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  1. Who do you like for the rest of the year? This is a standard Yahoo PPR league. I currently have Crowell, but Henry is available and I am tempted. I don't really need either for this week....more for depth. Thanks!
  2. That's pretty normal for him. In 2016, he had 597 Rec yds with just 1 TD, but he finished #13 overall and #11 in PPG because he had another 849 return yards, plus 114 rushing yards and another TD there. In 2015 he was incredible. He had 664 Rec yds with 6TDs and then 1231 return yards with 2 more TD (only 20 rushing yards). We didn't use return yards then, but if we had, he would have been the #2 overall and #2 ppg WR in the league after Antonio Brown.....and that was the year Brown had 136 catches with 1800+ yards. There aren't too many players where return yards make such a difference, but Lockett is definitely one of them.
  3. Last year's WR points in my league- 1. DeAndre Hopkins- 208, 13.9ppg 2. Antonio Brown- 207, 14.8ppg 3. Keenan Allen- 175, 10.9ppg 4. Tyler Lockett- 175, 10.9ppg 5. Tyreek Hill- 174, 11.6ppg Lockett had 1186 return yards last year with 1TD (plus another 58 rushing yards), so that bumps his overall numbers up to 1799 yards and 3 TD. Any other opinions on choosing between Cohen and Howard?
  4. This is a standard (6 pts/TD, 1pt/10 yds) scoring league with no PPR. However we get 1 pt for every 10 return yards (PR and KR) which can skew a few players and it is making my keeper decisions a little tougher. I get 4 keepers and I am choosing from this group- Odell Beckham, Dalvin Cook, Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Tyler Lockett, JuJu I have the #1 pick in the draft, so Barkley will be mine as well....I doubt anyone better will be cut. We start 2RB and 2WR and there is no FLEX. Beckham and Cook are the two I am solid on. For the other 4, it is very close. Howard and Cohen come out pretty close to each other in the projections, but Cohen's return yards put him over the top. They both scored the same number of points in my league last year and it seems like Cohen is going to be used more as a receiver this year so I am leaning to him. Strangely, Lockett is probably a lock to keep as well, as he falls as the #3 or 4 WR in my league in the projections.....he was #4 last year in total points and #6 in PPG- tied with JuJu. I am a Steeler fan, so it is hard to let him go, but it sounds like Lockett may be more involved in the offense this year so it seems like he should be the guy. Thanks for your opinions!
  5. Coming into the championship at I really don't want to blow this thing!! I started the season with Aaron Rodgers (and had him last week) and I also had Carson Wentz for when Rodgers went down. Now I have a 3-way choice of Philip Rivers, Nick Foles or Case Keenum. This is a standard ESPN PPR league with 1pt/20yds, .1pt/completion, 4pts/TD, -2pts/INT, 1pt/300yd game, 2pts/400yd game. Thanks for any input!
  6. My season ended up a total disaster, so I have been playing for next year for awhile. I am trying to stockpile as many potential keepers for next year as I can....both for my team and to trade for better draft picks. My question is which player has a better chance to be a factor next season- Mike Davis or Peyton Barber? They are the best two picks for this week and I get the first choice. This is a non-PPR league. Thanks!
  7. Grieving.....10 team IDP league and I am 0-5.....never would have guessed it with this roster- QB- Winston, A Smith RB- Freeman, Howard, Cook, Henry, Coleman, Cohen WR- Dez, Thielen, Lockett (count PR/KR yds), T Williams TE- Olsen, Fleener K- Crosby DL- Hunter, Hughes, Graham, D Lawrence LB- Wagner, J Brown Timmons CB- A Jackson (PR/KR yds have been nice), Waynes, X Howard S- Peppers, Jefferson, Byard Injuries, bad lineup decisions and just plain bad luck......playing for next year now!
  8. 10 Team League. We start the following- 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 2DL, 2LB, 2CB, 2S Scoring is not PPR and passing TDs are worth 6. Defense scoring is as follows- 1pt/tackle and assist, 5pts/sack, 6pts/INT, 5pts/FR, 6pts/TD My keepers going into this season are- Devonta Freeman, Jordan Howard and Dez Bryant......I need help with my 4th. I thought it would be Khalil Mack, as he was a DL last year, but he is now a LB....still a possibility, just not as good of a one. I had the best record last season, so I will have the 10 pick in the draft....tougher to get any of the top players on offense that are back in the draft. Other options on offense- QB- Mariota or Rivers....rather not do this as I can get a good QB a few picks in, WR- Jamison Crowder, Jarvis Landry......nothing else great here, TE- Jordan Reed.....too injury prone for me, but maybe? Defensive options are- LB- Khalil Mack, Bobby Wagner.....thinking Wagner may be the way to go--201 points in our league last highest was 177 for Kwon Alexander....Mack scored 155 which would make him the #6 LB last year, S- Landon Collins....186 points last year, next highest was Cyprien with 137. As a comparison, Wagner finished tied with Melvin Gordon and Jordy Nelson.....Collins was ahead of Mark Ingram and Jay Ajayi. So....defense is pretty important, but if either of these guys drops back to the pack and is similar to 5-10 other LBs/S, then they aren't as great to keep. I guess I am looking for the guy that has the best chance to repeat last year. Thanks!
  9. QBs get 6 pts per TD and 1 point every 25 yards passing. Defense gets 1 point per tackle/assist, 5 pts per sack, 5 points per Fum Rec, 6 points per INT. My possible trade is I give up Philip Rivers and Kahlil Mack and I get Andrew Luck and Frank Clark. I also have Mariota as my other QB. My other DLs are Carlos Dunlap and I just picked up Robert Quinn to see if he can come back. Trying to decide if the QB change is worth the DL change.....Clark has been pretty good too, so maybe I am not losing much? Thanks for any input!