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  1. Agree with above. With Olsen still "hurt", Funchess is the only real receiving threat for Cam. Carr is (obviously) better than Kizer, although he's been playing better and Crabtree is the main threat for the Raiders with Cooper out.
  2. thanks. that's what I was thinking too...
  3. 25 yards per point; 2 points at 300 yards; 2 points at 400 yards 4 pt for a passing TD -2 for an INT A. Smith vs LAC Bortles vs Hou Leaning towards Bortles but he scares me. Smith has been inconsistent though and the Chargers pass D is really good. Thoughts???
  4. 1pt = 10yds 6pt = TD Evans @ Atl Diggs @ Det Allen @ Dal Lineup dominator says Evans and Diggs but I'm leaning toward Diggs and Allen. TB is floundering and Dallas' defense has been terrible against the pass. With Allen coming off his best game of the year, thinking I might ride the hot hand...thought?
  5. 1pt - 10yds Rec 6pt - TD Rec E. Sanders vs Oak S. Watkins @ Dal A. Thielen vs Min Leaning towards Sanders and Watkins, but Theilen's big game last week and Watkins recovery from a concussion have me worried. Thoughts?
  6. With Sam Bradford out today, do I stick with Diggs or go with Tyrell Wililams vs Miami? Its a non-PPR league, so I'm leaning toward Williams since I think Minnesota is going to be overly conservative...
  7. 1 pt - 10yds receiving 6pt - TD Choose 2: G Tate @ NYG E Sanders vs Dal S Watkins vs Was A Thielen @ Pit I'm leaning toward Tate and Sanders...thoughts?
  8. Crabtree at the flex
  9. I'm in a 2QB league through ESPN. I've got Andrew Luck in the QB1 spot. WDIS: Eli vs. Dallas A. Smith vs. Oakland It is 4pts for Pass TD, 6pts for a Rush / Rec TD, -2 for a INT, 1pt for 10 Rush / Rec Yds, 1pt for 25 Pass Yds. Thanks. -Dave
  10. J. Winston vs Chicago R. Wilson @ NE. 1pt for 25 yds 4pt for TD pass 6pt for TD rush / rec -2pt for INT
  11. A follow-up question: Do I leave Allen Robinson vs Atlanta or go with Michael Floyd at Philly? Leaning toward Robinson with Hurns still hurt and Atlanta's D being terrible, but Philly's D is terrible too and Arizona is a better offense. My concern with Floyd is that there may not be enough balls to go around as bad as Philly's pass D has been. Thanks...
  12. I agree....Ivory, Hightower and Watson...
  13. Yahoo league in the signature. Right now, I'm leaning towards: RB2 - E. Lacy @ Oakland Flex - D. Baldwin vs Cleveland The other options are: C. Ivory @ Dallas B. Bolden vs Tennessee Thoughts? Leave yours and I'll respond.... Thanks...
  14. Yahoo league in signature: D. Baldwin @ Baltimore or T.Y. Hilton @ Jacksonville
  15. PPR makes the choice Allen...