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  1. Not sure what you mean by this. You nominate a player daily for auction. Name your own team, etc.
  2. Updated first post. switched to 14 team single copy. 4 or 5 spots left
  3. No pick timer. No getting up at 3 AM to make your pick. No waiting on some slug who's using the entire clock to make a meaningless trade. Most importantly, no missing YOUR GUY just because of where you get randomly slotted in the draft order. Unique in that rookie drafts will be auction also! (Don't worry...bad teams get a little more draft capital) Tiered PPR, superflex.
  4. BUMP...lets get this going!
  5. BUMP. Would love to get this running within a week or so. Will have more then a few auction rookies...try something different!
  6. All aspects auction, from the startup draft to the annual rookie drafts, blind bid waivers. $80 buy in. 14 team, SUPERFLEX with large rosters and large lineups. Tiered PPR. Using Groupme for league chatting to help keep it interesting.
  7. You should read the whole interview with Staley...he praised ALL the RBs. HIs words on Scott didn't mean much when heaping similar praise on everyone else
  8. not voting here. It would depend heavily on coaching philosophy. There is no clear answer for all situations.
  9. I am, but I'll be darned if I can find them on myfbg. myfbg doesn't come close to supporting leagues like this (32 team double copy superflex with tons of unusual scoring parameters) so I would need the raw projections as the league isn't loaded in
  10. Is there a list here or somewhere of who the projected return men are for each team? In a startup right now with very deep rosters and decent points for return yards.
  11. There's over 30 teams. Basic tenants of probability dictate several teams would be over 40 or 50 years since their last championship
  12. Unfortunately for me, the overwhelming majority of my leagues are dynasty, and I don't add "normal" dynasties often anymore. The DD is of almost no use to me except for the one or two redrafts I'll do with local friends. For's phenomanal
  13. I agree with this. Dak is not the better QB, but he is a quality starter. If he does a deal anytime soon, I'd expect it to come a (little bit) short of Carsons, but not by a ton