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  1. Looking to add WR for rest of year (bench depth). Standard scoring with 1/2 PPR. Which of these two has the better chance to make a difference and win me some games? Thanks for help...
  2. Bryant. He had a good match-up and high upside today, wouldn't take a chance on Thomas. Good luck
  3. Gotta play one of these three in a tight matchup, standard scoring with 1/2 ppr. AJeffery vs Oak LFitzgerald vs NYG DThomas @ Wash Most of the expert rankings have Fitz ranked highest, but I saw that Stanton is banged up and playing hurt.. Philly has to play to win after MInny beat GB yesterday, but there are a lot of mouths to feed there and targets will be spread around. DThomas has been a bit of a dissapointment, but ESanders is out and he'll probably to a target hog. Appreciate any input. Thanks for help...enjoy the games and happy holidays!
  4. Need to play one of these in do-or-die week, standard scoring 1/2 PPR league. Alshon Jeffery vs Oakland Larry Fitzgerald vs NYG Both have good matchups. Jeffery has (arguably) better QB play and more to play for. However, the ball gets spread around in Philly, while Fitz is clearly the top option in the passing game in Arizona. Looks to me like a tossup, yet most rankings have fitz as the clear choice here and I can't really see why. Hoping some of you can help me figure this out. Appreciate the help! 4ize
  5. Need one flex from this group in 1/2PPR league. DThomas @ Indy Thursday Jeffery @ NYG...not sure what we're getting with Foles and nervous to go high risk high reward here Burkhead @ Pitt Thanks for help!
  6. Standard scoring 1/2PPR league. Both might benefit from injuries to Ertz (likely out) and dion lewis (questionable but should play Monday night). AJeffery @ Rams RBurkhead @ Miami Thanks for help!
  7. I wouldn't sit Graham with the way he's been playing over the last 4-6 weeks. His QB is red hot too. Keep him in until he proves he doesn't deserve it!
  8. Got him. Thanks. Now waiting for his best LeGarrett Blount imitation. And a speedy recovery to Kamara, please...
  9. If I lose Kamara (ugh) I need to pick up one of these RBs for weeks 15 and 16 in my standard scoring, 1/2ppr league (last two weeks of regular season, fighting for last playoff spot). My choices... JWilliams GB... @ Car, vs Minn Davis Seat... vs LAR, @Dal Burkhead NE @ Pit, vs Buf DLewis NE @ Pitt, vs Buf Thanks for advice!
  10. Nice problem to have. I need to play any two of these three is 1/2 PPR league. McKinnon vs Rams RWoods @ Minn DThomas vs Cinc Appreciate help with lineup. thanks!
  11. You need a starting lineup before you get the luxury of a handcuff. I would also drop Ekeler for teddy...and you absolutely need another WR. I'm sure you know that Robby is on a bye.
  12. Gotta start one of these three in 1/2 PPR league... Fitzgerald @ Hou DThomas vs Cinc AJeffery @ Dal Fitz and Thomas have QB issues but continue to produce...Alshon is in a high-powered offense with a lot of mouths to feed, and often plays second fiddle to Ertz. All three are good options, but I've picked the wrong guy all season long. Could use some help getting the right one in my lineup this week... Thanks!
  13. Boy, have you been a busy bear fan. Looks to me as though you've done well...especially at RB. Your QBs and TEs look fine as well. I think you have to address WR depth in your next draft...especially with KAllen's injury history and PRiver's advancing age. Luckily WR is the easiest position to reload. Good luck going forward.
  14. Have to choose between Jordy and Fuller in 1/2 ppr league. Both have a low floor and drastically decreased value due to QB injuries. Which one gets my last starting spot this week? thanks for help...
  15. Josh Norman is out today. Does that sway anybody toward Alshon or should I stick with McKinnon? Usually when I shift gears this late I regret it...