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  1. Looking to redraft for playoffs (after wild card games over) and can't get any kind of read at all on who will be toting the rock for the Chiefs but...whoever it is, that's one of the guys I'm gonna be targeting. The rankings out there, in FBGs and elsewhere, all seem to favor Williams, who has shown that he can handle it. But Ware has had about a month to recover from his injury and (IMO) could be the starter now that he's apparently healthy. I'd love to figure out who it's gonna be, but if there's no clarity or (worse yet) if it looks like it may be a committee I may have to pass on the opportunity to have a KC RB. Appreciate thoughts. Thanks!
  2. 1/2 PPR, gotta get this thing in the garage this week Golladay vs Minn JWhite vs Buff Gronkowski vs Buff Worried about injury (Golladay) touches (White) and general disappointment (Gronk). I see all three as high ceiling/low floor. Appreciate all help and advice!
  3. You didn't draft DJ 2nd or 3rd overall, and play him all year even though he drove you nuts, to bench him in your championship game. Even though the team sucks, the line sucks, the QB needs a ton of work and the matchup sucks every week, he's ranked high in most formats (especially PPR) and despite having what seems like a terrible year, he's still a WR1. He'll go off on your bench...gotta have him in there. Good luck.
  4. 1/2 ppr... Golladay, JWhite or Gronk? Thanks again Sig!
  5. I'm slightly favored because the other guy has KAllen...but I also have Gurley to worry about. My dilemma is that I see both Hilton and Gronk as low floor/high ceiling (hilton due to this injury and Gronk due to the way this year has gone). I guess the floor is more important because I really don't want to play somebody who is going to lay an egg...of course we all hate it when somebody goes off on the bench. I drafted them both to start and be studs, but Gronk has had a down year (for him) so I've had to make a tough call on him every week. Appreciate all the help, If anybody else has a thought I'm all ears!
  6. 1/2 PPR. Worried that Hilton may be active and then have a really low floor and lay an egg. Strange to think that Gronk is safer but wondering... If both go, do I dare bench HIlton? Thanks for input...
  7. Gronk, JWhite or AJones as my flex? 1/2 PPR. Also...if Hilton plays, do I risk him or bench him for Gronk in my WR/TE spot? Thanks Sig.
  8. 1/2 PPR. All of the rankings tell me to play Jones and bench the two Pats, both of whom have let me down the past few weeks when I played them (benched Gronk last week). The matchups worry me though...I saw what Chicago did to Gurley and the Rams last week and I'm afraid Jones may get bottled up even with a good load of touches. Also think the Pitts/NE game may be a slugfest with lots of points scored. Can anyone talk me into benching Jones for either White or Gronk? If so, which one plays as my flex? Thanks...
  9. Need to pick one for 1/2 PPR league... JWhite vs MInn Gronk 2 vs Minn Dalvin @ NE Thanks for input!
  10. 1/2 PPR league, need to start 2 of these Golladay vs Rams Hilton @ Jax JWhite vs Minn Thanks for help!
  11. Five must starts, gotta bench one. 1/2 PPR, please pick any four and tell me who rides the pine. DJohnson @LAC AJones @Minn JWhite @Jets Hilton vs Mia Golladay vs Chi Good problem to have but, this time of year, gotta try to get it right! Thanks...
  12. Golladay over Edelman. Jones vs White is tough, slight edge to Jones in case Michel steals touches. Definitely one of the RBs over Edelman. Good problem to have. Gotta decide before early game today when Detroit game kicks off. Good luck.
  13. Hi Sig. Gotta start two of these three in 1/2 PPR league. Dalvin Cook, Hilton, Golladay Appreciate the help!
  14. Gotta play two of these three in 1/2 PPR league HIlton vs Tenn Golladay vs Carolina DCook @ Chicago Appreciate the help...thanks!
  15. Collins and Johnson. I think Cincy is gonna be easy to run on.