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    Victory is mine!
  1. He should go back to singing inoffensive pop hits with his brothers Gary and John.
  2. UPDATE: "I never talked to the governor. I misspoke. I am remorseful and embarrassed."
  3. Here is the clip:
  4. Because the birth announcement could have been called-in by an overzealous family member who was desperate for Obama to get his citizenship. You really think the newspaper was going to call the hospital to verify that the baby was onsite? Please. It's the oldest scam in the book.
  5. Do not click this link if you love Christmas as much as Peens.
  6. It's a British story pertaining to British offices. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the American offices don't have to adhere to the same rules. Heck, I won't be surprised if the entire story is overblown and exaggerated. Or simply untrue. It's a British tabloid for God's sake.
  7. Maggie from "Caddyshack" (T'anks for nuttin!) was also The underage grocery girl from "Animal House".
  8. Co-worker: Why would a snowman be sparse and brown? Me: That's Parson Brown.
  9. Watching Marcus Dupree run, it just seems like he was destined to get injured. He's 6-foot-3 and he runs upright with his legs flying all around the place.....maybe Switzer was onto something when he talked about converting Dupree to tight end. Also, I kinda wish that the film had expounded on the connection to Big Cecil Price. Here was an old school KKK member who was responsible for the murders of 3 civil rights workers in 1964, basically got off scot-free thanks to institutional racism, and 25 years later he's the guy with the power to give Marcus Dupree a truck driver's license.
  10. I was a big fan of Drazen Petrovic when I was a kid. I was so pissed when the Blazers traded him for Walter Freaking Washed Up Davis. That trade single-handedly destroyed the chances of the Blazers winning the NBA Championship in 1991.