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  1. Not too upset about that loss. Tampa Bay looks legit, Eagles playing without too many weapons on offense....and STILL looked effective (at times) offensively. Foles certainly ended with a solid stat line, but that was at least a little bit inflated by a softer Tampa defense in the fourth quarter. Anyone who was confident going in might have been a bit delusional. Anyone still confident after Ajayi, Peters, and Wallace all got hurt was more then simply delusional. I was impressed the Eagles were even back in the game after all of that. That said, why does the defense flop now and then like it did yesterday?
  2. Pretty sure Eli is washed up, but nobody would look good behind that line tonight
  3. Barkley is getting the ball a bit too often if they want him to survive the season
  4. I thought so too
  5. Dude is freaky fast... how many go routes did he run for the rams?
  6. Will we FINALLY see Austin utilized properly? Not holding my breath but wouldn’t shock me either
  7. While I agree with the general sentiment re. Rule changes, I would have a tough time arguing against this one. It’s barely week 2, and night body can come off IR for man weeks yet. It’s a no-brained rule to boot. Irritation might be warranted but not outrage. I need a third voting option here but lacking it I’m voting allow it
  8. Congrats to the Bucs and their fans...good looking team. See ya in the post-season?
  9. Standing up and pointing is NOT being enticed to move. Should not have been encroachment there
  10. KAMAR AIKEN is seeing extensive playing time today. Who did he play for last week????
  11. Eagles just missing too many important players on offense, with others (Ajayi) playing hurt
  12. Rushed home from Raleigh (almost) in time for kickoff...and this is what I'm watching? Still...we have a ring!
  13. Drop Mack Hollins, pickup Jalen Richard (flex spot) Message sent to Mr I
  14. Tend to agree. There are some delusional Cowboys fans (like the guy who still insists Dak is a better QB prospect then Wentz), but that's not a bottom of the barrel team. They're dangerous and should be respected. Feel like the Giants and Redskins both might be a bit better then last year as well. Eagles are (and should be) the favorite, but it's not an easy road.