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  1. Detroit has a tougher division and had injuries last year. Healthy, they have very good talent at the skill positions (especially TE). To me, all they really need is maybe a couple offensive linemen, maybe a DB or two. But Detroit is not bare of talent. But, again, I don't think he is going there.
  2. I was not trying to say it was likely that Brady would land in Detroit. I personally think he isn't going anywhere. But if he were going somewhere, I would think he would go where they run the same scheme. That means Tennessee or Detroit. I get Stafford healthy is better than Brady without any wide receivers. But do we know what Stafford's health is? Matt Patricia has 1 year to make it work there. I am not so sure Brady would not help with Patricia installing the "Patriot Way" in Detroit. But I don't personally think he is going there. I think he stays in NE.
  3. With the noise that Detroit is trying to trade Stafford, has anyone considered Brady to Detroit? He could step right in and possibly compete for a SB immediately with the talent on that team.
  4. Depends how much the other team was willing to pay. And I can tell you right now Tampa would trade for DJ in a second. And Tampa has the cap room.
  5. They never said they weren't going to trade him. The Cardinals said that they would not be cutting him.
  6. imo Houston has to matchup man to man. Mahomes would tear them apart in a zone with Hill. Houston NEEDS Johnson to match with Kelce. And he was before he got dinged.
  7. Kelce again and again. Johnson is hurt and Houston does not have anyone else to matchup. Crazy. Kelce is going to blow up.
  8. And next play, Kelce TD with Johnson covering him. Rut Roh.
  9. Lonnie Johnson is back on the field. Called for pass interference against Kelce. He may be playing hurt.
  10. So who wants to bet that KC doesn't win this game by more than 10 if Lonnie Johnson Jr doesn't come back into the game?
  11. Nice return by Hardman. Houston could be losing the guy covering Kelce man to man,.