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  1. They don't view him as a gadget player, and he would have had an easy touchdown if Cam hadn't thrown the pass out of his reach. He was wide open.
  2. They may be regretting letting Lambo go. Last week his FG to send the game into overtime was blocked, and today he missed a game winning kick. Ouch.
  3. They could bring Barnidge back to his old home if someone like the Texans don't sign him. The Texans were looking at him last week.
  4. The Saints said earlier in the week they were not going to let Cooks go deep. If he was covered why would they force it to him?
  5. The Saints have only had 4 winning seasons in the last decade. They did win a Super Bowl during that time, but I question whether they would have made the SB without their D trying to knock players out of the games.
  6. I thought it was a terrible throw by Brees.
  7. The Jags were in control of the game for most of its entirety. That won't always be the case, so Bortles will throw it more in the future.
  8. How is he definitely the weak link? He ran well today. They abandoned the run early due to getting down so much, but Hyde played well.
  10. Speed is not even one of his top three traits. wait til you see this kid run a route. #chriscarter I'm a Panther fan and aware of his traits. I was just commenting on how quick he is. Watching him run is like fast forwarding a replay.
  11. McCaffrey is so fast. He is too good not to have on the field a lot.
  12. That is good, but I think it is ridiculous to keep "evaluating" at this point. It seems like abuse of power to me by the NFL.