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  1. Trump will denounce the Proud Boys the minute they criticize him for something. It will have nothing to do with white supremacy. This is assuming his staff don’t convince him to make a hostage video where he denounces them in response to media coverage of last night.
  2. One of the candidates has kids with titles like β€œAssistant to the President.β€œ
  3. Our choice is between a decent old man who lost his fastball and an ignorant racist narcissist with a constantly loaded diaper. Not a great choice but an easy one.
  4. There’s no reason to do this again. The bloated child in the White House is incapable of not interrupting and shouting. Give him his binky and phone and send him home
  5. β€œI’m the one that brought back football.” This guy, I honestly can’t respect smart people who like this guy.
  6. β€œWaah it’s China’s fault wash press hates me waaaaah I’m a victim waaaah”
  7. @Steve Tasker or other financials guys - any plausible explanations other than what this guy is saying in this thread?
  8. This is actually a selling point I use when talking to voters, especially now that AZ is a battleground state. 1. Vote now and everyone will leave you alone. 2. Your preferred candidates can use resources on other things instead of bothering you.
  9. I just applied for this, should arrive soon. I had been accumulating AMEX MR but am pivoting to cash back because I don’t see myself traveling or dining out much for at least a year. Pairing it with Discover IT and PayPal MC 2% (Cap1 QS for Costco - don’t want the Citi card). Should be able to hit 5% pretty often.
  10. $OAC SPAC merging with HIMS, that company that sells dong pills and hair plugs or whatever.
  11. Eric Trump thanks the LGBT community, of which he says he’s a member, for protecting the community. Not important but funny.
  12. We haven’t watched these ones yet, but the prior seasons could be watched by themselves without losing anything, though there were usually some subtle easter eggs and references to the other ones. They basically take place in the same β€œuniverse” but you won’t be completely lost if you start anywhere. I’d start from the beginning anyway if that’s possible, though.