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  1. No. Just cancelled a family trip to Europe that was scheduled to start hte week of the 4th of July. I don't really worry so much about me, but both of my parents are in their late 70s/early 80s and want my kids to spend time with their grandparents this summer while I don't worry about being an asymptomatic carrier.
  2. Is there a best site/place to shop refi rates?
  3. Just finished Lee Iacocca's autobiography. Picked it up at a used book sale a number of years ago and finally decided to read it. It's uncanny the parallels between that book and the current presidency and political environment. He has a chapter called "Making America Great Again." He talks about how he was being floated as a presidential candidate and his appeal was talking very plainly to Americans. There was also a part about he was an advocate for mandatory seat belts and how Americans would complain about violating their civil rights...carbon copy of the argument around quarantine and masks. Enjoyable read.
  4. Just watched the beginning of this and have some questions/comments: -Nader is painful to watch. -He mentions that Cytodyn bought PRO140 (or whatever the leronlimab molecule is called) from Progenics. Is this common in pharma? Why would Progenics sell a winning drug? (I also have to reach out to my mom's friend's son who is a former exec at Progenics. Probably haven't seen/talked to the guy in 20+ years but would be interesting to hear his thoughts on leronlimab).
  5. Tried this but too complicated with multiple 401ks. But also liked how Personal Capital would show % of individual stocks as part of the overall portfolio between myself and my wife's investments. Plus i really like the Personal Capital dashboards. The problem is that since the service is free it means that my data is their form of payment. While I'm a nobody in terms of net worth I still don't like taht if this company goes under my data gets sold and all my investments are available for anyone with the $$$ to buy the data.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tool that is similar to Personal Capital where I can aggregate all of my accounts for a nice birds-eye view, but not where the company has my data to try to sell me financial services? I don't mind paying to keep my info private.
  7. Recently finished The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini by Joe Posnanski. Really enjoyed it. I was getting so into reading about magic that i ended up buying a book on how to do card tricks, but it'll likely just sit on my shelf forever.
  8. @chet Prior to COVID what was the indication for leronlimab that everyone was excited about? Just in case the COVID treatment doesn't work out what are the other clinical trials that were showing positive results? Tried to search but there are too many posts with CYDY mentioned.
  9. I took it as quite positive. No patient is going to be given an experimental drug in isolation. However the drugs he did mention, such as hydroxycholoquine, have been used widely and most have concluded they aren't the perfect treatment for COVID.
  10. Chipotle doesn't have a drive through does it? I see folks getting take out at the Chipotle by me, but there isn't a Chick Fil A across the street either. I don't have a bull case for CMG, I think their food is trash.
  11. Otto: "This is anecdotal but from what I've seen half to 2/3rd of patients given leronlimab are significantly improving." Wow
  12. Otto looks so uninterested in all the other speakers.
  13. If Hertz is going bankrupt does that mean we should use up all of our unused Hertz points ASAP?
  14. Hillbilly Elegy was fantastic. If you like memoirs I highly recommend this one. It's right up there with Shoe Dog and Educated in the top memoirs I've read over the past few years. Gives a good glimpse into life for white folks in the rust belt, a part of the country I'm far removed from. Now reading Hunter S Thompson's book about the Hell's Angels which has been on my shelf for years. 2 chapters in i think this sucks, but let's see if it turns around.