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  1. I love the band. These weekly shows they’re doing are so great. It’s almost Colbert Show or Andy Kaufman-esque in a way because he doesn’t break character. Good music, funny. There’s about 7 weeks prior to this I’m sure you can find. This is today’s. Fast forward to 2 minutes for it to start
  2. They should probably try a peaceful protest like kneeling before football games. I’m sure that’ll be heard.
  3. The study was cherry-picking. Anybody with an ounce of research and evaluation training can tell you that. It's fodder. But also, great! I'm glad you now understand you didn't communicate clearly and will try harder next time.
  4. Things like this never cease to make me a little less jaded, even temporarily. It's just amazing we can do this.
  5. Oh, I must have misread your meaning when you said Trump won because of Hillary's Russia policy without adding any qualifiers and then posted a journal article as "evidence" even though it didn't bolster your claim, offered no voter insight whatsoever, cherry-picked a data point and extrapolated a ridiculous conclusion, and was almost completely irrelevant to anything being discussed. My bad. Carry on.
  6. I never heard of this until reading it here. Is that the Menendez brothers in the background of an old Mark Jackson basketball card?
  7. He's perfectly healthy, especially emotionally and mentally. To suggest otherwise is absurd.
  8. This doesn't say what you said. It's also just 20 pages of assuming correlation is the same as causation. There's no actual voter input here so to say this proves their motivation is ridiculous. They took casualty data and put it in a vacuum.
  9. Nailed it. Go to the average voter in PA, MI, WI, OH, FL, or anywhere else, and they'll look at the pollster incredulously and say, "Jobs? Health Care? Corruption? What the heck are you talking about? I'm voting against Hillary because of her Russia stance, obviously."
  10. Dodds didn't post unpopular "opinions." He posted insane conspiracy theories. There's an issue today where dangerous and unfounded nonsense gets called as such and people complain their "opinions" are being silenced, and I'm still not sure the best way to handle that. Twitter is trying by adding labels to official White House tweets but I'm not sure that's a long term solution.
  11. Which will only resonate with his hardened base.
  12. I’m sure it varies by person, but I want to invest X amount into a new position based on my overall portfolio. I try to stay basically balanced but I’m just going to have more of some than others. But let’s say I want a new position to be 10k. If I like the stock but am concerned about momentum, I might just throw in 2k first and see what happens. I just don’t buy the whole position at once. Then I add if it goes whatever percentage either way it goes, which varies by stock. Like SE I’m fully prepared for it to drop into the 60’s because it’s been so hot, but I started small in case I’m wrong so I at least had some. I have general rules but parameters vary by the stock itself
  13. Dipped into PEP near the end of day. Long term like most of what I pick, only did about 15% a position. Still have a lot of cash but portfolio is coming back into form. Will start back into CDW on Monday. IRA Portfolio in order of weight: APPL MSFT V ABT CRM JPM SE ATVI SLQT PEP NFLX CDW (Monday, will probably start out as much as half a position) Gonna add 2 more stocks and then I’ll have a little gambling money. 401K is all mutual funds and I just leave them be basically.
  14. Will they be holding cattle prods just in case?