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    And Trump can't tell his ### from his elbow, that too.

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  1. Welsh, Italian, polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian,...
  3. I take a different view, saints. I am ok with anyone, including athletes voic9ng their opinions and taking stances in all manner of things including political or controversial subjects. Many athletes-Bill Russel, Ali, Naritolova, Arthure Ashe, Jackie Rob8mson, Billie Jean king,hell even Lebron is stepping up- and intelligently, passionately advocate issues with real substance. That there are lightweights, trolls and posers mixed in doesn't take away from me enjoying my game but it does allow me to know the players 9n a different level than just a jock.
  4. Cut him a little slack, his gadfly is down and his pecker has been exposed
  5. Assange is not be persecuted or potentially prosecuted for publishing or journalism, he is being made to account for allegedly facilitating the hacking of the information that he encouraged manning to steal. He was actively conspiring the theft of information and trafficking on the disseminatin of the stolen property. Allegedly To insist on belittling his conduct is to intentionally peddle lies.
  6. Meh, much like most of the Kaepernick brouhaha it amounts to a bunch of nothing but I do wish sometimes people would man up and own their words. Charles Barkley comes to mind as a good example of doing that. Not saying you can't be swayed or persuaded to apologize or amend but don't back away by deleting what is out ther forever anyway.
  7. Jesus, the Christ complex this hacker and his cult have is astonishing!
  8. I want Donald Trump made to do the walk of shame so I can pelt him with rotten produce After that...
  9. If or when that happens I'll be there with you carrying my pitchfork and torch.
  10. Facilitating and encouraging have two distinctly different meanings
  11. I am the Great Cornholio pal!! Now get me some tp for my bunghole!!
  12. Or... It's a gently humorous opening meant with no I'll will kind of like you'd use with friends. I know my brothers and I approach each other this way. That's how I read it..while chuckling
  13. The bubble is being reinforced