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  1. The implication of saying this is obstruction is to say that Trump knew that Sessions, and Wray, would have participated in a partisan coverup rather than fairly examining the facts. That is a real reach, as all of these guys had long and distinguished careers as lawyers and with the DOJ. Even if he had fired Mueller because he wanted a fair investigation, that would not be corrupt intent
  2. Every prior President, in my lifetime has stonewalled document requests. Obama stonewalled W stonewalled Clinton stonewalled HW stonewalled Reagan stonewalled etc thet all over-claimed executive privileged every single one...
  3. That would just be another case of the content not matching the headline Just another example of what a shambles this “investigation” was
  4. Reading that, it looks like the intent was to expand the scope of the investigation to include widely reported felonies committed by Democrats and Comey et al.
  5. Stlll one of my fovorite covers.
  7. No, the Mueller report says that nobody on the Trump campaign worked with any Russians also, the President fully cooperated with the investigation, waived executive privilege- unheard of - and encouraged witnesses to testify and be truthful. Trhe President is well within his constitutional rights to voice his opinion on matters in the news. Proclaiming your innonve and the guilt of others is free speech and not “obstruction”
  8. For me the best JP song will probably always be “Vuctim of Changes” That said, “Turbo Lover” and “Touch of Evil” are great songs that don’t get enough due from Priest fans...IMHO
  9. As a libertarian, I am very concerned about how the OSC’s overly broad interpretations of obstruction of justice and campaign finance laws will be used by future prosecutors. Prosecutorial overreach has long been an issue in this country, but now we see these fascistic tactics being used some of the top officials...and being cheered on by the press. It’s a disturbing leap towards authoritarianism.
  10. If Trump had said this, you guys would be losing your minds
  11. Do you disagree that Fusion GPS did PR work for Russia in lobbying against the Magnitsky Act? do you disagree that the Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS do you disagree that Natalia Veselnitkaya was a Kremlin operative employed by Fusion GPS do you disagree that foreign spy Christopher Steele was hired to do opposition research for the Clinto campaign and that one of his chief selling points was his Russian contacts? do you disagree that Steele’s Russian contacts likely informed what was written in the Dossier do you disagree that Steele and Oleg Deripaska employ the same US PR firm do you disagree that Hillary Clinton opposed the Magnitsky Act do you disagree that Hillary Clinton was a big proponent of the Russian reset do you disagree that Bill Clinto received 500k from a Putin connected bank for one speech in Moscow?
  12. There is a probably fair chance that we will find out in a day or two that this is fake news...such is the state of journalism these days
  13. No collusion by Trump or his campaign No obstruction by Trump or his campaign Fusion GPS acted as agents for the Kremlin. Fusion GPS had Russian agents on its payroll. Hilliard Clinton and the FBI collluded with Fusion GPS and, by extension, Russia. Chriistopher Steele colluded with Russians to create his Dossier. Russian disinformation created this three year fiasco and the FBI and DOJ were complicit. The Mueller Report is the cover up for the real collusion.
  14. Weird, tragic connection as The Devo guys lived the Kent State Massacre that Neil Young wrote the song “Ohio” about...
  15. Trump and his campaign were not colluding. Trump’s foreign policy has been much tougher on Russia than Obama’s. Trying to prove that Trump was covering for the Us crimes committed by Russians would be a nearly impossible path to follow.