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  1. A couple of suggestions that I would love to see. 1. Game log info on the player info. I like to see if a player played better in the 2nd half or how consistent their scoring was. Did they rack up points vs. Weak opponents? Those kind of things. 2. Hyperlink to their FBG player page. Thanks for listening.
  2. custom ADP!!!! My only complaint about the DD app. I loved DD classic, but I have been converted and the ADP has always not worked quite the way I thought it should! Looking forward to this.
  3. Thanks. Do you offer Access help also???
  4. Here's an accounting Excel question... So we get a data dump from an inventory system that we would like to put into an Excel document and create a template to upload to our accounting software. From the inventory data dump we would like to be able to convert certain line items into many, but some will stay one to one. For example: Inventory #3 - $100 - Property 10 will remain the same (because Property 10 does not get allocated) Inventory #3 - $100 - Property 7 becomes the following line items: Inventory #3 - $50 - Property 7.1 Inventory #3 - $50 - Property 7.2 Hopefully that makes some sense. I'm not sure if this should be done through a macro or what. Thanks.
  5. Anyone have an Inbox invite they could send me???