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  1. I'm an ICU nurse...plenty of work for me, but the hospital is losing money. Deferred some annual bonuses for all, some executives took temporary pay cuts. Parts of the hospital are working at half capacity, while our workload has been near normal or a little heavier (the covid patients require a lot more isolation gear). It's just ......wierd. The numbers for us have been static...not really changed much over the last month
  2. who was that one? If you're thinking of me, content would be a stretch. Just not furious like some....I can see why they did it
  3. trading back in those rounds is how Belichek has continued to dominate...and most people will continue to be enamored of specific individuals and willing to pay "nothing" to move up a little and get them. The better move for NFL franchises is to move back a little and take advantage of that. GET MORE DARTS! The specific players aren't the key in rounds 4-7...the NUMBER of darts is. (And no, I'm not saying a round 7 dart is as good as a round 5 dart...but 3 round 7 darts might be better then one round 5)
  4. at that point, they're just darts, regardless of personal feelings/convictions on individual players...and the more darts the better
  5. I like it. 19 spots at that point in the draft not a big deal....late 4 to a five not a substantial change in value
  6. Where did you see that? You posted it a couple minutes before NFLN announced it Its a spot of need and I like the way they're talking about him, but a bit surprised as the birds have typically passed up on LB in early rounds
  7. Id lose my mind if we went TE. I don't agree with the hurts pick but I do think it's smart to make sure we have a good #2....just not sure what that says about Sudfeld
  8. from a needs perspective, would like to see DB here...not as up on prospects this year...any good ones slipping?
  9. do we know a third rounder would have gotten it done? LOT of assuming going on in here, much of it bad
  10. or maybe the second and third tiers are too deep too invest a high first at the position?