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  1. Thought it was pretty darn good. Not sure what all the complaints regarding family are about..they sent maybe ten minutes of the show on them, half of that timed before the bomb. If the regular episodes show that little, and conentrate on how they are trying to adjust, that seems more than reasonable...and even interesting. Not a fan of the over--used drug dealing teen boy though. They didn't need to make him a criminal for it to be interesting...teens have enough angst without that
  2. What a %^#&(% knucklehead. To the waiver wire with you
  3. Seems like this goes the other way even more often. Sooooo very many people voting Trump just because he's not Hillary. Worst candidates ever. But honestly, when dealing with terrible candidates, it's really not unreasonable to make a final decision "she's not as bad as Trump".
  4. She monitors your computer, doesn't she? Hello Mrs. fantastycurse42
  5. This. I couldn't stand Cruz before. His endorsing Trump didn't move the needle in any direction.
  6. most of the media (except FOX) leans left socially, but seems fairly neutral on most fiscal issues. THe bias isn't obvious outside of specific social issues. Fox tends to lean right on almost every issue, and is rarely subtle, nearly always obvious in their bias.
  7. What a load of garbage. It's just as bad as saying a black person can't be racist.
  8. You're a It is a possible Clinton lie (at least, that she had ZERO to do with the origination), but it's not one my step-son would have ever known about. It's also insanely over-blown, because while Clinton may (or may not) have known of an effort to start that rumor, she did in fact publicly abandon it quickly. And the irony is thick on it, since the right picked it up and RAN WITH it for 8 years.
  9. really isn't.
  10. It didn't go down like that...and I relayed nearly the entirety of the conversation in an attempt to explain why I think Trump is getting more support than seems reasonable
  11. Interesting that you would use those terms. Are politics really more important to you than family and children. Politics brings out the worst in people. We disagree a lot....but this one we agree on. I consider the kid a typical, over-entitled millenial. He's never been politically engaged or conversant, never actually researched any positions on anything. So the entirety of what he knows and believes is shaped by the mass media. He can't be alone in this. In fact, I'd guess 70% of the American people is exactly like this, although it's probably closer to 40 or50% of the VOTING population. And the mass media fawned over Trump and gave him a platform without calling him out on the lies, while another branch of the media constantly attacks Obama and Hillary as worthless liars...positions Trump (being fawned over constantly by the press in the earlier stages) was able to parrot freely for months.
  12. You kind of missed the point. The point is that perception is everything, and somehow the press aided Trump in building the perception that he "tells it like it is" and that somehow FOx and friends have been over-using the "crooked lying Hillary" line for so long that many people have whole-heartedly bought both of those things as absolute truths, even though many of those buying them can't adequately explain what Trump's actual positions on most things are, nor can they point to any specific lie Clinton has told of any importance. There's millions of people out there that are convinced EVERY SINGLE WORD Clinton says must be a lie simply because Hillary said it, and that's beyond stupid, and it's pretty friggin scary TBH. Even Trump tells the truth sometimes.
  13. I can't believe I'm still watching this abortion
  14. At least BoB finally left Miller on the sideline
  15. Looking at the yardage and TOP numbers though....New England has NOT been nearly as dominant as this score. Three Houston turnovers and a couple of terrible BOB decisions in key spots made it look like it on the scoreboard.