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  1. Count me out of the camp that says he should have gone down after the first though. His score made it a 2 TD doesn't matter if you kneel or score given the time left. It's different if it was a 1 point lead they were protecting.
  2. was that play that INSPIRED the victory formation.
  3. Have to vote to let it through. It isn't collusion, and a very good argument can be made for it
  4. I'm not sure you're accounting enough for Mariota's gimpiness right now. Seems like a perfect time to rely heavily on the running game, which should be strong enough to carry the day and protect the hamstring of the franchise QB. Hard game to predict. I'm rolling with Henry in my second flex spot in one league, but wouldn't be terribly shocked by any result.
  5. Own him in two dynasties. Was hoping for low1/high2 but expecting solid RB2 type numbers. Right now, he's coming in at RB36 in PPG (and total points). While slightly misleading because of things like Ivory having one huge game and a ton of small games, that can't be seen as anything but a huge disappointment. Luminaries such as Tarik Cohen, Ellington, Powell and Gilleslie are ahead of him, as are BACKUPS like Derrick Henry, Riddick, and Coleman. To this point in the season, he's been barely flex worthy. Even in non-ppr, he only jumps to #32. I do expect things to get better, but nobody expected this poor a start.
  6. Makes sense. I've been a bit frustrated with Ajayi to this point, but can't help but feel it will get better.
  7. This is what you wrote. You're right though...looking back, it was others who ripped him worse. And the data backs up what I said...he has been better then a WR 2/3 type...significantly better. You'll be happy you bought him.
  8. Can do it on MFL. AFTER this weeks bad game, Thomas is now #18 in ppg. That's in standard scoring (1 pt/10yds, 6/TD, no PPR). Coming into week 6 (IE, weeks 1-5), he was #11 in points per game. In other words, he had been performing as a low end #1. Mild disappointment, but nowhere close to a "bust". I'd bet a weeks salary he ends up top 12 in PPG (barring injury) at years end.
  9. disagree. Replay correctly reverses 5 or 6 changes of poisession a week. Game changing fumbles that are or aren't fumbles...EVERY WEEK. As much as we all hate the ASJ call, replay has greatly improved this year...the stoppages seem shorter, and generally more consistent.
  10. Concur with JAG, but not a bad #2 guy at all. He seems capable of handling the load for a few games here or there if necessary.
  11. Got 5 this week
  12. well then, glad I left Henry on my bench
  13. it did for a couple of years, but rule was changed a few years back. The around the world thing was dumb and only lasted a few years
  14. no, ball has to pass INSIDE the pylon.
  15. wouldn't have helped there. THe only definitive angle would be from directly above the ball