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  1. AcerFC


    Dude, at this point, the thing could be 1000 bucks and I would want it Post a link for the one you have
  2. AcerFC

    Disney Vacation

    So the end of next October then, lol Good for you guys.
  3. In keeping up with @Spin posting pics of hockey loving kids, here is a video of lil Acer getting on the jumbotron the other day. Quick little peak of Acer as well rocking the classic lady liberty Leetch jersey
  4. AcerFC

    I Just Thought Of Something

    At first i thought you were talking about a podcast. Quickly came to realize it is a band with an awful name Anyway, after googling, they are playing in Brooklyn tomorrow. I will find them, show them your post and report back their answer.
  5. Sweet goal by Brett Howden. That Mcdonagh trade might have worked out pretty good. Pretty pretty good. It was a sweet goal though. And Howden is a monster on face offs. He is our Jay Beagle
  6. AcerFC

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    Everything sounded good until I read that you cant talk to your team mates using a mic. You have to use emotes within the game.
  7. No way he had insurance. Lucky you werent hit
  8. Not much of an update. We are still here and so are they. But they are never around. This is their weekend house as they dont want to move from Brooklyn here permanently. And any contact we have had, has been fine. And some of the guys daughters are attractive. I would think col jessup would give them all hugs. No one else on the block has sold, although one guy did list his house with a hasidic realtor. I dont think I am going anywhere so whatever.
  9. People whose neighborhoods are being taken over by Hasidic Jews
  10. AcerFC

    Could use some votes

    I have to assume there is a way around this. There are some big numbers put up by a few guys. Voting ends at noon, so its a lost cause at this point, but there has to be right?
  11. AcerFC

    Could use some votes

    No worries. Thx for the one vote.
  12. One of my soccer players is up for player of the week. Poll closes tomorrow so its quick and we dont need scripts for weeks. If you have a minute, please vote for Mike Matwiejczuk Here are the writeups. Some of the other guys have better stats, but the two goals was against a top 5 team in the section. Huge win for us Thx