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    Victory is mine!
  1. He should go back to singing inoffensive pop hits with his brothers Gary and John.
  2. Here is the clip:
  3. Do not click this link if you love Christmas as much as Peens.
  4. It's a British story pertaining to British offices. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the American offices don't have to adhere to the same rules. Heck, I won't be surprised if the entire story is overblown and exaggerated. Or simply untrue. It's a British tabloid for God's sake.
  5. Maggie from "Caddyshack" (T'anks for nuttin!) was also The underage grocery girl from "Animal House".
  6. Co-worker: Why would a snowman be sparse and brown? Me: That's Parson Brown.
  7. Watching Marcus Dupree run, it just seems like he was destined to get injured. He's 6-foot-3 and he runs upright with his legs flying all around the place.....maybe Switzer was onto something when he talked about converting Dupree to tight end. Also, I kinda wish that the film had expounded on the connection to Big Cecil Price. Here was an old school KKK member who was responsible for the murders of 3 civil rights workers in 1964, basically got off scot-free thanks to institutional racism, and 25 years later he's the guy with the power to give Marcus Dupree a truck driver's license.
  8. I was a big fan of Drazen Petrovic when I was a kid. I was so pissed when the Blazers traded him for Walter Freaking Washed Up Davis. That trade single-handedly destroyed the chances of the Blazers winning the NBA Championship in 1991.
  9. At least Jeff George was able to lead his team to a winning record in 3 out of 12 seasons.
  10. FYI, Delhomme has a high ankle sprain and could miss 4-6 weeks.