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  1. Was the ambient light sensor on the Sony LCD TV, when it brightened the the TV pic the light interfered with the ir on the remote. Neato
  2. I turn TV off, press guide/menu/channel then turn TV on and there's the menu/guide/new channel
  3. I use the TV remote to turn it on and the dish remote for the dish stuff. Haven't paired the dish remote to the TV yet
  4. Cool I still need help with the original problem, anybody out there that can help?
  5. I dont know what dabbing is and I'm way to lazy to look it up so I'll take your word for it
  6. This is TV I got from a friend recently so problem is new
  7. Cant figure this out. When the TV is turned off you can use the dish remote to change channels, turn dish on and off and pull up menus and such, when TV is on dish remote doesn't work at all. Wtf??? Help
  8. I'm suggesting govt designed housing and support aervices ne set up however best the resources needed can be utilized.
  9. I'd do it for the money in both instances, probably tale in 3-4. Otherwise let the govt setup housing facilities and support programs using my tax dollars. I'm good with either.
  10. Your endorsement comes at a cost as well; as does mine. I'm willing to be magnanimous with a candidate that acknowledges my price if they present an understanding of my overall vision of governance even if a particular plank may not align with mine. My cost for donation is my chance to persuade.
  11. Ok then Mcfly, let me offer you an answer ypu may not be looking for. Puerto Ricans, Guatemalana, H9mdurans, etc. feel marginalized and homogenized when they are lumped as Mwxican by those who see them as one and the same just from looks, language type and from being from south of our border. It is insulting to them because you were denying them their individuality as a people.
  12. If I refer to you as Mcfly would that insult you?
  13. Perpetuating a well debunked trope in order to instigate a position is a lie even if considered pithy by the agitator...imo of course.