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  1. Still truckin' along...... I can see the end of the 10u tunnel...... Gonna have to start that transition to the 12'' ball and Pitching distance.... Gotta get like another 30+ lbs on my girl Travel been a blast with other parents / hotels.... Kinda feel like we're a "b" travel team - we beat up on mediocre teams then face these Super Power teams in tourneys that just smoke us.... Little League still the same disaster it's always been.... I'm guessing this jump to 12 u is where we really find out where the girls stand. Lotta work to do but, she's still having fun!!!
  2. I had an extra too.... My kid had to bail last second for a school play practice (WTF!!!!!!) BTW - that was my Jersey that was flung - I gave it to some kid..... It was only a Chinese version!
  3. What an Awesome night!!!!! No one got hurt... No fights - Good natured Cheering, booing and Emotion. both Anthems were sung so Loud!!!!! We hung out with Maple Leaf fans who enjoyed the whole thing and understood.... Pretty sure ANY arena would have reacted the same way to a player who Gave every indication he was staying and then left at the last second so they get nothing... Then, After he left he said this..... When asked directly by the Maven why his move to the Maple Leafs couldn't be done before the trade line: "I didn't want to come to a team and feel like the team had to subtract what they had" So, He Lied and was dishonest about leaving because he wanted his new team to not have to give up anything..... So, yeah he SCREWED the ppl who supported him - the kid's that wore his jersey, his team mates. "Some" ppl bought tickets in the Days before he left b/c every indication by ppl around him and media was that "no way would he drag this out like this and be such a lying ##### to screw all these ppl and the team out of getting anything back"..... Whatever, It was an awesome Night!!!!!!!! The page is turned.....
  4. I wanted to pick Washington So Bad on my last pick,..... But, My #1 Is Ju Ju.... I was going to say F it and do it anyway but, decided it was dumb to start off with a definite Bye week issue from the start....
  5. Sorry About the Clock...... I'm back and ready to roll....
  6. Obviously He knows what he's talking about - Guy is only 38 years old..... I'm more amazed at the Old coaches like Fischer and M Lewis who stick around at top gigs for so long.... I haven't see enough to banish a 38 yo guy from being part of an offense, especially second fiddle at this point.... I mean, how do fans even know enough of what goes on behind the scenes to Banish THIS guy from the NFL????????? As Jet fans, we saw, many OC's come an go and many we hated with Bad Play calling, non development, etc etc..... ppl really hate THIS guy? Oh well, I'm still ALL-IN..... Once Macc stayed, I'm here for the ride... And Bottom line is TALENT..... To me, you find great QB's and stacked offenses and PRESTO, you usually find your Genius coaches....
  7. I just upgraded my Bass Rig to a Markbass combo...... WOW.... So light and it blows away anything I ever had before. You can also get another one and chain them.. Loving the light equipment...... Now I'm just jonesing for a top of the line budget buster bass and drool at the listings.... I want an all White Modulus like Gordo
  8. No joke.... I parked on 20th and 3rd years back... Overnight. The next day Crews come in and installed Pay meters.... BAM.... within hours I have a ticket on my car.. What kind of POS writes tickets as the crews are installing meters.... I found the guy and he just gave me the number to complain. Of course, I got out of it But, the hoops they make you jump thru...... I'm always leery of where I park - Last week I parked on 20th across from the police station, even asked a cop.... Is this ok? Of course the guy was clueless....
  9. CONGRATS!!!!!!! Wild finishes!!!!
  10. IMO, Not even worth thinking about right now Other than Stacking Players at the top of the draft.. . And IMO just as important to see whats deep in the draft and be ready to trade down and double dip.... Personally I tend to believe OL usually has a lot of value from the mid 1st to mid 2nd.. So many times ppl jump for that Can't miss guy at the top and he winds up an OL JAG... On the flip side If analysis shows OL isn't deep then yeah, jump for that guy at the top.... But. For this team, Free Agency is going to set the tone..... No reason to Scream for OL in January when they may sign 4 OL in the next 3 months
  11. Ha.... I wanted that line!!!! Sorry delayed... sick kid at home