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  1. When Disney plus comes out with Marvel and Star Wars and Pixar and all of their other IP, who is going to pay the same price for Stranger Things and a bunch of unfinished shows....IP wise, it’s a total blowout...
  2. NFLX seems bound and determined to not have any solid intellectual properties worth spending 12 bucks a month on. When all of the IP gets called back to their home streaming service, the value proposition will be dead.
  3. Iron Horse - Enter Sandman.
  4. “ In case I pass, here is FBG logon info to check how I am doing in the contest”
  5. I am ok with owning a team “I am the owner of black eyed joe’s” “owning” a player is where it gets sketchy “I own David Johnson”
  6. Not just any third party...a third party with massive conflicts of interest...and that third party sent the FBI information they themselves had redacted...some powerful people went to great lengths to keep all aspects of this investigation out of reach of anybody who might give it an objective look.
  7. The “ undocumented” are getting loads of attention. Is the implication that they vote?
  8. Many of these things have been discussed, but Aaron Mate lays it all out and blisters the “Russia Investigation”
  9. We live in a world where it’s believed that a couple dozen social media posts can undo over a billion in campaign spending plus wall to wall pro Clinton coverage from the news media and entertainment industries? You must realize how ridiculous this is...
  10. Strong report for June wage growth of 3.1%! Nice to see it trickle down....
  11. I advise that we start a thread to keep track of the threads
  12. What is fundamentally stupid is thinking that in two billion dollar election, that a handful of lame social media posts with little engagement swing the election. C’mon.