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  1. looks like i got lucky here. thanks fellas!
  2. If you lil ####s are good, I may pull a pickles a answer questions for 15 min. no matter how much it may get me in trouble.
  3. i'm bumping this for later, in case i do'nt remember how to use the search function.
  4. I hope that mother####ing piece of #### breaks his ####### arm and is stuck on 499 for ####### ever. That ####### #####.OK, so I made a special trip to the game only to realize I'd be watching some white boy play CF for the Reds.
  5. Wow, what a convient post.You profess your love for the reds after they sweep the "team to beat" in the NL Central.You are "always a Griffey backer" after he turns into one of the hottest hitters in baseball.Way to reserve that 1st class ticket on the bandwagon buddy :fish2:
  6. .

  7. Is posting pic's of the results a bannable offense??? Can I get a ruling on this???
  8. This is some of the best literary documentation ever put on the world wide web. Between Viv and his epic struggle w/ the worms in his colon, and those 2 kids drinking a keg of Natty, I am STRONGLY thinking of just getting a frig near my desk and not move from the computer for 3 days.GL Viv!!!!!!
  9. Un-####ing-real Memphis, You take a week off from this thing, come back, and it's as funny as ever. LOL at some of the picks, and remembering some of the coments.Still some good times ahead............
  10. I thought she was taken already? if not, then way to go. you have two late round steals and are going to run away with this thing. she's not bad at all. I thought she was as well, BUT even if not, his 2 late round steals can not, I repeat can NOT make up for what is easily the worse pick in the draft......Frankenstein with a skin disorder.That beast is not just something you can stash away in a closet, she may go so far as to eat some of the other girls, just to feed the boils all over her face. For the +2 he got at the end of this draft, Nittany is just fighting a losing battle after putting a certified monster in his stable.
  11. I just thought that I would join the parade, and get on my knees like eveyone else, and praise MF. Cartman said it best.......... I just want to get on my knees and praise you (MF), and feel your salvation all over my face.Honestly, nice job MF, good times, I'd dig the team by team as well, but it's a GREAT start, thanks for putting it together.
  12. OK, to wrap up Vodka, Cigrettes, repeat, and in honor of this guys daughter winning miss universe, I present to you the lady in red..... Yelena We have a tight bodied 27yo as the last pick, that's upside for you. Her main priority is to make everyone in the family happy, which is GREAT considering I have 10 wives. I will conclude this prize winning team on MF's site, but I like the way this squad has shaped up, it's been a pleasure drafting with you guys, and may the best girls (who swallow) win!!!!
  13. pick coming................
  14. Did slowerde forget he's on the clock? He was here after 10x's latest canidate for de-clawing. I did forget, I HAVE to slip out for an appoitment right now, I'll be back in an hour, sorry fellas for the delay!!!! I'll be right back!