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  1. Favored by 7 pts in 1/2 PPR league, must win. Wracking my brain and not sure how much risk/reward I can handle... What you guys think?
  2. You say both are on the there anybody else available on a real team who might have more upside for the rest of the year?
  3. We're all in the same boat. I would hate to have OBJ go nuts on the bench. There are plenty of reasons to do it, but I still like him better than your alternatives. I'm playing him as well.
  4. 1/2 PPR league and the deadline has passed to make moves. This is for my flex position. I've played Kittle and benched OBJ several times and been happy with the outcome. This would be a really bad week to take a zero if Kittle doesn't go on Monday night. Would you take a chance on Kittle, assuming nothing changes in Saturday practice? Would you play safe and go with Beckham in a tough matchup (there's apparently a lot of buzz around Cleveland about getting him the ball more)? Would you go contrarian and bench them both for Crowder, hoping he gets a gazillion targets against the Giants? Appreciate the help!
  5. Gordon if it's close or you're favored...Singletary if you're underdog and need a big game. Don't like Murray's matchup as much as the other two. Good luck.
  6. Keep Dak and offer one of your top three WRs for Lindsay. You can still start Anderson if you need to play three WRs. If Brees comes back and looks like Brees, he's your starter and don't look at matchups. If he sucks or doesn't come back, at least you still have Dak. I could make a pretty good argument for staying put. Good luck
  7. If you're in a close game or favored definitely play safe and use Breida. If you're a big underdog and want to shoot for a home run, Murray may big you a better shot at TDs and lots of catches. I'd basically favor Breida. Good luck.
  8. Kyler @ Giants or Goff @ Atlanta? 6 pts per passing TD, which downgrades Kyler a bit. Who do I bench out of these 4? 1/2 ppr, need to play any three... Michel @ Jets Boyd vs Jax JBrown vs Miami Diggs@ Det Thanks for help!
  9. If I play them both I'm benching Sony Michel against the Giants...
  10. Can I bench Big Mike? He's been terrible (except for one week), he's in London, and Godwin is getting all the looks... Evans vs Carolina (London) Boyd @ Baltimore Thanks for advice!
  11. 1/2 ppr Tyler Boyd @ Pittsburgh Marquise Brown vs Cleveland Which one is my flex? Thanks for help..
  12. I'm all over the board with this one. 1/2ppr and need to play one of these four: Evans vs NYG Boyd @ Buffalo Diggs vs Oakland Marquise Brown @ KC Is it too early to bench Evans in week 3?
  13. 1/2 ppr, which 2 are my flexes? Michel @ MIami Boyd vs SF Diggs @ GB Thanks, WHIR
  14. Behind the 8ball after McCaffrey and Evans stank it up Thursday. Need to play 2 of these 5 in 1/2 ppr... Diggs@ GB Michel A Mia Boyd vs SF Duke vs Jax AJones vs Minn Tough call...looking for best upside. Appreciate the help!
  15. Ben. Looking for a big shootout. I know he's risky on the road but I'd still go with it. Good luck