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  1. Oh come know darn right well this isn't it. Trump is leaving many of these posts open on purpose.
  2. Not one bit to me. But I'm not really convinced he colluded either. I am convinced, however, that he's vulnerable to Russian influence. I'm convinced that he's obstructed justice (regardless of whether collusion is proven, there was more than enough smoke to warrant investigation, and interfering with such is OBSTRUCTION and impeachable). I'm also convinced that the hiring of a man known to be under criminal investigation for conspiring with foreign actors, and then DOUBLING down on such a stupid decision by ignoring your AG is enough on it's own merit to warrant censure at the highest levels, including impeachment. Flynn wasn't merely a "bad" decision by an inexperienced executive. It was inexcusable.
  3. i have the unfortunate privilege to work with plenty of conservative folks who voted Trump, and to have several bothers and sisters who are staunchly conservative (and deeply religious). I'm so frustrated and confused by them right now. How is it that intelligent, college educated folks can be so blinded? After a brief run-in with a co-worker earlier this shift, I've been pondering this a lot the last few hours. These are NOT bad people, not racists, not stupid, yet to even mention Trump in a negative light can bring instant anger. Not long ago I read an article suggesting that those who watch primarily conservative sources have been presented by a vastly different story. Details that are headlines in the "liberal left's media" are often buried by the right-wing media. Other stories that are hot topics are ignored completely. My co-worker was blissfully unaware that details about Flynn are established, and that Trump knew about the investigation before taking office. He angrily pointed out that I've "always hated Trump". Given where and how I work, I let the conservation die early and quickly. He made it clear he considers the entire thing either made up or blown tremendously out of proportion by a media whose sole desire it is to destroy Donald Trump. My brother is better informed and somewhat easier to talk to, but also believes most of the details are blown out of proportion. He's open to the possibility of obstruction but blames the liberal media as well. He sometimes starts spouting off long lists of wrongs and "scandals" by Hillary and Obama. 90% of his list is stuff I never heard of, which is part of what got me wondering: Is the mainstream media more left than we are giving it credit for? Or is the conservative media even more unhinged than we generally recognize? Maybe a little of both? SO thinking about it, I'm starting to come to the conclusion that conservative media is very much the key culprit here. Not only have they present a vastly different story, but they've generally done so while simultaneously claiming that a liberal-minded left wing main stream media has been presenting lies. At this point, conservatives have spent years being told that the mainstream media is completely unreliable. And somehow Trump gained the conservative media seal of approval. Too many liberals right now are attacking conservatives, but I think we're missing the real problem: our media. Perhaps BOTH left and right wing have left out details that would harm their preferred political candidates. I am fairly certain that the "liberal media" is less willing to twist the truth though.
  4. Define hysterical. I'm on the record as absolutely convinced he should be impeached, but have refrained from buying into every theory of guilt. He's done an awful lot of things that I consider hypocritical, but not all that big a deal (the golf trips on government dime), or bad but not worth getting hysterical over (hidden tax returns, NOT separating himself adequately from his business IE: conflicts of interest). I'm not convinced he purposefully collded, although I see more than enough PUBLIC evidence to warrant a thorough investigation. There are a vocal few on the left every bit as ridiculous and hysterical as many on the right were through Obama's term and even now. UNfortunately, Trump has done enough publicly to make those (hysterical) voices on the left more audible and further reaching. This is not because they are yelling louder than Obama's critics, but because Trump has been truly awful.
  5. Whole heartedly disagree with the bolded. While it's true there aren't enough facts to conclude (beyond a reasonable doubt) collussion with Russia during the election process, there is certainly enough for a reasonable person to conclude that Trump has actively sought to slow down (obstruct) any related investigations. Further, there is proof beyond any reasonable doubt that Trump KNEW Flynn was under investigation and not only hired him anyway, BUT KEPT HIM ON AFTER IT WAS CLEAR EVERYONE ELSE KNEW. Even now he has expressed regret for letting Flynn go.
  6. I'll be forever furious with the Republicans...and NEVER consider voting another Republican again if this happens. These same folks tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about a ^#%&$ blo-job. IMO, at this point the obstruction alone is enough, because this was over something far far more serious, and asking the FBI director to run interference is far worse than asking an aide to back up a lie. (And yes...I HAVE voted Republican in the past. My political ideals are all over the spectrum but my most important ones (currently) align much more closely with the left.)
