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  1. Hard to see Lewis being the primary back. I still see a step up for Henry this year. I'm buying anywhere people believe otherwise....and I like Lewis (and own him in more leagues then I do Henry!)
  2. Don't get all the hate for Landry. He's asking for too much money, he's not in the Julio Jones area talent wise...but he is in a high tier. He's a very VERY good WR. THe salary might come in too high, but the trade price was just fine. He's a great addition for the Browns.
  3. Wow...even with the extra picks, those are some terrible rosters. Luck is the only top 10 player at any position...and that's debatable! (Maybe Howard too)
  4. They didn't give up two picks, they gave up one and (slightly) downgraded another: A 4th and 6th going to LA, who are sending a 7th next year back.
  5. Another solid year from Wentz and moves past McNabb in my mind. Honestly he already has. He made more plays in this injury shortened season than McNabb did over several. I've already got Wentz at the same level. But how can we forget Randall Cunningham so easily?
  6. Agreed here, hook my man up with a fat bonus check. Was there any space on last years cap where they could apply it? Probably would have to be a hit going forward but he deserves it. HOw/why would they do this? If Foles wants to be a backup for the next 4 or 5 years....sure. BUt he's proven himself starter worthy, and deserves a starters salary. Eagles might keep him for 2018, but it seems highly unlikely they'd be able to sign him to a new deal (Keep in mind bonus money COUNTS against the cap, so bonus money on a one year deal is futile.)
  7. A thousand times this. He deserves to be a starter, and he has the goodwill and thanks of every Eagles fan if he leaves. It's a business decision in the end, but there's no reason NOT to involve NIck heavily in the process. I'd rather take a 3rd to let him go where he wants to go then take an early 2nd to send him to some purgatory (like CLeveland) he doesn't want. Might even help Philly in the FA market to treat him like that.
  8. True, but for a team short on both cap space and draft picks, you'd have to think the Eagles will be listening very closely to offers. And while Wentz isn't a lock for week 1, he isn't likely to miss more than a few. Do the Eagles let a high pick go by for a 2-4 week (maybe!?) rental? I think that would be foolish.
  9. NO predictions on the SUper Bowl MVP? There's a ton of debate re. Foles in the Eagles thread, but I tend to think that a team short on picks would need to move him somewhere.
  10. Based on the data it would seem the answer is no, he wasn't worth a first.....but he also wasn't a bust. He provided value for a good long time. There is a middle ground on this one.
  11. I had no problem with that non-call either. Amendola was held in place a full 2 seconds or more before that ball came was the right call to blow it dead. Game was very well officiated overall.
  12. check all and drafted
  13. The access code sent does not match the password for franchise . fbgwsl2 works for neither commish or renesauz access. I'm locked out
  14. Was there as part of my vacation just one week earlier