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  1. That pay seems reasonable to me
  2. At this point...I simply scroll through quickly just to see family news, and spend virtually zero time there just to avoid the stuff.
  3. Outside of work, the overwhelming majority of people I personally know are voting Hillary. My facebook feed doesn't exactly reflect that though. I have 2 or 3 "friends" (more like acquaintances or friends of friends) that are Trumpkins though. Not just Trumpkins, but the kind to pass along 3 or 4 or more pro-Trump memes a day. Pro-Trump memes out-number pro-Hillary memes on my feed at least 5 to 1. But that's not the point.... These memes are disturbing for their lack of accuracy. One I saw today was quoting some poll from somewhere claiming Trump was pulling 400 EV....and evidence suggesting many of these folks BELIEVE THIS. (The poll was called a UPI poll, puled from "" I was afraid to actually click the link)
  4. SO..... Against Pitt, we were supposed to get crushed.....crushed Pitt instead. Against Det, supposed to soundly beat soundly beaten instead. Against Washington, supposed to win easily....lost soundly instead. Against Minn, most expecting Minn to dominate our offense and win a low scoring game..... So, we should instead look forward to a shootout with the Eagles coming out on top?
  5. OOOOF Nice job there Barkley
  6. Not a fan of the thought process caling this a "two possession" deficit. Converting the 2 point try is a 50-50 proposition. Doing so twice in a row is a 1 in 4 proposition. So if you're down 16, you need to plan/try to get THREE possessions, not two. Even if you somehow made both 2 point tries, you'd only be TIED, and still need another score to win anyway.
  7. Em?
  8. Finally R. Rodgers gets a touch
  9. Oh that's awful. NO f&*(# way that was 25 seconds.
  10. Starting to think the spot start of Richard Rodgers was a mistake
  11. WHAT....THE.....FFFFF That's not even close
  12. Was about to post something similar. Bad miss there
  13. Loathe that promo for the Favre documentary...he was NOT "cast aside"
  14. NO clue what that call was for