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  1. Also not making the cut: The Jackson 5 Ben Folds 5 5 Finger Death Punch The 5th Dimension Maroon 5
  2. It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere - Alan Jackson Five Dollar Fine - Chris Ledoux 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days - Louis Prima 634-5789 - Wilson Pickett Jenny (867-5309) - Tommy Tutone
  3. Because they jacked up the price. Hulu is $10 cheaper.
  4. I was going to pick up Youtube TV for 2 months to watch the MLS tournament, but I’m reconsidering. I need ESPN, ESPN 2, FS1, and Fox. Hulu TV would work, but I hated their interface the last time I tried it. Sling would require subscribing to both orange and blue. Fubo doesn’t have ESPN. Any other cheaper options?
  5. In. How long would you recommend baking the shirts and beer in the oven once we receive them? 😷
  6. You’re not in the White Cell; the White Cell is keeping track of you.
  7. This is nonsense. You don’t erect a statue glorifying Hitler to teach people what a bad guy he was. These were erected as monuments to racial hatred. If you want to create teaching value, replace them with statues of slaves or slain civil rights advocates.
  8. Just retcon it so they’re all named after Bruce Lee.
  9. I don't care how well trained it is, I'm not giving a flame thrower to a pit bull.