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  1. Standard PPR with bonuses for long TDs Do I start Fournette with his hamstring issues or J. Williams, Yeldon, or pickup some one like Eckler, Powell or J Wilkins Gordon is a lock already as my #1
  2. I’m in but it looks like you already got me in. League 4
  3. Standard ppr league with bonuses for long TDs and yards over 300/100. I'm 3-0 with most points scored My team. Wilson, Winston David Johnson, L Bell, Crowell, R Mathews Fitzpatrick, Diggs, T Austin, D Parker Olsen , Doyle I was offered E Sanders for Crowell. TIA
  4. Sorry for not replying. I'm in. League 8 missed my first pick. How do I make it up?
  5. Click file - setup and enter the position limits under "roster spots" on the general tab
  6. Is there a way to split the d-line into DT and DE, also the D-backs into corners and safeties I play in a league that starts 2DE, 1DT, 2CB and 2Safety
  7. Hey Bruce, Sorry if this has been asked before Start 1QB, 1RB, 1RB/WR, 2WR, 1TE, 1OP(any offensive pos.), 1K, 1DT PPR, .2PPcomp, .2PPrush I enter 2 flex pos. and check QB, RB, WR, TE It seems to devalue WR way to much, The first WR is ranked at 25 and only 5 in the top 50 Any suggestions would help.
  8. Who would you say is hotter on network TV?this