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  1. SO sorry Shady.
  2. This is not remotely true. There are many of us voting Hillary who would have greater preferred any of several other people, and might even have considered a moderate Republican who wasn't a narcissistic buthole
  3. Most of the more intelligent ones are too busy hating crooked Hillary, Democrats in general, and progressives especially.
  4. And that would make him less of a liar?
  5. I've had that from more than a few Conservatives, including one sister that I've barely spoken to in a couple of years. But there are others that can be reasoned a point.
  6. I don't remember even Bush Jr receiving the type of vicious attacks Obama has gotten. And it seems like Hillary has/will get. It's as if the far right has gotten more and more desperate as the opinions of the country have shifted steadily leftward.
  7. Only one late pick left. Feel like this squad should perform in the top half. Started as 5A. Unused Picks: 15.01H Russell Wilson (6.01G), Tony Romo (13.03C) Ezekiel Elliot (1.5A), Jamaal Charles (3.05A), Theo Riddick (9.12G), Justin Forsett (10.02A), Chandarick West (17.05A) Jeremy Maclin (4.01G), Tyler Lockett (5.10H), DeSean Jackson(6.08A), Tavon Austin (7.01C), Michael Thomas/NO (7.05A), Mike Wallace (12.12F) Greg Olsen (4.08A), Kyle Rudolph (14.04A) Justin Tucker (17.01E), Eagles DST (18.08A)
  8. Raider is on to something here. Even at my age (46), I don't remember actually voting in any year that didn't include the President. It's often difficult to get to the polls, and it siply has never been a priority to get out when the elections are primarily local in nature. It doesn't help that for many folks, it takes a great deal more effort to even learn the positions of the local folks. They don't appear on TV very often. All too often, the only thing known about them is the little (D) or (R) after their name. That's not the case with old/retired folks. They tend to lean more conservative on social issues, and have the time to vote. They also tend to be better informed on local politics because they read more local sources (newspapers) and less on-line. Conservative Republicans enjoy a tremendous advantage in non-Presidential election years.
  9. So sad. TO me, this is the single biggest issue we face. We NEED single payer
  10. Lived there for 5 years while I was an instructor at NPTU Ballston Spa
  11. Not overly happy with this rollout, but I'm pretty sure DD explained why they couldn't run the old interface/myFBG in parallel. I also can see how this could have been difficult and limited to test in March, since huge parts of it would require active users in real leagues as well as changing rankings and projections (which are mostly static in the spring). So, while I think this could have been planned/communicated better, I don't know that the result would have been much smoother. I appreciate the fact that Simon is here constantly updating and responding, and while this is a PIA this year, I'm also confidant that this will return to being the best thing at FBG in short order.
  12. I still don't understand why some guys WANT to be attached to twitter and their laptops Sunday morning. How about those of us who work night shifts? Huge fan of conditional lineups.
  13. All the more reason for leagues to move to conditional lineups
  14. You've obviously missed the point. Now all those P's will be Q's. Do you play all your Q's?