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  1. Incredible how two decades of blatant malfeasance by the DOJ is basically ignored by uniparty until you state that one of the enemies of uniparty should get a not quite so harsh sentence.....
  2. Have these guys even read the Inspector General's reports regarding the behavior of senior members of the department? I think their silence on that tells me that either their perspective is horribly skewed or they have significant biases at work.
  3. if the The Walking Dead thread has taught me anything (it hasn't really), it's that gas has a limited shelf life...
  4. Better...if you run stop and frisk guy against First Step guy, how much of the African-American vote will switch to Trump? If Trump get 20% or more the Ds will have a bad time....
  5. So you have a guy who said some naughty things sitting atop a roaring economy, fresh off of defeat of ISIS, easing of tensions with NK and China with least military adventurism since Jimmy Carter that has been vetted by every agency under the sun vs another guy who has said arguably worse things with a high level of scandal upside and none of those other success tailwinds going for him.....ok....
  6. Defense stocks would be up, and the rest of the market way down due to excessive military interventions and war...take away the tax cuts and the relaxed regulatory environment as well....
  7. It makes me suspect that more shenanigans by this team may be uncovered. Just misrepresenting their recommendation to the DOJ brass was a sleazy move.
  8. The Vindmans and the whistleblower did more to tank the Biden campaign than any of his opponents could have dared to hope for...
  9. The Steele Dossier used Russian sources Steele is/was a spy for the UK The Ukraine was the source of the black ledger the led to Manafort’s downfall Schiff was pranked into thinking that the Russians were going to give him naked pictures of Trump.