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  1. Had a miserable last day. didnt even keep track. Lets just say 18 of my 23 points went to twizzler pull and peels and that wasnt all I had. Just got to start again tomorrow. Thanks for getting me back on track bostonfred.
  2. Best two days of a boat owners life is the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it. My wife is constantly pushing the buying of a boat. I will keep pushing it off as long as I can.
  3. 21/23 At the beach and was hungry all day. No idea how I didnt binge. Helps that I had 0 points for dinner
  4. The last time they played when this first started, I was blown away by their energy playing to no one. I saw them in December and they were just as energetic playing to 20,000 as they were to zero.
  5. I was wondering if they were going to do what Universal did with the water park and now their theme park. Seems like a really great way to control crowds and distribute them where you want them to be. But one thing I have learned about Disney, based on their web site alone, is that they dont like simple. It is the single worst web site I have ever been to.
  6. Just got an email from my cable provider (optimum) which told me I get this at no added cost.
  7. Hell to the yeah Oh, and Splash was thrown in there as the 3rd episode but not a big fan. Here it is anyway. Gad is killing it.
  8. I just liked the fact that my peloton instructor was in it at times. love my Christian van develde classes
  9. I stopped counting. Its safe to say I was probably in the 90s. I actually just got done with a 30 min Peloton ride bc I felt so ashamed. I was like the girl in clueless who was in a shame spiral. Anyway, funny thing is that with all my Peloton classes, I should still be OK if I control myself the rest of the week. Lets do it. 1 week left in May. Lets bring it home boys.
  10. I guess I see a point there. but I imagine the second anyone commits to cheating, it is established that you will do whatever you can to deny accusations. Barry Bonds isnt as hated as this guy but he didnt ruin anyone else that I know of. Eta: Thanks for the reply.