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    And Trump can't tell his ### from his elbow, that too.

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  1. Friday is Yovanovitch and I believe her testimony will be a major trigger for trump thus the must see.
  2. Next Friday will be must see tv and I imagine there will be much slime thrown at previously highly regarded respectable government officials. It will be amazing to watch facts-v-alrernate facts
  3. Bills- Kelly best, honorable mention- kemp Worst tie: Rob Johnson, jp losman, Trent Edwards, Alex van pelt, ej Manuel, Nathan peterman
  4. If there is any link at all that the whotleblower is a never Trumper or a demo it muddies the narrative so folks like hannity and limbaugh can juxtapose the reality that the whistleblower revealed factual evidence of a potential abuse of power with the alternate facts that this was a hit job and another attempt to smear the poor dupe sitting in the Whitehouse.
  5. Yeah, Mark Levin statwd similar re: Trump's presidency not having even a hint of scandal. Wacky
  6. What part of the process is being done in secret and how secret are these proceedings? I ask because I have been hearing and reading a lot about the testimony and fact gathering that is going on and just today read a report on the testimony of a foer ambassador.
  7. Impeachment necessarily means disregarding voters wishes so to disregard the attempt even if called for is am abdication of duty by Congress imo
  8. I don't like that trump is normalizing corruption whether because he is Abby Normal(all the more reason to get the unstable genius away from the seat of power) or because he is just a crook at heart, either way if he goes unscathed then dollars to donughts this is the new normal for All candidates moving forward.