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  1. There is a special way you are supposed to watch it. Its on my list of things to do.
  2. Since the start of the 2016-17 season, Igor Shesterkin has earned a win in 104 of his 129 appearances in the NHL, AHL, and KHL. He has earned a win in 25 of his 33 decisions between the NHL and AHL this season and has earned at least one point in 28 of those 33 decisions. #NYR The guy is going to carry them into the playoffs. Hank was a healthy scratch tonight.
  3. Can you use the wildcard on slinky dog. If I was you, that is what I would do. With kids that young, Im thinking rock n roller and tower of terror are out. Will Runaway train be open that day? I want to say no. For the 3 year old, you can do the Frozen sing along (must do, dont need FP) and then take a pic with Olaf (right next door). There is also an Ariel show, Beauty and Beast show and Disney jr show she would like. Since those are shows that run all day, it gives you some leeway to ride the rides in Toy Story land. My advice, rope drop toy story land and do toy story mania right away. Then jump on Alien Swirling Saucers or A$$ as my son calls it and then use the wildcard on Slinky dog. After that, I would do one of the shows for the 3 year old. Maybe head into Star Wars land for droids. But in terms of rides, I think outside of Star Tours, smugglers run and ROR, there isnt much else (unless runaway train is open) Others can check my work. Good luck
  5. Memory maker absolutely worth it. I used to bring my nikon d90. Love not bringing our anymore. Your wife can still take pics with her phone As long as you are on a line by the time the park closes, you are golden. We have done FOP at closing time and its great bc fastpasses are all done. It wont be 118 mins. Ive used touring plans but didnt really follow their plan since we pretty much know what to do. But great service Rise of resistance, Pirates of Caribbean, Smugglers run, slinky dog and rock n roller coaster. Wow, 4/5 at HS. Ohana, turkey leg station, yak and yettis When you enter MK, get there at rope drop and go to adventure land area right away (to the left by caseys and Crystal Palace) you will be able to do Aladdin, Jungle cruise and Pirates all with zero wait. Then head past Pirates and do splash and Big Thunder. might want to FP one of those for about 1 hour after park opens.
  6. As sad as this is, I have no idea what the answers to your question is. All I know is that my phone line runs through the modem. I pay the cable company for my phone. We can't get rid of it and use our cell phones because we get lousy reception in the house
  7. Ok, just bought the eero. Thanks for all the suggestions. Im coming back for a new issue. I decided to buy a modem so I didnt have to rent one anymore. I didnt cheap out, spent about 150. HOWEVER, i didnt realize that I needed a modem with a phone line and the one I bought doesnt have one. Anyone have any suggestions so I can keep the modem I bought and still have a phone line (my wife says we would have to pay a restocking fee so Im trying to not waste $15-30)
  8. Heard another song on first wave today that was covered by an extremely popular 90s band. Add it to the list of songs I didnt know were covers Metro (Allaline Trio) and this one (popular 90s band that would ruin it if I said which one)
  9. My daughter has been doing this for years. Started back when it was musically. So stupid. We try to ruin her videos every chance we have just because it annoys her so much.