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  1. Yes, I got an email Jan 1. Had 15 days to get my notarized paperwork to them and was overseas at the time. In the meantime, I tried emailing twice about the fact I moved recently and wasn't sure to use my new address or old address (both are still "current" in the sense I can still receive mail at each, I have relatives at the old address and plan to be there regularly). The old currently matches my Driver's License, which I haven't yet updated... headed to DMV tomorrow or Friday to apply for new one. Heard nothing, so had a friend who is better acquainted with the FBG Staff reach out on my behalf. Never got a response to any of those attempts, and was running out of time, so I wound up filling out and overnighting two copies of the form, one filled out with each address, and a note asking them to determine whichever one they think is appropriate to use in this case. Still no word back, but at least I have confirmation the forms were received (by "Jones") this AM.
  2. My bad, the award is FPC entries ($350 each) not FFPC entries ($1500 each)
  3. Found a minor error in week 14 (Waller had 16.2, was credited with 16.3) and in week 15 (Josh Gordon had 6.8 but was only credited 5.8, but still didn't count towards my score regardless). The Waller one closes the 1st/2nd place gap from 2.4 to 2.3 but obviously that's not enough. I also don't know if they'd change week 14/15 scores even though there was not actual cutoff or aspect of the game impacted... I realize why you can't change prior weeks when there's a cutoff, but for weeks 14-16 that's essentially one "set" of games for contest purposes. Again, moot point as there's no correction that would have changed the final outcome. I didn't realize how much FPC contests cost, but looks like 1st place only gets one entry whereas 2nd place gets a 3-pack... those 2 additional entries are woth $3k... so "total-value-package-wise" (not counting the subscription) its kinda like 1st place was $22k and 2nd place was $9k, so the total value delta there is only $13k instead of $16k (and only a 60% value drop instead of 80% value drop). Makes me feel slightly better about coming up short to realize this, and maybe I can translate one or more of those FPC entries into even more actual cash next year. Oh, and re: calcomatic I can't see the individual player breakdown that I'm aware of, but just FYI for the winning entry 100674 somehow the calcomatic site credited that team an extra 6 total points for week 15... most likely an extra TD awarded to a single player I would guess. Comparing 1st and 2nd place entries demonstrates there's no one right way to do it... 1st place was able to spend more at QB/RB/WR, but nailed the two TE value picks of Andrews and Waller. And made it through all season with just a single $5 team D (who averaged >7 ppg weeks 14-16)... although spent $1 more combined on 2 K / 1 D than I did on 2 K / 3 D. Only two players in common between our teams (Lamar and Singletary).
  4. Maybe I can get the NFL to review the Golladay catch at the end of the Lions game again... 😝
  5. The FBG site shows winner with 6 less points week 14 than on Calcomatic, making his lead 3 points instead of 9. So I’ll hold onto a morsel of hope that there’s a similar delta on week 16... nothing’s final until the fat lady posts them and weekly stat corrections are in. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. That 4Q 56-yard TD run by Aaron Jones won me a championship in a dynasty league that I joined over 15 years ago (from these forums)... and cost me $16k in this contest. 😮
  7. The final is all luck, lol... but here my .02 on making it there. 1) Have your $20+ guys stay healthy and play well. All 5 of mine put up double-digit scores (and occasional big games) pretty consistently throughout the season (CMC, Kelce, Kittle, Julio, Golladay). Godwin did well for a lot of teams. 2) Guess right about mid-range players who will outperform... this year the biggest ones Lamar, Andrews, Waller, Carson, Gallup were huge sub-$20 values... but even that isn’t enough: Of the 145 teams who had all 5 of these guys, only 21 survived to the end. Lamar was my only pick from this group, but Ekeler was similar to Carson for me. 3) Manage your bye weeks and try to front-load within reason, but don’t go overboard. Ekeler and Kelce were critical for me this year and both had week 12 byes (hence good prices). 4) Get lucky at K/D. These are so unpredictable IMO. I usually go $9-10 per position with 3 cheapies each. This year I felt I needed an extra $3 elsewhere and so only had 2 Ks but Gay carried me there. And my 3 cheap Ds managed to combine for 7 double-digit weeks. 5) Hit on a couple of your sub-$10 to help put up scores... Singletary, Beasley, Hardman helped for me some weeks. Others mostly fizzled (Brieda, Gordon, Duke). Don’t need perfection here, just contributions. One other team I noticed was 108514 would have had an outside shot if Mattison was playing. Several other teams had Cook that will come up a bit short.
  8. Barring a huge unexpected score from someone not in top 25, I think most likely winner will be from this group of 5: 100053: Current Leader (me, nobody remaining) 106666: Needs 9.55 from D Bailey 100674: Needs 36.1 from (Rodgers - 40.2) + (A Jones - 6.5) + (Adams - 10) + (Crosby - 10.8) + (Packers - 0) 101439: Needs 25.5 from MVS or Thielen - 2.3 and possibly the other of MVS/Thielen - 15.70 (ConstruxBoy) 101123: Needs 46.8 from (Cousins - 28.35) + (J Williams - 9.4) + (MVS - 4.5)
  9. 106666 is 5.15 behind me and has whatever Robinson scores in final 10 mins plus Bailey - 5.9... chewing them fingernails...
  10. 3rd still... Kelce - 5.3 my remaining points to add (and an outside shot at Hardman - 17.8)
  11. 3rd overall now... could use a big game from Ekeler and at least 2 of Kelce/Golladay/Hardman. Also could benefit from sub-par performances by Carson and Waller (widely owned by other contenders).
  12. Np, tyvm... FYI active percent page currently includes SF players
  13. Any ETA on calcomatic being updated for final weekend?
  14. 1st and 7th place have 11 players in common: J Winston D Singletary D Johnson M Gallup C Samuel E Sanders C Godwin T Kelce H Butker A Seibert Eagles The only pairing that beats that is 24th and 25th places with 12 in common.
  15. Only one team has neither Lamar nor Winston (#2 with Brees/Wilson/Darnold)... 8 have both Only two teams have neither Waller nor Andrews (mine #11 with Kelce/Kittle and #16 with Cook/Witten/Walker)... 10 have both 20th place has the lowest “commonly owned” players amongst top 25 (only 5 of his 19 players with >10 owners, and none with >16) 1st place has the most “commonly owned” players amongst top 25 (8 of his 18 players with >10 owners, and 3 with >16)