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  1. While it is far from the Hamptons, I have a two bedroom, two bath beach condo in ocean city maryland. We are here right now and my wife and I were just talking about how great it is to have it. We are lucky that we dont feel the sting of the second mortgage. We do not rent it out, however, 3-4 weeks do wind up getting rented by people we know who are looking for a place. We have chosen to not list it with a rental agency or site. We dont need the money and people dont really take care of the place. I have even had someone from fbgs stay here for a weekend. Couldn't be happier that we went for it.
  2. Here is the blueprint But very difficult for this to happen here. Parents are crazy. I have seen it on my daughters team and on my JV and Varsity teams. No way they would be ok with Johnny playing down or playing for nothing. It is unfortunate because it is simple and effective.
  3. Put me down as a maybe if you need people.
  4. Saw it 2 days ago. I don't remember any bad language and i dont remember elastigirl even having a gun. Whole family enjoyed.
  5. Sounds good to me. But let the experts push you in a good direction. I am far from. There is a DSLR thread in here that might help
  6. Who would have thought someone from Az would be complaining about 108. Isnt that sweater weather for you.
  7. What does she like to photograph? I would use that as a base for your research. I have a Nikon D90 and love it. It is not great for indoor and low light though. I decided to skip and packages and buy the 18-200 lens which was a great investment. I never really take it off since it is so versatile. I also have the old nifty 50(mm lens.) The other thing you may want to invest in is classes and editing software. Most of the great pics (not all) have a ton of post processing work on them. I have taken classes with Bryan Peterson and would reccomend his course for a beginner.
  8. I thought this was a good read on beer league Scott Foster. Love that the dude declined all interview requests
  9. Im reading this now. Im enjoying it, but man is it tough to get through. The mixer is up next.
  10. I think I remember reading that Mcdonaughs contract would have had to be 1.5-2 million more per year in NY because of the taxes. That is crazy. I'm surprised all Florida teams cant pull the best free agents. Good luck to them. I hope they win the cup. Rangers get a first rounder if they do
  11. The sad thing is that I dont even see the Rangers being bad enough to be in the Hughes sweepstakes. They have not had a top 3 pick since the original 6 days. Enough is enough. Let's just suck and get the game changer.
  12. I was not a huge fan. Good meal, but dont think it's worth the two credits. And I would be upset spending that much for ohana breakfast. Not sure if I helped, but good luck making a decision.
  13. I have not. So dont throw my 0 vote out
  14. This place on the corner of my beach condo has a thing you can buy for $30. If you finish it in 30 mins or less, it's free and you get a T Shirt. I'm contemplating it. 8 scoops of ice cream, 6 toppings, 4 kids cones and whipped cream. I think I can do it.
  15. Ryans salary is not belived to be involved