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  1. Also, XP is going to be reduced. Get the brilliants quick
  2. Deterioration Hex Mastery Mastered. Event completed. Next strand will be confidence to open up the initial focus
  3. Ok. Pretty close to sailing off. Was able to get Harry in the sticker book as well as Harrys trunk. All I have left for the week is brewing 7 potions and wizarding challenges that actually give the reward. Did 3 yesterday but nothing. Should be able to get it done in Rome or Florence.
  4. Yeah, i got a ton as well. But the event didnt start until 8 so Im pretty beat (its past midnight) Stayed out until I tracked down my 2 werewolves. I got Hedwig done but only 4 Harrys. In terms of books, I have 16 red books, 130 scrolls and 10 greens. They really changed the fortress stuff around. I threw a couple of Harry runestones into challenges but got nothing back from them. Leave tomorrow on a cruise. 4 total days at sea. Not sure ill be able to do community day as Ill be in Rome, and you know. Prioroties.
  5. Zero werewolves last night Needs to happen tonight for me or I Have to wait a whole month for my SOS mission. They pushed an update out last night. It was over the air so nothing to download
  6. 2 new brilliant events. One starting tomorrow. 11am pst
  7. So, interesting notes from Barcelona 1. I did not get the 2 country achievement. 2. There are literally inns every 5 feet but the spawns are very rare. Contrast to home in NY or the beach in ocmd and its like there is no calamity here. 3. Really bummed bc I really wanted the werewolves. But havent seen any yet. Ill keep trying. But most people say they are everywhere My hotel is right next to 3 inns and a greenhouse. Really wish it was a fortress instead.
  8. One more thing. It just happend to work out that I will hit my 7 potions for my SOS task tonight opening the werewolf one as they are about to spawn for the first time. Score.
  9. Just hit level 22 this morning. I now have 40 scrolls. Decided to actually think about where to use them before just throwing them at anything. I also have 14 books and 3 restricted books. #wuproblems
  10. Got my 10th formidable pixie. That was a big pain
  11. I have that proficiency one unlocked. I have been debating what to do next. Having more power would be nice, BUT, 22 scrolls are so much. I am not really getting scrolls anymore where I am at with my registry. So to wait until and then use 22, who knows when Ill get any more. I know this is part of the game design, but a little frustrating. I may just try to raise my defense to the max since it doesnt cost as much up front.
  12. Its per day
  13. I have att. For 10 bucks a day, i have unlimited data Going to Europe tomorrow for 2 weeks. will cost around $150 but worth it. Eta: should have read. Already answered
  14. It only allowed 1 minute. I figured out how to get in on youtube