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  1. It sound like it is from smokey is a bandit when they talkin on cb
  2. by every chance do you have a dog? this happen to us a few years back. I was makin swedished meatballs (they is jimmy favorite) and while they was cookin he tail was waggin so fast (and rubbin against chopsticks). it make a spark and landed right in a pile of silly string (we just had a fight). next thing you know teh table was on fire. lucky for us that lubert got me a fire stingwisher for halloween. could have been real bad. maybe you son was holding up taffy over he head and you dog tail was goin crazy. i don't know but maybe kurt
  3. a word in caution. my friend names huerta work in a gift shop where they sell them little statues. He started takin some liberties about 6 month ago. (He sell them out of he trunk for half price.) Well they did a sting and he get fired. He say it aint legal because he asked the guy if he was a cop and the guy say no but it was the owners brother not policemen. huerta say that don't matter because in any sting if someone asks if you a cop you gotta say yes. i guess we will see. snuts
  4. why do they call it best ball when it is foot ball s+uds
  5. I am modrator at purr and woofs and over teh years I have seen many discussion about this. I guess you could say I am expert. What you need to do is get in to the minds of teh birds. Think like you think they would think. What them birds want is comfort place where they can live they life and lay they eggs. In a way they is just like humans but with wings. So them birds see you fan in the patio and think (in chirps) "hey this look like a great place to live". Birds is nature. nature will always try to find the best thing. And that is where you daddy come in. Tell you father that if he want a project that he should build a place for them birds to live. Make it real nice so that when teh bird see it he go "oh, that is so much better then our old place on the fan. Helen bring you eggs. I will get the nest" make sure that it is in the shade because them eggs need to stay cool (temperture). by this time next month you is gonna be sitting out on you patio with the fan blowin, you will look at them robins in they new house and wave to them. They will probly chirp back and say thnak you. Nature solves everything.
  6. i think i knows who you is talking about but i dont wanna ruin it. (is he nitials svp)
  7. (blows out) i quit my job last month at purr and woofs because it so stressful and making me crazy. a last straw came when me and jimmy was at wendys and I hear a woman say to a child "don't eat like a pig". it was instinct that I walk right over and tell her she can't say that because it is disrespectful to pigs that are reading. teh lady just look at me and that's when jimmy come over and say hey studs, this aint purr and woofs. this is wendys. I was so embarrassed. I apologize and say to jimmy let's just take our large frostys home today. it's been about 5 weeks and i couldnt be happier except you gotta pay them bills. and jimmy need a new tooth which I have to pay cash for because I dont have pet insurance through purr and woofs no more. they tell you when you in school to study hard and I wish i listened because modtrating is only job i can get now. I apply to a few places and have interview at after new year. any ways merry chistmas. slunks p and s teh whole time i was writin this jimmy was playing jingle bell on the zylophones...awwww
  8. a couple halloween back we put out one bowl with candy (people) and one bowl with bones (dog). so jimmy and me go do our trick of treating and when we get back the candy bowl was full but all them bones were gone. I look at jimmy like dang, can you believe it? we must have had like 50 dogs come over. later that night jimmy say he gotta meet someone. so I am sitting there watching pumpkinhead and I hear some growlin in the back yard. i look out and there is somethin happening at the back fence. I grab my night vision and I see it's jimmy, pabalo and couple other dog i never met. They was dividing up the bones that we left in that bowl at our house. Just like that movie Heat. Jimmy comes in and I am waiting for him. I'm like jimmy, I saw you with them bones. Why you steal them? He played dumb but I told him I saw him in the night vision that he gave me for my birthday so he have to admit it. I'm like lol why didn't you just ask me for the bones? You didn't have to steal them. He say didnt know what the halloween rules were. He say that dogs don't get it. While he was saying that I remembered we had like 12 bags of chuck wagons suddenly disapear a few years before and I bet jimmy tipped pabalo off to teh load. dogs is mans best friend but when you aint lookin theyll take everything.
  9. QUenton they say that when two people live together for a long time that when they die they usually die around the same time. you see it with twins. one twin die and then the other one die right away. or old couple, gramma dies and then gramps die like right away. my question is how come when han solo die that chewbanka just keep on goin?
  10. Qanton do you know the where abouts of parmajohns? do he still have teh codes. and will he use them codes against us.
  11. Quonan thnak you for you service.
  12. i think they make movie about