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  1. Stupid category if we cant figure out what it is
  2. All I ever wanted was a sneaker that was a phone
  3. That is a blast from the past. Had totally forgotten that one. One of my first memories of watching cable.
  4. I believe @Mrs. Rannous is up. Double check me though
  5. This would have been very helpful in January
  6. @Mrs. Rannous OTC until 2:52 est @Zow On Deck @rickroll In the Hole
  7. was this or Jimmy McGill for me. Glad I wasnt the only one thinking it
  8. Didint think anyone in here watched hockey. Was saving that for my last round. Oh well
  9. says that those cells are locked. I tried earlier
  10. Anyone else getting 504 messages and slow downs on the site?
  11. I know. And the whole time I was like SHHHHHHHHH
  12. I have been hemming and hawing over this pick for a while. It is someone I want on my team. If the judge doesnt score him well, you know what I say Its all good man 9.4 Jimmy McGill aka Slippin Jimmy aka Saul Goodman, 1991-2020 leading man drama (with flexibility to move him to supporting if need be) @higgins
  13. Gally and Steiner did not make their 8th round pick yet