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  1. I’m watching because I’m from Pittsburgh but really it’s to hope Chubb doesn’t go off and also under 42.
  2. Congratulations to Rep. Stewart on Trump's future tweet praising him.
  3. I imagine Trump wants the Congressmen to wave their arms and assassinate characters and put on a show, so they'll do that.
  4. That's why they're probably just going to scream about the whistle-blower over and over and, if he/she is outed and a Democrat, scream about that and nothing else.
  5. Magpies in 11th place with Man U and Spurs in the rearview mirror, just as expected.
  6. Can you explain why my fantasy team isn’t getting credit for an ASM assist there?
  7. “Wanna beat traffic in my auto. Some people call it a car. Wanna beat the traffic in my car.” ETA: not a real quote
  8. @DDuggan21 (Giants Beat Reporter for the Athletic)
  9. Here in Maricopa County, you can sign up to get text/email alerts each stage of the way (received/sent for signature verification/counted). With this technology, and the fact that both paid employees and election volunteers who do the counting hail from both sides of the political aisle, you can see why the AZ GOP spends a lot of time talking about voter fraud and our Democratic County Recorder.