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  1. Quick note since Disney+ has been mentioned in last few posts I plan on waiting until launch day to purchase it. They have a bundle plan that includes Hulu and ESPN+ for 12.99 a month. Since I dont already subscribe to Hulu, this seems like a no brainer for me. But it wont be available until launch day
  2. We are doing Disney Paris next summer. Anyone been?
  3. They have nothing available that weekend. Its race weekend.
  4. I teach 8th grade. this is my 20th year. In the past 5 years or so there has been a major shift in the kids views on this stuff. I have had openly gay studentsand students who are transitioning. They really do not have a tough time. if this was back when I went to school they would have been beaten up. Now its just another kid. They dont even get second looks My 2 cents, just be there for your daughter. Whether it is a phase or not, your love and affection you show her now will be huge for your relationship in the future.
  5. Ive never tried. But I will look up the tab tonight. And like you, I am horrible as well
  6. Seek and Destroy is a favorite of mine Agree with Biggy that The trooper rocks. Also one of the only metal riffs that I can actually play Another one I can play is Crazy Train
  7. Funny. We did the opposite of you. We could have bought a DVC but opted for a beach condo in ocmd instead. that way we can leave it to them and no matter what, they will always be able to have a beach vacation. Funny thing, is that we have still been able to hit Disney every year since 2008. They pretty much know it will be a Hanukkah or Christmas present every year and love it. We typically only go for 4 days and make a long weekend of it so price is not killer. Im going to start saving for the SW cruise though bc that sounds AWESOME.
  8. Ill just leave this here.......
  9. I wear 2 Bar mitzvah shirts pretty regularly. one is from 1992. The other from 93. So they are pretty close to being 30 years old.
  10. The 25% boost to xp may have me popping some Barrufios and hitting the fortresses myself. I have two off periods in a row and a fortress down the block from school.
  11. The big ticket ride is rise of resistance. Supposed to be a game changer.
  12. I completed the dragon eggs and then stopped. Too much going on now that soccer started and school starts tomorrow. Thinking my trek to 30 will be a while. I Wont even be able to catch any dragons as I have a 430 away game on Saturday. no way I can play between 2-5 est. Bummer. The QOL changes they made have been great. Ill stay with it even though I wont level up much until next summer again.
  13. I would not consider myself a Tool fan. In fact, i feel they are the one band I missed out on depsite being a teen when their stuff came out. Not sure why I never got into them. Ive never listened to one of their albums in its entirety until this one. I really enjoyed it.