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  1. Thanks, Gally. We keep two players on offense and two players on defense each for the upcoming season. We also keep one rookie on offense and one rookie on defense for two additional seasons. there is no cost to keep players, and some teams trade/trade for keeper rights (steep price) in the off-season. I have Odell Beckham Jr. and Le'Veon Bell as likely offensive keepers for next year (and DeSean Watson as the offensive rookie), so I would likely not keep Goff. However, if he's light-out for the rest of the season, I may be able to trade him during the off-season for picks. However, it is likely that I am "renting" him for the rest of this season...
  2. I lost Watson last week, leaving me with Dalton and Flacco at QB. The best functioning player on the wire is Kizer. I'm one of the top 3 teams in a 12-team league, so I expect to get to the playoffs (weeks 13-15). Our QB scoring gives 0.05 for each yard passing and .015 points per yard rushing. TDs are 4 points between 1-9 yards, 6 points between 10-29 yards, and 8 points at 30 and above. Rushing TDs are bonused +2 on top of passing ranges (i.e., 1-9 yard TD rushes are 6, and so on). Finally, this is a keeper league, and we can trade future draft picks. I don't want to mortgage the future, so I went looking for mid-range QBs with decent schedules. I can get Goff for somewhere in the 8-10-round range. I'm not basing this all on the performance against the giving-up Giants, but I like what I see from him and won't have to pay as much as I would for a Cousins or a Brees. Thoughts?