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  1. I fully expect the Saints to dominate on Sunday. Too strong all around. But having witnessed the one sided officiating of the Saints-Vikings NFC Championship game in January 2010, please stop with the 11 on 17 nonsense.
  2. Matthieu is doubtful for Sunday, which improves the outlook for Davis.
  3. Oh really? Trading a first, third and seventh round pick for Harvin knowing the baggage that he brought with him, signing him to a $64 million contract and then unloading him for a conditional fourth. Yeah, Seahawks' management is bullet proof.
  4. It hurts Brees. They left Graham in that entire game after getting hurt to run decoy routes. How was that a good idea, considering he can't even play two weeks later?I agree this was an inexplicably stupid decision by the Saints. If he hadn't played would Graham be ready this week? Can't say for sure but you have to think not running around a football field for another half of play, even as a decoy, would've helped the healing process. Just monumentally stupid by the Saints.I wouldn't worry about Brees in the short term. I think for one game he'll be just fine against a suspect Tampa Bay secondary. Brees is the No. 1-ranked QB in many scoring systems so unless you've got RG3 as a backup you're starting him every week he plays. He'll find a way to get his. He almost always does. Hmmm, funny you should mention that. I've got RG3 as a backup. Hmmm...