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  1. Saints just snagged Zenner...I would think that Ajayi >> Zenner Was may not want to bother this year to upgrade and positions....
  2. If you trade for conditional picks, it might make more sense
  3. Healed, rested and ready...let’s go possible spots NE - they have a stable of mediocre Hou - no depth and probably just a matter of time until Hyde gets dinged KC - why not? TB St Louis - Gurley is not sustainable and Henderson is not ready
  4. Somebody on Reddit jokingly suggested that since the story is told from Jesse’s point of view, we see Walt as Jesse sees him, as some sort of mega brain, large head and all...
  5. What did you expect? The content seemed to match the plot that was described in the press about the project.
  6. The “movie” was really good IMHO. it doesntbstand on its own without BrBa like BCS does, but as an epilogue it’s a good one-off episode. it hit right comedic tones, as well as the tension.. Todd as the gentle, polite psycho finally gets his due. That whole sequence was great. I think we got some more insights into Jesse and his relationships with others. He also got his final episode and confirmation that he did try to rebuild something out of his life. The Walt scene was fan service, but I didn’t mind.
  7. - Stockholm syndrome played a big part, and the police wouldn’t be able to protect Brock forever - just knocking somebody out is a stupid movie trope that should be done away with. That would have been loud, messy and gotten nosy neighbor all up his business
  8. It’s weird that Fuller V doesn’t get consistent targets.
  9. Outside of one 89 yard TD in garbage time, the season has been a disaster
  10. He’s done i don’t think the o-line did him any favors in the Colts games, but they lost, so Reid decided to change things up.
  11. My one league combines WR and TE and has weird scoring for TEs....any other option this week would have won me my game. i have started Hooper twice in two years and both times it has cost me my season.
  12. Went with pretty bad over awful because it seemed like a gentle shove and he didn’t go after him or anything
  13. He’s a good back and the Colts O Line is excellent
  14. So McCoy could get ambushed by an unblocked Houston?
  15. Can’t fault him in that one...somebody has to try to block Houston
  16. Good enough to carry them to the red zone, but not good enough to stay in the game inside the 20
  17. Colts don’t believe in rewarding their workhorse...
  18. It was the right call. It was pretty obvious that it hit the ground.
  19. I don’t envy the refs here....
  20. I will never draft or start this guy again
  21. Every time I break down and start this guy, he costs me my season
  22. I had to watch this one on Amazon Prime because NFL Network was running some 100 greatest BS and Fox Sports had wrestling...anybody else experience this?