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  1. The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing Thats us dude
  2. Maybe they will want Brendan Smith who plays more on the 4th line these days than he does on D
  3. Interesting stuff. Surprised the Rangers werent in the lowest 3
  4. So DL is extremely different than DW. We ate at two places when we went over MLK jr weekend and reserved both a week ahead. Both places were good. One was Blue Bayou which is set in Pirates of Caribbean. The other is on main street called carnation cafe. Having said that, downtown disney is steps away from the parks. You can leave, grab something and go back in. There are tons of places, too many to list. Let me know if you have any other questions. Oh, if you get into SW land, maybe the place to eat will be open and you can tell us all about it. Dying to taste the blue milk.
  5. It really has come down to organizing in order to maximize the fun. For newbies, it sounds miserable. For most of us here, it is fun and what we look forward to the most. It is not as bad as it sounds once you know the premise of the fast pass system, how to use it and then how to ride the rides you dont have fastpassed.
  6. There is zero chance that every fast pass in the MK was gone for the whole day. You can always snag a small world or a philharmagic fastpass. It sounds like they had zero clue how any of it worked.
  7. Rangers trying their best to get into that bottom 5. Please luck us into a top 2 pick. We have been suffering for a long two years. In all seriousness, the Rangers have not gotten a top 3 pick since the original 6 days. Is time. Oilers and Sabres have had enough imo. And does anyone really want to see the Avs get the Sens number 1. I think not. Well, maybe Rascal.
  8. Lolz
  9. No talk of the bunny guy waking up and seeing some dude with no rope trekking up the mountain
  10. Charra stick checked a stick into outer space tonight
  11. might even open him up to protection for Seattle. At least that is what would have happened with Kravstov
  12. Only nerds like us would enjoy this stuff