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  1. Foureyes

    Week 11 Questions For Bloom

    Hi Sig. Gotta start two of these three in 1/2 PPR league. Dalvin Cook, Hilton, Golladay Appreciate the help!
  2. Foureyes

    Help pick my flex(es)

    Gotta play two of these three in 1/2 PPR league HIlton vs Tenn Golladay vs Carolina DCook @ Chicago Appreciate the help...thanks!
  3. Foureyes

    Pick a Flex player

    Collins and Johnson. I think Cincy is gonna be easy to run on.
  4. Foureyes

    Week 10 Questions For Bloom

    Hi Sig thanks for help. 1/2 PPR Hilton or Golladay? Looking for high upside as I'm up against Ben and AB.
  5. Foureyes

    Who to drop? Please help

    We play 1 QB, 1 RB, 1WR/TE, 2 flex, 1 PK, 1 DST. Complete roster is Mahomes, Stafford (need to hold Stafford until Mahomes bye week 12) DJohnson, DCook, JWhite, AJones HIlton, Golladay, Fitzgerald, Watkins, Gronk Gostkowski, Baltimore def Would rather drop one of the WRs (they all kind of look the same) than drop Cook or Jones. Whichever DST I pick up for week 10 will be dropped for a bye week PK in week 11. I'm a little nervous to drop Hilton or Gronk. Golladay, Watkins and Fitz have been hit or miss. Appreciate the help.
  6. Foureyes

    Who to drop? Please help

    Need to unload one of these WR to make room to stream a defense this week. Who gets dumped (and who won't come back to bite me later)? 1/2 PPR... Golladay Fitzgerald Watkins Hilton Thanks for help!
  7. Foureyes

    Seahawks vs Lions - Week 8

    I benched Gronk and played Golladay and not liking this one bit...
  8. Foureyes

    Yeldon, Gronk or Gollaway

    Need to choose a flex from these three. Gronk always lights up the Bills, but if he doesn't go on Monday night I'd have no other options. Not sure how the Jax backfield will divide up their touches in London with Hyde active, or how many looks Golladay gets. Standard scoring, 1/2 PPR. Appreciate the help.
  9. All of my injured players are coming back this week...and my ww replacement players are still looking pretty good. Not sure who to trust, who to switch and who to stay with. Standard scoring 1/2 PPR and I need to start any 4 of these... DJohnson vs Denv JWhite @ Chi Yeldon vs HOu Gronk @ Chi DCook @ Jets Golladay @ Mia TYHilton vs Buff Which four play and which three ride the pine? Thanks for help...
  10. Foureyes

    Weather in KC...Mahomes OK?

    Presently starting Mahomes over Stafford despite Jacksonville matchup. Have just heard that rain in KC may be an issue. Anybody think this tips me over to benching Mahomes for Stafford? Would hate to have Mahomes go off on my bench...
  11. Yeah, you all know whats at stake. You draft a beast in the second round. Best case scenario, he has 14 good to great games and two duds. You try to figure out which two games he's gonna suck so you can bench him to optimize your lineup. You do so in week five, when the stud is up against the top ranked defense and your backup is expected to get a huge workload...and you hope it doesn't backfire... Case in point. The year I had Romo and Ben, and played the matchups. Studied all week long, checked the experts, asked all of you about it in the Assistant Coach thread. Now here's the bad news... in the fourteen weeks when both guys played (bye weeks excluded) I played the guy who scored less points (the wrong guy) ten weeks, and the guy who scored more points (the right guy) only four times. That was the year that Ben threw 6 TDs in back to back games. Lucky me, he was only on my bench for one of those two weeks. Ugh. Obviously, this comes up all the time. This year my QBs are Stafford and Mahomes. Even though I drafted Stafford as my starter (round 7) and Mahomes as my backup, I've been starting Mahomes every week since week one when he lit it up on my bench. My strategy (since the Romo/Ben year) is to pick a starter and stay with him until he proves he doesn't deserve it (or until the backup goes nuts to a point where you can't possibly keep him on the bench, as was the case with Mahomes earlier this year). So this week? Mahomes vs Jax or Stafford vs GB? If I ask 100 people (and I have, directly or indirectly) and check out all the rankings, virtually everybody says play Stafford this week. But if I do, you know I'll want to hang myself when Mahomes throws six TDs on my bench...
  12. Foureyes

    Who's my flex

    Standard scoring, 1/2ppr Watkins @ Denver Dalvin @ Rams Stills @ NE Thanks for help!
  13. Foureyes

    Watkins or Enunwa

    Looking to add WR for rest of year (bench depth). Standard scoring with 1/2 PPR. Which of these two has the better chance to make a difference and win me some games? Thanks for help...
  14. Foureyes

    Michael Thomas or Martavis?

    Bryant. He had a good match-up and high upside today, wouldn't take a chance on Thomas. Good luck
  15. Foureyes

    alshon fitz or demaryus?

    Gotta play one of these three in a tight matchup, standard scoring with 1/2 ppr. AJeffery vs Oak LFitzgerald vs NYG DThomas @ Wash Most of the expert rankings have Fitz ranked highest, but I saw that Stanton is banged up and playing hurt.. Philly has to play to win after MInny beat GB yesterday, but there are a lot of mouths to feed there and targets will be spread around. DThomas has been a bit of a dissapointment, but ESanders is out and he'll probably to a target hog. Appreciate any input. Thanks for help...enjoy the games and happy holidays!