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  1. Usual21

    Please Help Blockbuster Trade! WHIR

    If we had more news on GB using Jones more steadily, then Aaron Jones and Watkins.Marvin Jones. Watkins is like the 4th option in that offense.
  2. Usual21

    Trade Help

    I'd accept and run. Highway Robbery! Please see mine:
  3. Usual21

    Trade Question

    I agree with the above statements. Try and keep Kittle somehow. Beathard loves him. Please see mine:
  4. Usual21

    Please Help Blockbuster Trade! WHIR

    I think I do that deal. Your team will be better in the end if all of that goes through. Please see mine:
  5. Usual21

    Who do I drop?

    Hey everyone, Picked up Kearse this week and dropped my kicker. While I am still under at the roster limit of 16, I currently have too many on my bench. Who do I drop to add a kicker? QB: Big Ben, Dalton RB: Conner, Howard, Hyde, Peterson, Barber, Ito Smith WR: Tate, Funchess, DJax, Coutee, Kearse TE: Olsen, Burton DEF: Philly Who would you drop? TIA
  6. I'd play Godwin and Sanu. That game is going to have a lots of points and yards for everyone involved.
  7. Usual21

    Trade Conner?

    thanks guys
  8. Usual21

    Trade away Lev Bell?

    Thx guys!
  9. Usual21

    Trade Conner?

    With Bell coming back in 2 weeks and the Pitt bye next week, is this the last time to sell Conner with any value? I was offered Tevin Coleman and Amari Cooper today for him. I have Freeman so this will give me his cuff. Thoughts? TIA
  10. Usual21

    Need best defense rest of the year and I blew my faab!!

    I like the Browns out of that group. Especially when teams have to play in the cold in Cleveland. That D will only get better. Please see mine:
  11. Usual21

    Yeldon vs Edelman

    I think Fournette is out until after the London game. That's another 4 weeks of Yeldon. Check out mine:
  12. Usual21

    Trade away Lev Bell?

    Currently 1-4, 11th place in my league. Need to shake up the team. My current roster is: Big Ben, Dalton Bell, Freeman, Conner, Peterson, Bernard, Barber Tate, Funchess, DJax, Sanu, Coutee, TreQuan Smith Vance McDonald Bailey Philly D I was offered: Jordan Howard, Amani Cooper, and Trey Burton for Bell and Sanu. 12 team , PPR. Thoughts? TIA
  13. Usual21

    DJ or Gordon?

    12 team , PPR. I was offered Melvin Gordon/George Kittle for David Johnson, OJ Howard, and Greg Olsen (for IR stash). thoughts? My other RBs are Bell/Conner, Barber, and Kerryon Johnson. Thanks
  14. Hey guys, I was offered the following: Roethlisberger, Bell, Olsen, Lockett for Brees, Gronk, Drake PPR, I already have Conner. My new team would be: Big Ben, Alex Smith David Johnson, Bell, Conner, Barber, Gillislee Tate, Goodwin, Lockett, Stills, Cole, Woods, Patterson Prater Philly TIA
  15. Usual21

    Need One Owner

    Hey! How long does the draft usually take? I have another live draft at 10 pm on Saturday in Matawan.