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  1. Uncle Klompits just got here. Lubert is crying. Jimmy friend Pablo is spending the night. We just order pizza. warm wishes to you family. s2uds
  2. jimmy dont say a word, he just got up and walk right to the polls to vote for trump. huerta not happy but he know that he lose. he concede gracious to qwerts via text sluts
  3. our firend names qwerts is voting for trump. every election he vote for whoever name is closest to hump so this time it was real easy for him. He is telling jimmy not to vote yet because he claiming to have a bootleg recording of a sullivan humpduck (omg) performance. if he really have one then there is no joke that can beat that. sullivan humpduck was a circus boy who could burp and fart (long) at the exact same time. when he did the two sounds together would get in harmony and make a whistle. he charge 1 dollar a show. people would come from around the world to spend they dollar and hear that whistle. i will put it here if he send it stu7s p and s jimmy just get a text
  4. Jimmy say that whoever text him the best joke gets to pick who he will vote for. So huerta just text him this. "hey jimmy, what do you call someone who instead of makin semens makes welches? grape nuts." lol look like jimmy gonna vote hillary now. sports
  5. what channel is this on
  6. omg it look like i get plagarize too. me and jimmy is steaming over here I write: they write: and this: they write: finaLLY: them: wow i just saw this one this give me chills and now this coincidecne?
  7. They say that life go in cycles. Well, in the tour di france, that couldn't be more true. If you don't what it is, the tour di france is a race where people ride they bikes all over the state. They ride over mountains and through the city and what they tryin to do is go as fast as they can. Whoever is the fastest, that person is declared the winner. It was as wholesome and as simple a sport as they come. That is until some of them people say hey, maybe it is time to cheat. Once there was this guy names Lance Armstrong. If you think about it though, why is he name Armstrong? If he ride he bike all day, shouldn't he name be Legstrong? That should have been the very first clue that something just wasn't right. But I digrest. When he first start racing he was a inspiration. He had overcome cancer of testicle and was now one of the best bicycle racers in all of teh world. He go from maybe losing he life to winning the biggest bike race in history. He go almost right from the operating table to the winners circle. He may have lost a ball but now he was having one. Cycles. So after Lance Armstrong win so many time someone say, hey let's see you blood. He say OK but there was a problem. It look like someone had put all kinds of doping in it. He say no way. It is all hard work. They go back and forth for many years. Finally he decide to call Orpah Wiffrey and say that he had been lyin all along. When you job is to ride you bike, maybe sometime you don't know when to stop peddlin. Nobody could believe it. He had been such a inspiration to everyone and now he name is tarnished. Little boys who ride they bike was like say it ain't so lance. One little boy say that everytime Lance race he would look at the word Schwin on he bike and all he could see was the letters w-i-n. Now when he look at it, all he see is s-i-n. (another boy say he see c-h-i-n) And now here we are today. Lance Armstrong is tryin to get he life back. Once he was a champion but those days are gone. Peoples anger have faded a little and he is not as hated as he once was. Now he is just tryin to be the best he can be and live he life. From sick to champion to hated to regular, like the tour di france, Lance Armstrong life move in cycles. p and s do they have dog bikes
  8. hey algaber could i be you friend of facebook stuks

  10. what channel is this one on
  11. i am not married but i know for dogs they say to give them less treats. skinnydogs#
  12. qsjekjrt;lhkikhdwikiy0topyhgspo;tglyiuya78ijyo[ti

  13. (blows out) this remind of my friend names leon whiskers. leon was a cat. and yes, that is right, I say was. so leon whisker live on teh streets. he have no real home, he have no real family. Just alotta people of the neighborhood that give him love and give him many pets on he head (awww). there was one lady who really like leon and feed him milk every day. Her name was Mrs. Merfs. That's right again, i say was. She whistle every morning and hope that leon make it through the night. Maybe he get into a fight with a group of wild cat that live in teh gutter. maybe he steal a cheese from a rat and teh rat bite him. Or maybe even worse, he get stuck in honey in the garbage and they throw him in that truck and crush him. She could only pray every morning that he is still alive. So mrs merfs say her whistles and like a clock works, here come leon. mrs Merfs smile, she put a bowl nice milk on teh floor and give him pets on he head. he make a purrs noise and mrs merfs probly couldn't be happier. her baby from the street has make it through another night and now he getting he milk. If you are a old lady that is pretty much one of teh best thing in teh world. it is like they need each other and together they is happy. So one day me and huerta is watchin america gladaters and we hear a big commotion down the street. it is mrs merfs and they is takin her away in a ambulance. I walk over to see what I could do. Maybe i could help by takin her snuggie to teh hosptial or somethin, I dont know but i feel bad if I just sit there. So I see a fireman who was there and I ask him. "hey what happened? does you knews what happens to mrs merfs?" and he look at me and make a sad face and says "i sorry, but that lady is dead." wow. we is in shock. She had always lived there as far as i could remember and something like this had never happened before. Huerta take it pretty hard because i guess when he was little mrs merfs gave him mounds one time for hallaweens and that is he favorite. I give huerta a pat on the head and tell him that we should get mounds to celebrate she life. It would be a nice gesture and on top of that we was pretty hungry anyway. So we both had a piece of mounds and had a good laugh and cry about mrs merfs. It was just like a irished wake ecpet instead of beer and whiskies, we have choclate and cockonuts. So a few week go by and there is a lotta hustle and bustles at teh Merf house. They was gonna sell it, so they is fixin it all up. They put a new mailbox on. They trim she grass and plant a flowers. And they paint the house a new color....white. (chills) So again Huerta and me is watchin TV, I think it was like no whammies...yes it was. Huerta was jumpin around all excited because one of them contestants was winning alotta money and kept just JUST missin teh whammies. He was jumping near the window and something catch he eye and he get all quiet. (whispers) "hey studs, did you leave you a stuff animal out on teh grass?" I think for a second and i say no because i think teh last time I use it I put it right away. So i look and it isn't a stuff animal. It is Leon. And he is one of two thing. He is a sleep. Or (blows out) he is dead. Well, if you are a good detective you probly have already figure out that Leon was not asleep. We go over to him and check for he pulse. Nothing is there. Then we notice soemthing that would stay in our head for teh rest of a life. Leon mouth is all white. why is it white? Is it like he spit is dried? Was he tryin to disguise heself to get away from trouble? No. It take us a few hour to figure out but he mouth was white because he eats paint. The people cleaning and painting the Merf house had left a bucket of paint out in teh back where Mrs merfs used to feed Leon. also, that day there was a special train in teh neighborhood that whistle all morning. huerta and i agree that Leon probly hears that train whistle and think mrs merfs is back and wants to give him he morning milk and some pets. The odds of all them things happening at once is atronautical. About a year to teh day later Huerta and I was watchin TV, I think it was jeffersons. And when weezie was cookin something, the pot she uses make a whistle and me and heurta kind of look at each other and smile. I think both of us was thinkin about mrs Merfs and leon and that they is probaly in heaven, with mrs. Merf pettin leon while he drinkin he milk. and maybe leon finally live with her because it is heaven and in heaven cats arent homeless (life is much easier for people and animal). The only thing that would have made that moment when weezie pot whistle better for me and huerta was if we coulda splita Mounds. but life aint perfect. Leon is proof of that. stuqs p and s...hey mike are u related to that guy names steven schiellberg
  14. Say hi to jummy c for me.