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  1. Epitome of "DADDY BALL"...... I'm the Manager / HC of my daughter's 10u team.. lol I did it mostly so I can get a lot of her friends on 1 team..... I did it for the Draft!!!!! Also still fun at this level to teach the young one's!!!!! So, here we go... FALL BALL.... She's also doing Travel Ball for the 1st time. Going to get a lot of pitching in this year...
  2. Yup - Our Coach last year said it "If you just save all that money from Coaching and Travel..... you pretty much can set up your own
  3. LOL... I really don't know how ppl do it.... I mean, I only get a few vacations where I'd like to actually vacation. Buddy of mine just did a Tourney down south and says it cost him almost 5k.... Hotels, Food, Gas, entertainment etc....WTF!!!!! That's more than my vacations!!! He also Pays a large sum for the Travel Team... IDK, Maybe 4k.....?? Sheesh...
  4. OK.. BACK AT IT..... Been Pitching at 2x a week since the end of Williamsport.... Back with the coach. She wants to try out for Travel tonight - We'll do it for the experience but, I can't be Travelling more than 30 miles LOL (Save this post) Fall ball starts up in 3 weeks.... I'm happy she's still at 10U for 1 more year... A good year to really determine if you wanna be a pitcher IMO, Although pitching to 3rd graders and that strike zone might be frustrating.... CHEERS!!!!!
  5. Finished up with the 10U All-Star Game.... Girl got to pitch to all bigger better kids and did well... 3 straight Ks even for 1 a 1-2-3 inning. My final analysis after 4 months learning to windmill with Pitching coach then 1 Spring Season...... IT'S @#T*&@*#&%$*%@# CRAZY..... WHY WOULD ANYONE PITCH?????!!!!!! It's BRUTAL!!!!!!!L.... We talked to college pitchers... IT NEVER GETS BETTER ------ The entire existence of a Softball pitcher is Brutal Disaster any given Day... and often OH GOD!!!! I seriously might not survive it. When I see Dads with young kids thinking of it I Say................ DON"T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, Unless your kid is some bigger, POWERFUL kid that naturally throws GAS.. Oh BTW Wild thing Smashed some kid in the helmet, then 2 more kids before being pulled in the All Star Game.... Still, She's the one that should work it and just may make it.... But, the Mom is losing her mind right now. Oh Well... On to Williamsport then another ####load of pitching lesson $$$$$..... LOL CANT WAIT!
  6. SOUL CRUSHING - DEVASTATING - LOSS Uggghhhh, I slept like hell.. Wild thing was same as always - Gave up like 9 runs, my girl couldn't find the plate, hit 3 girls, 5 runs Just sucks to lose because you walk in runs and the opponent does squat other than stand there, especially when it's your girl on the mound... Why the hell would anyone want to - Talking to an older college coach - "It's a grind every step of the way" The Work one needs to put in to pitch..... I'm going to check with my girl and make sure she wants this because man, you can field grounders every couple of days and be a great fielder - Pitching is like a whole other game, like 1000x harder than anything else. I'm sure the league would hate it cuz not many kids pitch but, Pitching just Sucks. When I hear / See Dads with Younger girls talking about pitching I tell them "DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I mean, Wild Thing is one thing - She pitches 50mph as a young kid mostly naturally - Once she fine tunes that and moves up to Taller girls with bigger strike zone I think she'll be a College Pitcher - But, I mean, normal little girls asking to pitch..... Just DON'T..;p; Oh well, These Williamsport practices are gonna kick her butt and hopefully she's not as CRUSHED as I get when you get knocked out like that. Tried to make it a Learning opportunity.. But.... Uggghhhh
  7. I guess, every Playoff Game, every Tourney, every League gets bigger from here on out... HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Game tonight though....LOL, I'm so nervous..... Wild thing is gonna start it off...... We're all just hoping for the best, letting her go out there 1st and keep her going as long as she can... My Girl ready to Come in next - the later the better!!!!!! Feel like It's the World Series game 7!!!!!
  8. She made the Williamsport team which is pretty cool Finished the regular season with her best hit, a triple up the middle....and pitched 2 Shutout innings.... Huge week of Practice and Playoffs / Championship games and...................... She wakes up this morning with a Fever... Ugggghhhhh.... I had great plans for workouts this week to prep to pitch these games - We worked all off season for THIS... Oh well, gonna have to wing it on Thursday - Sometimes kids are just as well off that way..... Hope for the best!!!!
  9. Been Groundhog Day around here.... Bad weather / Games in the Rain - best players Not at games - Team suffers shorthanded WildThing a mess..... Cried 3 different times last game then went out with a bad foot - She may be done. We still have a great shot when everyone shows up.. What kills me tho is now it's time to assemble the All-Star team (Williamsport) - So now we have girls that havent' shown up looking to make this team over kids that dedicated themselves to this league... 1 Girl on our team is 2 games short with 2 games left and is already marked out for 1 - Pretty sure they are going to show up for an inning and ditch. Gonna be pissed when this happens - We needed these girls all season and it would have help our young pitchers a ton physically and mentally to have players out there that can make outs.... They left us hung out to dry and now wanna play for the Allstar team.. Ugghh!!
  10. Oh,.... I'm 'just' an assistant with limited skills I do feel like I'm a good Pitcher Whisperer tho.....;
  11. They put an email out this morning listing some concerns with chants and parents and sportsmanship.. I went home Happy with the W... But, I imagine Her family went home a little upset and probably made that call... It was also raining and the Mom was yelling for the Ump to call it and it was unfair to her girl. I went out and told her we needed her to make a play now at 3rd and ignore the yelling.... She has to realize she's inches away (plus maturity) from being the most dominant pitcher in our Minor league AND the major league at this point... She's go the Stuff... She's the Girl that can get the scholarship and look back at this one day and laugh.... ppl come up to her all day and say, "I've been watching for 18 years and haven't see when you have"....... Crazy to me to see that speed and I saw some of the Elite travel ball girls from the area who threw Fire - But, accurate and not this fast.... She's got stuff that makes me question spending money on my girl
  12. 4 Wins in a Row.... Took both of the double header!!!! Wild Thing lost it though,,,, She can't take the chatter from other team or parents.. I think b/c she's so fast and intimidating ppl yell a lot I think when they yelled BALK, she was done. Had another batter refuse to face her. My kid had a good day - mopped up to finish that game, a few hits and 2 other decent innings pitched
  13. QUESTION..... What's the Rule (if any) on Chanting / Songs.... Are you supposed to stop chanting when pitcher is set ? Our coach called out the other team and I was surprised because I've seen it a lot worse - I've even seen girls lined up on the fence, some climbing and yelling..
  14. It was Mercied at 16-1..... They were missing some key players (which was out problem a lot).... And we were missing some of our Bottom tier players, which helps a