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  1. I went through all 20 pages and only found a user by the name "placebo". My favorites... Placebo - Loud Like Love Editors - The Weight of Your Love Direct Hit! - Brainless God Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - self titled
  2. "If she can cut her own food, she's fair game."
  3. I could care less about this nonsense.
  4. I hope this doesn't mess with our blind bids. I'd like to get in there and extend the bidding by a few hours but am unable to. Hummm.
  5. Completely agree. I know FBG is not the best option for breaking football news but I would expect an email MUCH earlier than when they sent.
  6. Most don't know who she is since she's British... but Olivia Colman. Plays Sohpie in the best show on TV, Peep Show.