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  1. Dynasty PPR, where would you place his value? He is still young, but looks to be pretty average, IMO. He's getting good volume this year, but doesn't seem like anyone expects him to be the long-term answer.
  2. I don't think there's any chance that Washington is in front of Claypool at this point. He had his shot last year and didn't impress - which probably factored in to the Steelers picking Claypool. Washington is JAG. I think Claypool actually will make JuJu better, and when healthy, Johnson with those two could be lethal.
  3. I seriously doubt that Patricia will be the first one fired, because the Fords generally don't do that. Should've been fired last year, but they gave him an ultimatum to be competitive to make the playoffs this year. As bad as they are, and as much as he deserves to be fired, I can't see him getting fired until they've been eliminated from playoff contention, and even then it will probably be after the season ends. I certainly hope he gets canned, because the team is clearly not headed in the right direction.
  4. Was looking to post the same question as the OP. I agree that you don't want the best teams in the league to end up with the top picks, but at the same time, using the same order two years in a row could also be a major advantage. I think I like the above option the best, with the two tiers being the playoff teams and non-playoff teams. Maybe instead of doing full serpentine, doing a reverse order within each tier for the 2nd round. For example, in a 10 team league with 6 playoff teams: Teams 1-4 in one random order generator, and teams 5-10 in the other. In this example, let's say the order came out as follows: 2, 1, 4, 3 and 7,6,5, 10, 9, 8. In this case, round 2 would be: 3-4-1-2-8-9-10-5-6-7. And round 3 would be the same as round 1. Thoughts? I know it is a little complicated.
  5. I really prefer using a 3rd round reversal over the straight snake draft. Having an earlier pick is such an advantage in a snake. Think about it, for every two rounds, you get the earlier pick in the first round and the later pick in the second round. Since the value decreases every round, having the earlier pick in the more valuable round every time during the draft is a massive advantage.
  6. I bet he didn't have his mask on when he posted it, either.
  7. I swear there are many people on this board that could do a better job than what the Lions have done. Maybe they should run the franchise by taking advice from the Shark Pool. They could be the first "virtual GM."
  8. I know the theory, just wondering how it will work in this instance. Bill Belichick gets away with acting the way he does because he's a genius and wins. When they hired Quinn, I was very happy. Before him, they always seemed to hire people that had either no experience (Matt Millen) or only had experience with the Lions. Hard to know what you need to do to win, if you've never worked for an organization that won. And with Patricia, I thought it was typical of the Lions, during his first season, anonymous players were complaining that his training camp and practices were too hard. Again, hard to know how hard you have to work to win, if you've never won. So I'm all for changing the culture, but how do you change the culture of ownership, which is where the losing culture seems to stem from? I just don't think Quinn & Patricia are up to the job. I think Quinn is too risk averse, and I think Patricia is arrogant. If the team starts out 1-3 (which is entirely possible with their schedule), I don't see this team rallying to save Quinn & Patricia's jobs. I can see something like this past season happening again, as things just come off the rails. And with the way the schedule ends, they could really be in trouble. I just hope that the next GM (or someone who is central to making personnel decisions) comes out of the Ravens personnel/scouting department. They own the draft every year, which is central to continued success!
  9. I'm wondering how the team will respond to Martha's "win now" edict. "Player's coaches" are generally well-liked enough by the players that they respond well and try to win to save the coach. But that really doesn't seem to be the case here, as several of the moves have alienated significant portions of the locker room, or so it seems from the outside. I know players are always playing for their next contract, but I wonder how much heart they will have if they think there's a chance Patricia will be gone.
  10. As a long-suffering Lions' fan, I agree with you 100%. They are the worst at identifying AND developing talent. The have repeatedly made head-scratching moves, which almost never work out. That's why when they sign free agents like Big V, expecting him to take on a much larger role, I believe it is a big mistake. I believe they would've been better off re-signing Glasgow, and drafting one of the OTs in the draft (which was loaded). Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of confidence they would've picked the right guy, or been able to develop his talent. When other teams draft someone in the top 10, they are expecting to draft someone who will end up being an All Pro. When the Lions draft in the top 10, they're lucky to get a long-term starter. Which is why they draft in the top 10 so often. If I owned the Lions (or another franchise), instead of trying to hire someone from the Patriots and bringing the Patriot way, I would prioritize hiring from teams that always seem to own the draft, such as the Baltimore Ravens. Develop a successful scouting/development system, and you'll build sustainable success. Keep doing what the Lions have done, and they'll still be talking about the Lions' failures 50 years from now.
  11. I guess I'm in the minority, but I really don't like the landing spot for Dobbins. Pre-draft, I was very high on him, but Baltimore is a bad landing spot both in the short-term and long-term. While having a mobile QB helps to freeze the LBs and Baltimore is clearly committed to being a run-first team, I can't help but think of D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart having all of their potential juicy goal line carries turned into Cam Newton TDs. The problem was that Newton was TOO good at running, so of course he was going to keep it. I can see the same thing happen with Dobbins. And in the short term, he's basically the #3 RB behind Ingram and Lamar Jackson. I think he will be a much better football player than fantasy football player. I'm afraid if you take him, you're going to be waiting for another year or two for him to be "the guy," only to find out his ceiling is limited. Of the RBs, I would be much more inclined take Swift or Akers, or trade down if someone really wanted him (or take a WR). Baltimore is a great team, and every year they seem to own the draft, so they will continue to be a power. But unless Jackson really cuts back at running, Dobbins is probably never going to match his realize his fantasy football potential.
  12. I loved Jacksonville's two picks in the first round.
  13. But they already had a solid guard that they let walk in free agency, while at the same time signing a questionable tackle in free agency for more than it would've cost to retain Glasgow. If they would've gotten the 2nd round pick from Miami, they could've taken Swift, then gotten one of the safeties, DL, or OT and we'd have been in great shape. They're making solid picks, but to go from where they are to being competitive they need more than solid.
  14. I liked the player in Okudah, just disappointed they didn't do more to create a trade. Instead of leading up to the draft building the value of their pick, they spent the entire off-season keeping the value down by ensuring the world repeatedly that Stafford wasn't going anywhere. Bring Stafford in, ensure him he's your guy, and tell him that you're going to do everything to improve the team, including making it seem like you're open to trading Stafford and drafting Tua. Also, in free agency, I would have rather spent money on Glasgow, who you've worked with and has done well, rather than spending money on Big V and HOPING he can handle a bigger load than with his previous team. Then, instead of drafting Swift, there were some very good OTs there at the 2.03. They've definitely added some good players, but it just seems like they don't actually have a plan. I think it is a lot like a novice poker player that looks at his hand and thinks "I have a good hand", but doesn't know what the BEST hand is based on the cards on the table and doesn't know what cards can improve their hand on the river. Because they don't know the odds, they don't know whether the right move is to bet, call, fold, or go all in. They also don't seem to have ANY idea of what the others' hands are, because they can't read the table. Then they wonder why they keep ending up with the second or third best hand.
  15. I still think they should've drafted Tua and called Miami's bluff.