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  1. dude, I don't want this to be weird, but we will be there July 24-july 31. I think we need to at least wall by each other and fist bump. We can move on after that.
  2. So how do the Rangers go about landing this kid from Sweden who is the love child of Brian Leetch and Erik Karlson apparently. Does he come out this year or next.
  3. I enjoyed all 3 thx for making me laugh today Chet
  4. He has proven me wrong. Happy to have egg on my face about that. He is the only reason the Rangers have a shot at the playoffs because their team defense is atrocious. ETA: Although there is a lot that can be said about having a bad year and forcing them to tear it down. The two young centers look good. A down year would have allowed them to test the trade market for young guys that can help in exchange for older vets who can make a difference for someone else
  5. Cant wait to see @Soulfly3 pictures of the daughter and the volleyball team
  6. Will start my fitness pal tomorrow. Although Iceland will be tricky. Will post next week after a few days of data to see what you think.
  7. If I need to do math on this thing, Im out
  8. Ah, well then #### I dont even know what a macro is so that pretty much means I have been doing this wrong.
  9. It is frustrating not seeing the results on the scale. I felt like I lost much quicker on a regular caloric deficit diet. But I have not cheated one day since doing it and will stay with it. Im going to Iceland tomorrow but I imagine Ill find something with no carbs.
  10. Not sure if you saw this addition as well Club-level resort guests will also receive a pass for premium, reserved seating for any of the nighttime spectaculars offered at any of the four parks, the cast members said.
  11. I am hobbit short Will just walk for now
  12. When you say strenuous, what are you talking about. Yesterday I just did an ellipetical for 45 mins at moderate level. I def could have pushed and gone harder. I could just walk on a treadmill for the same time at 2.0 speed. Thoughts
  13. I drink a lot of water. More since I started the diet since every source says that it is important. I probably drink 3-4 bottles at work throughout the day (little ones, not the gallons) I also drink seltzer at home but that is just water as well.