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  1. Looking forward to denver-la. If la and Miami advance, I think Brons gonna have one helluva time in the finals. Heat has a wave of guys to throw at him.
  2. They'd have got a lot more than CP3 for Simmons last offseason. A LOT the point it'd be impossible to pull off w/o another team/assets. Paul was thought of as the most untradable contract in the league by many last offseason. Simmons just finished the last year of rookie deal
  3. I'm sure Brand is right and Horford will improve in his age 35 season. Alongside the other 95 frontline players they've got dominating their cap space. They seem real close to doing some damage. Give Simmons/Embiid another 4 years to gel and look out.
  4. Would have been nice to see the Suns in so it could have been a bit of a series.
  5. No students were in the classroom either. They were using the classroom to remotely teach young children. It's the reality of the situation of many schools and colleges (teachers/aides having to share classrooms over the course of a day) Colleges may not care about the well being of your child/teachers/community but it's sad grown adults/parents care so little. "Oh they're young, they'll be fine". Saddens me one would even say something like that. But I guess that's the selfish society we live in.
  6. Not trying to shame you. I'm telling you you are a irresponsible parent throwing them on campus at this time. It's silly people are actually thinking it'll work.
  7. Don't understand how anyone that cares about their child throws them on campus this semester. Even if colleges are greedy enough to do so.
  8. Yeah it's a 1 year flier at worst. At best he defies expectations and they've got a starter for a few years.
  9. Agreed. Arians doesn't take the TB job if he didn't believe in Jameis. You give him beyond 1 year in the offense. He's the youngest and most physically gifted available out there by a wide margin. I also think someone may pay Jameis more than TB will spend in the end because there's little to no doubt he's going to make a lot of coin this upcoming year.
  10. QB: Jim Drunkenmiller RB: Rashaan Shehee RB: John Avery WR: Yo Murphy WR: Alvin Harper WR: Kirby Dar Dar TE: Brian Roche Flex: Mike Furrey K: Jose Cortez DL: James Cotton LB: Brendon Ayanbadejo DB: Louis Riddick Please answer mine:
  11. 1) Trubisky 2) Chase Daniel 3) Tyler Bray 4) ????? 5) Cam
  12. Gurley TD run He and the team needed that.