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  1. Garrett started it with the late hit Rudolph escalated it by trying to rip off Garrett’s helmet. Rudolph should get suspended for one game..,,Garrett should get 10
  2. I would have tossed Rudolph and Pouncey too and probably few more Browns
  3. Pouncey needs to sit for a few IMHO too
  4. Marv Levy had players fake injuries in lieu of timeouts
  5. Chubb, Hunt, Beckham, Landry, solid O-line....and yet this offense still blows
  6. Playing him over Ballage and Fuller and Pascal (and AJ Green)
  7. Scenario short yardage RB carries up the middle and reaches for the first down with one hand on the ball while the ball is outstretched, a defender grabs the ball, but the RB never lets go or loses contact with the ball as both hit the ground visually, the defender is wrapped around the ball and the RB’s hand, with the hand on the ball is this a fumble or a first down?
  8. Deval Patrick Crazy clown car - every time a clown drops out another clown jump in
  9. They are probably so surprised to see an on target pass they don't know what to do next
  10. It seems the refs thought two hands on the ball > one hand on the ball, but that is not the rule I believe....
  11. I have seen players extend the ball over the goal line with one hand all of the time. At what point did the situation change from dual possession ?
  12. For one week this season anyway....maybe more...we’ll see what happens