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  1. what channel is this on
  2. omg lubert have him
  3. omg it look like i get plagarize too. me and jimmy is steaming over here I write: they write: and this: they write: finaLLY: them: wow i just saw this one this give me chills and now this coincidecne?
  4. o yeah how much do they pay skuds
  5. Dear siri i would like to be consider for you job. Attach please find my resume. thnak you and good luck with you business. Stu8s Resuma 2005-now modrator at establish board duty: to make sure evrything run smooth for customers. to make sure everything is safe 2008-current -modrator at purr & woofs duty: to make a enjoyable online experience for people and they pets. to make sure nobody make of fun of pets.
  6. They say that life go in cycles. Well, in the tour di france, that couldn't be more true. If you don't what it is, the tour di france is a race where people ride they bikes all over the state. They ride over mountains and through the city and what they tryin to do is go as fast as they can. Whoever is the fastest, that person is declared the winner. It was as wholesome and as simple a sport as they come. That is until some of them people say hey, maybe it is time to cheat. Once there was this guy names Lance Armstrong. If you think about it though, why is he name Armstrong? If he ride he bike all day, shouldn't he name be Legstrong? That should have been the very first clue that something just wasn't right. But I digrest. When he first start racing he was a inspiration. He had overcome cancer of testicle and was now one of the best bicycle racers in all of teh world. He go from maybe losing he life to winning the biggest bike race in history. He go almost right from the operating table to the winners circle. He may have lost a ball but now he was having one. Cycles. So after Lance Armstrong win so many time someone say, hey let's see you blood. He say OK but there was a problem. It look like someone had put all kinds of doping in it. He say no way. It is all hard work. They go back and forth for many years. Finally he decide to call Orpah Wiffrey and say that he had been lyin all along. When you job is to ride you bike, maybe sometime you don't know when to stop peddlin. Nobody could believe it. He had been such a inspiration to everyone and now he name is tarnished. Little boys who ride they bike was like say it ain't so lance. One little boy say that everytime Lance race he would look at the word Schwin on he bike and all he could see was the letters w-i-n. Now when he look at it, all he see is s-i-n. (another boy say he see c-h-i-n) And now here we are today. Lance Armstrong is tryin to get he life back. Once he was a champion but those days are gone. Peoples anger have faded a little and he is not as hated as he once was. Now he is just tryin to be the best he can be and live he life. From sick to champion to hated to regular, like the tour di france, Lance Armstrong life move in cycles. p and s do they have dog bikes
  7. hey algaber could i be you friend of facebook stuks
  8. whatever you do dont take you money to joseph a bank. my friend names huerta just got he first apartment but when it come time to pay they tell him it gotta be a check. but he dont have no checks, he only have cash so he go to jospeh a bank to get a accounts. when he get there they tell him it aint a bank it is sell suits. so what does he do. he end spending all the money he was supposed to put into bank on new suits. he buy like 15 of them. when it come time to pay he rent he have no money left so he is evicted. jimmy say he is probly teh best dressed homeless guy stloads

  10. what channel is this one on
  11. i am not married but i know for dogs they say to give them less treats. skinnydogs#
  12. thnak you guys. I havent been around much lately for two reason. first reason is teh subway is sellin meatball sub for like 2 dollars. I have been over there a lot. they meatball is (kiss hand) delicous. second is my best friend has been real depressed. He name is Jimmy and some of you know him better by he full names Jimmy C. he is my dog. I guess jimmy think he whole life that one day he was gonna get he license and be able to drive but a few weeks back one of teh other dog tell him that dogs aint ever allowed to drive. btw This is exactly why you keep you dog away from bad dogs because i bet pabalo tell him. anyway I think jimmy see a dog drivin on tv when he was just a pumpy and he think that one day that would be him. What is sad about all of this is that jimmy could drive real good. I let him drive once in a field near our house in united state and he did great. He only problem was that he couldn't signal left. He could only slap that lever down with he paw and signal right. It wasn't a big deal though because hey lets just turn right. To make a long story now he aint eatin and when I get home from work all that is playin on teh cd is i'm watchin wheels go round and round, and jimmy just look out teh window at a road that aint there. I guess if you're a dog and you dreams dont come true, all you could do be sad because dogs really cant do nothing else (blows out). I gonna give him extra pets on he head tonight and tell him that even though he aint allowed to drive he can still be in charge of directions. If i am lucky maybe he lick my face and plan out our next trip to teh subway. stdfs8675309 p and s huerta is now dating a pretty lady names Bungo
  13. qsjekjrt;lhkikhdwikiy0topyhgspo;tglyiuya78ijyo[ti

  14. unlikely about the leopard bite. I would question the integrity of your friend's story.zoo for dogs would be the pound. Some zoos use dogs as companion animals though. The cheetah at the San Diego zoo's education show lives with a golden retriever.I've never been to Ireland so your friend must be mistaken. Maybe she lost her mind after that leopard bite.just a clarify, it wasnt bluejean mctammy that get she cheek bit. (it was huerta and thanks to you i am gonna call he bluff)