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  1. Ball Hog FFL is heading into its 20th season and needs a replacement owner ASAP. Draft is scheduled to start Monday. $20 entry fee. Top 8 teams make playoffs. Top 4 teams get payouts. $130 for champion. 40 man rosters/20 starters 5 round draft (rookies and veteran free agents) League hosted on MyFantasyLeague. Available team roster is here. The team has been competitive and finished last season with a 9-6 record. PM if interested.
  2. Move this to the Assistant Assistant Coach forum.
  3. 220, 221, whatever it takes
  4. Wu Assassin is awful, but for some reason the Mrs. likes it.
  5. Does the switch control the fan or just the humidistat? If you rewire it will you still have a way to manually turn the fan on?
  6. Know if they have redzone on Sundays? The Reddit thread always had a Redzone stream, so probably.
  7. Star Wars is definitely #1. The Magnificent Seven deserves consideration for #2.
  8. A couple more by The Beautiful South that I love: Dream a Little Dream Everybody’s Talkin’
  9. It's always been "bocce ball".