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  1. So a false start when on your four and a half yard line results in....a safety? Perhaps they could combine your thought with another suggested above and give the OFFENSE an option: from inside your own 20, you can add the yards to the yard to gain instead of going backwards.
  2. this. A 2 or 3 point spread toward the Vikes sounds about right given Foles under center, but most people are under-estimating the Eagles defense. The Vikings on the road, in the elements are not exactly intimidating on offense, and that defense just (basically) shut out the same team that crushed the Rams on the road. (BOTH Falcons scores were set up by short fields/turnovers.) The Eagles defense is certainly capable of shutting down the Vikings offense. Throw in the home field advantage and it's hard to see this game going big in either direction. A low scoring defensive slugfest decided by a turnover or two is what I expect. Vikings maybe a little too high after a huge emotional win, and a little home cooking. Eagles 17 Vikings 13.....but this could easily be reversed
  3. Fumble "through" the end zone should not be a turnover. A fumble OOB anywhere else on the field remains with the offense. The defense should actually have to, you know, recover the damn ball, for their team to automatically receive the ball. Offense should keep the ball at the point of the fumble. A procedural rule that I've been yelling for for years is the play clock after a long play. Any play made of 30+ yards inevitably leads to the offense being forced to use a timeout or suffer a delay of game. It's a virtual guarantee after any play of 50+ yards. The offense shouldn't be punished like that for making a big play. An officials timeout until the chains can get set or even just an extra 5 seconds or so on that play clock after a long play would be more fair. Agree with JU above re. PI...can't adopt the college rules on it...NFL defenders would just rape the WRs. I wouldn't mind going to a major/minor definition but people were so unhappy with how that worked with facemasks they did away with it. SPeaking of which...... When they ditched the 5/15 yard facemasks they said they would ignore the minor incidental facemasks where the head wasn't turned, yet they often flag both these AND the minor incidental hands brushing the head/mask of the QB. Quit that crap! Agree with posters above about picking up flags for holding calls that OBVIOUSLY have zero impact on the outcome of the play. The left end held a d-lineman on an off-tackle right play? Really? And you're bringing back a 30 yard run for it? REALLY?
  4. I actually loved that call as our first play last week. EVERYONE was looking for the Eagles to ground and pound...a deep PA pass on the first play was perfect....just worthless in that wind.
  5. Have you ever played soccer? Catch a cleat to the wrong part of your ankle and you think you're dying for a minute or so, even if you're fine in a couple of minutes. There's plenty of flopping in (especially international) soccer, but a lot of that writhing around is legit
  6. at least they held them to a FG. DIdn't really have a problem with the first PI, so no real harm done by the bad call
  7. first PI was fine...that second one was a bad call.
  8. Went heavy on Eagles players, but my key QB was Ben. SHould survive this week, and have a shot next week, but it's hard to imagine winning without a QB
  9. actually what they tried was the better option. They didn't need to simply RECOVER a kick, they needed to return it. no chance to return a traditional onsides, better chances with a hard squib hoping to touch an up man
  10. My chance this week stayed strong with all those TDs by Ben. Now maybe COle can make up for Ben next week (and in the Bowl?)
  11. If you'd told me Pitt scored 42 points I would have sworn they won by at least 2 scores
  12. bad play by AB there...needed to go OOB (not that it matters in the end)
  13. see my other post. saving it until after the break you potentially save 38 seconds instead of 8 (or 12) plus, as someone else mentioned, you force Jax to run instead of throw
  14. timeout before the warning: you save 10 seconds max. timeout after the warning, you save 30 seconds max. No clue why anyone would choose the first option on 1st or 2nd down...on THIRD down it's a different story