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  1. this is disgusting. We need to learn how to discuss issues and come to reasonable solutions, not vote in the biggest bully/loudmouth
  2. And I'll be at work missing my first game this year. Which probably means they'll pull it together and pull off the upset
  3. I know several people that voted for him only BECAUSE it meant at least a couple right wing justices to the bench
  4. Problem with the defense is that it's too easy to scheme against. You know they're bringing the same four most plays, and that the secondary is average on a good day. No matter how good those four are, it's easy to keep an extra blocker knowing someone will get open, or to call a quick hitter to the flat, knowing our LBs can't hold up in coverage. I'm tired of watching our CBs lined up 8 yards off with no threat of a's like they're playing prevent from the opening snap. With the talent on the line, this defense should be good even with that secondary. Mix up the coverage, bring more blitzes, tighten up in man to man more often
  5. Seems pretty clear to me that many of Wentz' issues are related to mechanics. And mechanics are usually fixable. The question is whether or not he's able to fix them IN SEASON. I was happy to see him back to something closer to his normal playing style against the Bengals....unafraid to pull the ball down and run when their was open space in front of him. Sanders looked great too. Likely a lost season, but perhaps a bit too much doom and gloom all told. Schwartz needs to go though....defensive philosophy is turnovers? REALLY?!
  6. Accuracy an issue (obviously) but like seeing more scrambling today. something in his mechanics?
  7. Just brutal these injuries, but Carson has to take the blame. That first interception was a bad choice but not egregious. That second one though........ And while the defense has played better, have they generated ONE turnover this year? Given the offense a single short field?
  8. Not awful so far. Like what the defense has done. Offense far from dynamic but at least not killing themselves every other play. its progress, and likely to be enough today.....but this Eagles team needs a lot more if they’re going to make any kind of run at a playoff berth
  9. mildly disappointed in his production in what seemed a juicy matchup, but still on the bus. Obviously a big part of their weekly plans.
  10. feeling like a stole him for that second, no matter how cheap the original owner got him
  11. Except I'm not so sure Washington is one of the worst in the league right now...that D-line is gonna keep them in a lot of games