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  1. DJ is a nice addition to the offense, and I get to pull his Jersey out of the depths of the closet, but I'm not so sure he's really worth 10 million a year. Kinda feel we could find that production elsewhere for less. I think I'm OK with it, but just. More intrigued by the Malik move, and happy with re-signing Peters at a more cap-friendly number
  2. Lot of Goff looked bad talk, but wasn't what I saw. Seemed Goff was under constant pressure and rarely had a man open. Would love to look at the wide angle tape to double check, but every time he threw it seemed like he was both under pressure AND throwing to guys who were far less then wide-open. Sometimes you just have to give credit to the other team. And this was far from the worst Super Bowl ever. It was just a bit old-school. I remember watching the Broncos getting beat by 30...THAT was a terrible game
  3. THAT one was a good no call. HIll was a runner at that point and the defender wasn't "targeting" or intentionally leading with his helmet...Hill was actually.
  4. Did both teams have 60 minutes to score more points or allow fewer points than the other team? Did their defense have numerous opportunities to stop a team from going 75 yards for a game winning score in OT? In the NE / KC game, how many 3rd and 10 conversions did the Patriots get on that OT drive? So you are ok with the league MVP not touching the ball in OT due to a coin flip? How can college get OT closer to "right" than the NFL. I LOATHE the college OT rules. I like the current NFL setup. I appreciate the FG can't win it immediately change they made a few years ago, but see no reason to extend that to TDs also. An NFL team spends roughly half it's time playing defense. If a team can't make a single stop after a kickoff to give it's offense a chance to win...they probably don't deserve to win anyway. I wanted the Chiefs to win that game....their defense had at least 3 opportunities to stop NE on 3rd and 5 or longer....and failed. ETA: I wouldn't be completely opposed to just playing an extra quarter entirely before sudden death goes into effect, but wouldn't want to use that for the whole season. Leave it alone for the regular season.
  5. Short answer: NO Too many subjective calls are too subjective to even remotely consider opening them all up to review. Leaving most review to objective calls only is the only reasonable answer. We can't stop to review borderline PI calls just because they covered 40 yards. IE: There's no way to apply an "indisputable" criteria to the overwhelming majority of subjective calls. THAT SAID: I would have no problem with a central oversight, experts in a box at playoff games or central location in season, that could stop the game for the most egregious misses....those subjective calls that were so egregious as to not really be subjective any more (like the Saints call).
  6. I think opening PI up to review is too messy. Sure, it could fix the obvious miss like this one in the Saints game, but far too many PI calls aren't so obvious, They truly are judgment calls that could go the other way if seen from a different angle, or even called on the other team. There's a good reason they haven't opened up judgement calls to replay. That said, I'd have no problem with having a more experienced crew in a booth or central location with the power to instantly correct the egregious misses. No coaches challenges on "judgement calls" but a crew capable of buzzing the ref on the field and saying "that's not a roughing call" or "that WAS PI".
  7. Comparing records this year is ridiculous. Eagles struggled mightily in the middle parts of this past season not because of QB play, but because of playing street FAs at CB. They were able to win late in the year not just because Foles played well, but because a couple of those street FAs actually came around to play better, and a couple of other DBs came back from injury. Using W-L record to pump Foles up is ..... ridiculously short sighted. As we all tend to do, you're giving too much credit (or blame) to the QB for the teams Wins and losses. Foles at times looks terrific, but usually looks pretty average. Hes a great guy, a solid leader, definitely worthy of a lower end franchise deal.
  8. The bolded is the only reasonable argument for going with Foles over Wentz. I'd take Wentz myself, but this is a line of reasoning that at least makes sense. Those trying to argue that Foles is the better QB ......don't
  9. THIS..... is not a fact. People are still far too quick to fprget what a healthy Wentz looked like in 2017
  10. I've become 100% convinced that you're the biggest troll on FBG
  11. Would like to see Brandon Graham, Chris Long, and Sudfeld kept. Maybe Tate, Ajayi, Darby depending on cost and other retainees/signees. The rest are just roster fodder.
  12. Agree 100% easily my favorite two years as a fan...even more then when they went to four straight conference championships. I like this team more for some reason. Wentz and Foles more likeable then mcnabb
  13. I’ve been saying this all year. I’d rather give up a 5 play 80 yard drive in 3 minutes then a 15 play 8 minute drive all day. At least you give yourself a better chance at a takeaway. Just seemed like Eagles couldn’t stop anyone this year late in games when they really needed to....this game included. Eagles were just lucky Payton went conservative in FG range and then their kicker missed