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  1. no longer available in any of my (deeper roster) leagues
  2. think it's a bit early to give up on him, but not a good start for his career for sure
  3. last year was so bad injury-wise nobody really had a clue what we had for a secondary coming into this year. Personaly, I figured they'd be quite a bit better just getting a couple guys back from injury, including Jones, and with the experience the other young guys got. Unfortunately, the injury bug has continued and the young guys haven't progressed nearly as much as one would have hoped. Still some time to gel, but doesn't look good at this point in the season
  4. I get that, but it would have been as soft a call as some of them that went against the Eagles. Refs werent great/even but they rarely are...hometeam usually gets a bit more BOD, and today was no different
  5. while this is a fair criticism, only one of the PI calls/no-calls was truly terrible. Continually whining about calls that, individually, weren't all that ridiculous is a bad look. More importantly, they didn't change this game. Vikings were better today
  6. every fanbase has irrational fans. At least Eagles fans are passionate/informed and involved, if a bit irrational on game day
  7. gonna revoke my Eagles fan card? It was coming out, not really all that controversial. His hands were still on it but it was definately already loose
  8. no it wasn' was coming out before knee hit
  9. bah...just not our day I guess. Well done Vikings ignore DJackson, he's often a little childish/emotional. Vikes got some hometown calls today but only one truly awful call
  10. making Eagles fans look bad bro. was a soft call but not ridiculous, and not the reason we're losing
  11. couplw nice plays from Vikings on that drive. Defense playing much better then in first half.