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  1. Yeah it's a 1 year flier at worst. At best he defies expectations and they've got a starter for a few years.
  2. Agreed. Arians doesn't take the TB job if he didn't believe in Jameis. You give him beyond 1 year in the offense. He's the youngest and most physically gifted available out there by a wide margin. I also think someone may pay Jameis more than TB will spend in the end because there's little to no doubt he's going to make a lot of coin this upcoming year.
  3. QB: Jim Drunkenmiller RB: Rashaan Shehee RB: John Avery WR: Yo Murphy WR: Alvin Harper WR: Kirby Dar Dar TE: Brian Roche Flex: Mike Furrey K: Jose Cortez DL: James Cotton LB: Brendon Ayanbadejo DB: Louis Riddick Please answer mine:
  4. 1) Trubisky 2) Chase Daniel 3) Tyler Bray 4) ????? 5) Cam
  5. Gurley TD run He and the team needed that.
  6. Really hope Tyrell Williams thought it was a run play.
  7. Man what horrific clock management. Just awful. Truly unbelievable for a team that made the Super Bowl last year. McVay's playcalling in the red zone has been absolutely positively atrocious.
  8. Game quickly becoming unwatchable because of buIIshlt nonsense like this. Good ####### lord
  9. Haven't heard anything officially in broadcast. Doesn't appear Brees is coming back. Hasn't tried to even throw a football since hand injury
  10. Brees hurt his hand early. Flags killing what should be a good game.
  11. They've got to cut Moncrief. They have in house options. Weird signing to begin with.
  12. WIsh people would just stop offering him to me in redraft leagues. Dump him to the wire if you don't want him.
  13. Yeah he was tremendous for them. His energy was infectious to the team. That Milwaukee home game he was the best player on the court that night. He was the one guy I thought they had to bring back. Win/win for both he and the team. He got his first big money deal. And he has the incentive to keep improving for his next deal. He'll still just be 25 at the end of this deal. Really reasonable deal in a league where Tobias Harris got $180 mil / $36 mil per year. Really just remarkable when you actually look at it.
  14. And he will be soon if there's validity to those recordings. The NFL will be the least of his concerns ever gain.