  7. I've been beyond amazed to watch the meltdown of this administration over the last few days. While I honestly believe some of it has been blown well out of proportion by the media, Trump is the one who declared war on that media, and the right's media (FOx, Breitbart) treated Obama and Clinton no better. I feel like too much has been made of whatever it is Trump said to the Russian in the White House. As has been pointed out, he broke no law there, and without knowing the specifics of what exactly was said, the conclusion of it putting an ally's asset at grave risk is not just conjecture, but irresponsible conjecture at that. Trump certainly seems stupid enough to put one at risk, but as has been pointed out, he generally doesn't know enough specifics to have given enough info to have done this. In the end, I feel like this is all too similar to Hillary's private server having a handful of (mostly lowly) classified emails on it. A dumb mistake but probably not rising to the level of disqualification for office. What bothers me more is the obvious obstruction of justice that occurred. It seems apparent that the evidence is quickly mounting that he actively sought to shut down Russian investigations. The sad thing is that I still find it hard to believe he actively colluded with the Russians. It's quite possible that Trump himself never did. It would not surprise me if collusion is never proven, but the obvious obstruction here is pretty significant circumstantial evidence, and is itself an impeachable offense! I do believe, however, that Trump has had a long history of general chummy-ness with Russian oligarchs, and that he has received too many questionable favors from Russia in his business dealings to have ever been trusted re. Russia to begin with. More troubling to me is the revelation that FLynn's attorney told Trump weeks before inauguration about FLynn being investigated, and the jackass decided it was OK to insert him into a crucial security role anyway. To me, this is every bit as egregious an error as ANYTHING else he did. He was warned BEFORE FLynn was official, he was warned immediately after Flynn was official by the Attorney General, and he ignored those warnings until outed by the press. This is inexcusable. Even if Trump is innocent of collusion, he surrounded himself with folks not only sympathetic to Russia, but in several cases known to be in Russian pockets (FLynn, Page, Manafort). This is impeachable.
  8. The tail end seems a tougher spot than usual this year. Feel like I'm missing tiers every turn
  9. I feel ya. My opinions are all over the political spectrum really. The positions I care the most about just happen to align more with the left lately. What I'm really tired of is the massive amount of hypocrisy from politicians. Lately, that hypocrisy is more blatant/obvious coming out of the right, but I'm not naive enough to fail believe the left innocent of it. There is indeed plenty of crazy on the left as well. And BOTH sides have gotten into the dangerous habit of putting out dangerously misleading and over-simplified data points (think facebook memes) that accomplish nothing other than to rile up their base while denigrating the opposition. It's become purely about who has the numbers instead of about different people with different ideas working together to find a common solution.
  10. None, but if it got the impeachment ball rolling, it would be worth it
  11. WTF are you talking about? I'm on record over and over again supporting first Sanders, and later (begrudgingly) CLinton. I've stated several times in this very thread that we already have enough to, and SHOULD, impeach Trump. What I'm calling out is the holier-than-though denigration of all things conservative that's currently going on. And my family calls me a socialist. I consider myself left of center.
  12. If yet another investigation into the CLintons and their foundation were enough to get Republicans to sign off on a thorough, independant investigation of Trump and his Russian connections, I say let's do it!
  13. Keeping FLynn in power when explicitly warned by the AG that he was susceptible to Russian blackmail is an impeachable offense. Why are we waiting?
  14. Serious question... WHAT CLASSIFIED DATA? The only leaks I've seen/heard regard Trump's mood, a few about thing's like the dinner with Comey. Nothing I've seen or read screams "classified" to me. If it SHOULDN'T be! This President promised to run the most transparent White House in history. HOw's that going?
  15. Talk about hyperbole. I'm not sure you could find 5 people here that believe this, let alone a the majority you imply. The majority firmly believe Russians interfered on behalf of Trump. What is hotly debated is how much, if at all, Trump and/or his team coordinated in or participated in those efforts. Few, if any, would go so far as to imply he's a Russian spy. That said, it takes some serious fact-twisting and ignoring to refuse to see the decades long series of interactions Trump and those close to him have had with questionable figures from Russia. It takes even more mind-boggling twists of reality to ignore the fact that his own actions, instead of alleviating the suspicions, instead fuel them. No reasonable person could ever conclude that the optics around firing Comey help, for example.