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  1. Yup, trump is an amalgam of Homer Simpson and Archie bunker with a dash of John Gotti thrown in for good measure. Some folks eat that stuff up.
  2. Yup, time for a conference realignment. Bring Maryland back to the acc where it belongs
  3. I struggle to figure how either of you, boots or metoo, found fatguys post objectionable. He was celebrating the congresswoman for stepping out and standing tall as her true self rather than hiding under a wig. We as a society have come a long way mg way if it's true that we will not judge the congresswoman based on appearance. That is awesome!
  4. You should be safe with all the new deputies around to protect and serve
  5. Jan 20 is lobby day in VA
  6. Gun safety measures are in the works and gun owners see that as an attempt to pry firearms from cold dead hands, or some such.
  7. He was fiesty, animated, enthusiastic and a coach that got players ready to roll! He enjoyed what he did and got the most out of it. A true character and one of the good ones. Loved his head to heads with glanville, pure wwe. RIP
  8. You're welcome and I hope your friend appreciates your efforts.
  9. Perhaps direct your friend to this thread and they can read along for the thoughts of the community posters. Or you can engage your friend with your own thoughts. Just a thought.
  10. Also, replacing kubiak was not easy so don't want to have to go through that again as a fan. Here's to hoping Roman stays.
  11. If Roman has the desire to be a hc then now is the time for him to go as his iron will never be hotter. As a Ravens fan I'm really hoping he doesn't but certainly he's earned the chance of the opportunity. As for wink, not sure he is the HC type. He lives local to my area and I've run into him a few times and in our brief exchanges dude seems like coordinator is his level.
  12. Sems like a shot at a fellow poster. Pretty sure that's not what you want for this board based on your prior admonitions to other posters.
  13. And sold the naming rights to Aetna and BCBS for a "small" personal commission
  14. 0 percent removed, republicans are pot committed to trump til he is voted out.
  15. Me, my familyand our spouses are mostly left to very left leaning but even then I don't like to engage in political talk when we get together. Just too stressy and not worthwhile imo. My mom is actually the opposite of the foxmews oldsters in that she has CNN on almost 24/7 from the time she gets up and can't wait to pounce as soon as you walk in the door asking did you read the latest! did you see the latest!? I don't like it and she has a problem.