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  1. To be fair, he's also insulting factory workers here.
  2. Complete and Total exoneration for McCabe
  3. This is part of the reason I think Castro is her ideal running mate if she gets that far.
  4. Can’t answer for him, but it’s standard to put the $ in front of stock tickets when you’re looking for info on Google, Twitter, etc.
  5. I turned off all automatic reinvestments as soon as trade commissions went to zero.
  6. Is this a joke I'm not getting or a typo? I can't find this.
  7. Totally. It's just the complete about-face in two weeks, like he ended the conference call and said, "That analyst guy had a great idea!"
  8. I can't imagine the odds change. Each drawing is an isolated event completely detached from those came before it and those that will come after it. It seems like the gambler's fallacy where you think, "well, the roulette wheel has been red 5 times in a row, we're due for black!" But that's not true - each spin is in isolated event.
  9. Elon Musk on the last earnings call two weeks ago when asked why he doesn't raise capital now with the stock price being so high. Tesla today I honestly don't see how anyone can feel comfortable investing in this company. I'm sure the cars are great and all that, but when I think of Musk, I don't think, "Responsible, honest financial steward."