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  1. What happened on Nov 29 that caused three people to look at your profile?

  2. fightingchick, i hardly knew ye

  3. Bravo, boys. Finish the story. I gotta know... Does the cop force the poor orphaned girl into assuaging his guilt over an unsolved crime? Or, does Polecat put the demons to rest by admitting...... Or, something else???
  4. My daughter (age 6 at the time) was quite sensitive. One car ride she starting crying over something trivial that her sister had said to her. I go into a lengthy discussion with her that being a big girl meant that she couldn't cry over everything. During this discussion I made a wrong turn. I swiftly pointed this out to her and said, "see, Dad didn't cry over simply making a wrong turn." She says, "yeah, but you usually say Damit."