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  1. There is or will be for us, I understand Stephen, didn't you do this before a few years ago? Drafts typically kick off in early August.
  2. 14 rounds into a 12 team PPR now....those RBs were taken MUCH earlier then this. Ingram went 5.12, Drake at 4.8, Miller at 5.11. Thank God I took Kareem Hunt at 1.11, or I have no clue how ugly my RBs would have been. Miller was my #2, and there were no better RBs (except maybe INgram, who went one pick later?) to take at that spot. I can't imagine running with him as #1.
  3. Tough call...Gringo was the first FBG IBL guy (first FBG commissioner), and a staff member..........
  4. So far I have: Renesauz Ruffrodys CLash (back from suspension!) StinkinRef/BassnBrew Duckboy Mr Irrelevant Aaron Rudnicki Sweet Love Bro1ncos Need to hear from Old Milwaukee, Gringo, and btsw for the last 3 spots. Anyone else paying attention and wanting a spot can post in here as an alternate....... Still in relatively early stage of organizing, but IBL forums will be hosted at Sharks again
  5. Thank you sir...figured it was still in here somewhere and just had to look for it. BUt that doesn't really answer my questions re. the shiny new on-line tool. Specifically: Why is there not an obvious save function? Why publish a shiny new app/tool without directions? Shouldn't we WANT to use the new on-line version instead of the old one?
  6. And no, I didn't submit a help ticket. This is a public complaint for a reason.
  7. This is one of the biggest reasons I buy a FBG subscription. I used the "classic" version last year, but don't see that around this year. So I've synched my leagues, I've started a slow draft, yet when I go back's gone. There's no obvious save button so I had figured it auto-saved (why wouldn't it?) I'm looking around trying to figure it out, it loads slow, doesn't save...what's the advantage over an off-line (downloadable IE classic) version? There's a strange message on the DD saying an off-line version is available (if I disconnect from the internet?) but no link to download it. I look around the DD for a help file, a primer....and when I find a link for a "demo video" there's nothing there. I come to the and website forums are closed with a link to a help desk. The help desk has a handful of FAQs...still no primer, no directions. Frustration, irritation. One of the most valuable apps FBGs has had is not working for me. It's mid's OK if rankings aren't perfect...but the basic software should be well established with easy to follow directions, especially since it was launched LAST YEAR!
  8. Ummmm...because Wentz is still the better QB?
  9. I can see this line of thinking in general...Qb might well be more important than coach. But you've been (unreasonably) sky high on Dak. Dak is a very good prospect, but might never be better than he's already shown. Looking at the other QB in this discussion, Foles has had some incredible success for long stretches, and might be being downgraded a bit too much for his time in St Louis. BD Nick is the real deal. He's accomplished a heck of a lot more than Dak to this point, and his best has been better than Dak's best (so far). It's not unreasonable to argue that Dak has the higher ceiling, but it's hardly a given he'll reach it. Right now, today, it's hardly unreasonable to call Foles the better QB.
  10. The one reason you've given is that reliable backup TEs can be had later in the draft. A debatable premise, but at least reasonable. The other reason you gave was because it wasn't a need for Philly...THAT reason has been thoroughly debunked, and you've done nothing since but double down on your bad pick statement. I call BS on your first though....keep in mind that to defend that position you'd have to open your team up to even greater criticism re. Elliot....after all, RBs have not been worthy of a high first in DECADES. Back to topic: TEs take a couple of years, who drafted him is immaterial. When he's ready to take over as a stud, Philly can let Ertz go....or they can go TE heavy like NE briefly did. EIther way, his 2018 has a fairly low cap (barring a long Ertz injury), and if he's a top TE talent, it won't matter who else is on the roster in 2019 forward. I lean towards the top talent personally.
  11. I know Waldman had Goedert as the top TE in the draft, but specifically pointed out he might not be excused from blocking enough to be a big fantasy force early (IE: He can actually block!) Taking the top player at anyn position other than PK/punter in the second round is never a bad idea, regardless of "need". And yet, as it has been pointed out, Philly DID have a need at TE. Walman's opinion>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Football Jones IMO
  12. Polarizing? NOt really...the only people pimping him are some of the more delusional Cowboy fans
  13. Missed him in every draft...just couldn't get to the right spot