    CNN: Questions As To Whether Jussie Smollett Faked Attack

    Or she is black in a city coming off of laquan mcdonald controversy.
  9. parasaurolophus

    CNN: Questions As To Whether Jussie Smollett Faked Attack

    I disagree with this. Condemnation gets carried out quite swiftly these days. People get fired from jobs for behavior that previously wouldn't have even caused people to bat an eyelash(sometimes unjustly). Do you think 5 years ago if some jerk at a park was repeatedly insulting a puerto rican woman that he would have been charged with anything, let alone a hate crime? Do you think people would have even really cared very much about it if they heard about it? Just look at the editor that wrote the KKK piece. He has many racist things he has printed previously. You and I have never heard of them. Now a student can come across it, take a picture, post it on twitter and word spreads. Of course we are going to see more of that. People didn't used to care as much as they do now and they didn't have as much access. A lawyer in NYC gets run out of town because of the national uproar his awful behavior caused. That story caused a visceral reaction in a lot of people (I am not saying it shouldn't have). He didnt just become that way. There was video of him acting the same way BEFORE trump was elected. It got zero attention then. I could go on providing examples, but it really doesn't matter, I imagine.
  10. Off topic, but my biggest pet peeve with my son having a phone(ex wife and I didn't see eye to eye here, she just went and bought him one), is how disorganized and terrible at planning I think it makes him. When we made plans to do things we had to be precise or we could spend the whole night trying to figure crap out or wandering around looking for people. If we were going to try and go someplace we had never been to we had to look it up on a map and write down directions. We had to make sure we had exact times figured out for meeting people and we had to make sure we did some research if it was going to be a crowded or very large place that we were meeting. Kids don't have to deal with that at all anymore. They just text each other en route, google directions, etc. They get the details bit by bit over time. I told my son about a month ago he wasn't able to go out at night on the weekend if he didn't get all of the information for me in advance when he asked me. He has become frustrated with it. He showed me a text exchange with one of his friends last week just trying to peg down how they would be getting somewhere, what time, where to after, etc. The replies were always just I'll text this or I'll text that. I think not being able to plan something as simple as going to a basketball game, then to grab some food, and go to somebody's house (to probably just sit around and look at each other's phones or stupid videos) is causing certain skills to not be developed that are needed in the work force.
  11. parasaurolophus

    C'mon parents....stopped with the EFFed up names..

    Do dan and dawn rhyme?
  12. Kids went hundreds of years without them isnt why it is laughable. You can get them a phone without data.
  13. parasaurolophus

    Pet peeve

    The only person I have ever known to do this in real life is my mom. Used to drive me nuts. Mostly because it was 100% self created. My sister was in competitive gymnastics as a kid. This is basically pageant mom level stuff. So much travel, practice, etc. My mom was so into that life. She would watch 3 hour practices. The mom's took turns making food. Not for the kids, for each other because they were all sitting there watching these stupid practices. Even when it became painfully obvious that my poor sister didnt have the natural ability (aka she was at least head taller than everybody) my mom couldn't let it go. So annoying. The guilt trips I would get because I didnt want to spend a whole day in (insert crappy town in the midwest here) watching my sister and 200 other little foot binded makeup wearing 10 year olds was always a treat. Otherwise the only place I see SAHM's complain are stupid articles that talk about how a stay at home mom is worth 155k a year or whiny paid blogs.
  14. parasaurolophus

    Racist rhetoric in public

    This guy has been a racist puke for a while.