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  1. They sounded great tonight. A little rushed at the end. Like cut Ledbetter off rushed. I just wish they would not play so many covers. Mountain Song (with Perry), comfortably numb and baba. Maybe it's me, but I want to hear PJ songs. Especially at a festival where they don't get their full time. Still was great. Only picked it up driving home from the Rangers game.
  3. WTF is a lettered belt
  4. Boatrights was awesome
  5. I have done the drive a few times. We leave at night so the kids spend most of the time sleeping. We do not stop over anywhere. It was fun one time when we arrived at the EPCOT lot just as they were opening. Sure you are tired, but who cares, you are at Disney. We also went budget one time and stayed at one of the hotels undercover tourists pimp. It was like $59 a night and it was awesome. In terms of staying on site cheaper, I really enjoyed our stay at Port Orleans. Pool was nice with a water slide. And on a plus side, if you go July 23rd week, @glvsav37 and me will be there. Cornhole at my cabana at Typhoon Lagoon. But I am not going at night. Have a water park day reserved for the night we go to Hoop Deedoo Rreview or whatever its callled
  6. I can only speak for myself, but the last few times we went, if we waited 5 mins for a bus to and from the parks that was a lot. There was one we just missed at Epcot, but we just hopped on one next to our hotel and walked. The buses have been much better than years ago. And I'll gladly wait 5 mins so I don't have to drive home after a long day.
  7. My wife actually suggested that when I told her the other day. But she is focusedon getting a boat for the beach house right now. Can't afford to use our millions we have in reserves on a parking garage
  8. Burn is playing shows again. They have one April 8th on a rocks off cruise. Hatebreed has a cruise show also.
  9. Ive never seen Blade Runner or The thing Surprised Swamp Thing couldnt break into the top 26
  10. I'm no fashion police, but someone needs to tell that dude to untuck the t shirt
  11. Cornstarch?
  12. Damn it, The Matterhorn Bobsled one is money also
  13. I think Im getting the monorail, World Showcase Explorers and one of Fantasmic, Groot and Hecklers I also think Im going 2 T Shirts and a hat. Need to wait til kids get home and see if they want any
  14. well, then I dont want to be right
  15. Is it wrong that I want everything on this page|11502922|jeyfu2v0h7012g42051h6&CMP=AFL-AffLSGen&att=LSGenAffl&EFC=224510