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  1. Whoa __________ Dossier author Christopher Steele identified a former Russian spy chief and a top adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin as being involved in handling potentially compromising information about President Donald Trump, State Department notes show. In her notes, State Department official Kathleen Kavalec also referred to the two Russians — former Russian foreign intelligence chief Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Putin aide Vladislav Surkov — as “sources.” _________ this is what Russian collusion looks like
  2. Consider visiting this news portal daily similar format to Drudge, but wider news coverage although less frequent updates...
  3. wait...isn't your brother The Holy Ghost?
  4. yes, it's amazing the CC companies stay in business with everybody paying off their balance every month...they should make the rates 200% interest per month..../sarc
  5. "Big Education" is doing a lot of raping and pillaging
  6. Not to mention that if Mueller used private eyes, would that be an end run around the fourth amendment, as a private investigator is nit bound by that? If so, that is even more troubling than the breaches of attorney client privilege.
  7. Cold-hearted cat that rules the night Removes the colours from our sight Red is grey is yellow white But we decide which is right And which is an illusion
  8. my hot take: in principle, -they are right. CC rates and late fees are simply outrageous. The banks have become modern day loan sharks. on the flip side - One of the reasons the rates are so high is because a lot of people end up not being able to pay and the CC companies eat the loss - we have a CC based economy and making high risk borrowers not able to obtain credit, might deprive some of the poorest people the ability to obtain basic goods and services We should head in this direction, but we should tread carefully....
  9. The Deadwood trailer introduced me to this Colton Wall - Sleeping on the Blacktop kind of country blues tune
  10. I imagine partly because of how corrupt the entire process has become. Misremembering a detail or an incorrect official record that doesn’t concur with his account could destroy him. I don’t imagine this is the system anybody envisioned even a decade ago, but here we are.
  11. What a ridiculous comment Carolina finished with a 30-12-2 record Jan 1 through the end of the season which amongst the entire NHL. Both Boston and Carolina are great teams who put in maximum effort.
  12. Bruins Canes was such a better product tonight...players going all super into it this NBA game is like a regular season snoozer....
  13. while you were busy chasing Russian Bogeymen, Congress passed and Trump signed the First Step Act as part of his criminal justice reform initiatives...more steps to come, I presume unless the old guard manages to take back power
  14. You should always respect the office policy wise, we have record low unemployment for POC...rising wages Trump has supported prison reform, a policy which has had widespread support in the minority community. He is also pushing to spend a lot of money rebuilding our cities Even being tougher on illegal immigration is helpful to the working poor in terms of jobs and wages - an argument that even Bernie Sanders has made. So you have all of that versus the typical media slander campaign against any Republican
  15. Is it too late to suggest using decimals to slot in the extra tunes?