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  1. Absolutely report it as fraud and ask the police for charges. Take a look at his previous paycheck cashing. If he routinely deposited checks but in this one instance paid extra to get cash at Walmart, that should help prove intent
  2. Over/Under on impeachment? I'm thinking Mid-April of this year.
  3. 19 thousand and some....wife and 4 kids included
  4. Recently came from a con in Raleigh. Always learn at least 7 or 8 new games at every con. HUGE fan of Great Western Trail (near impossible to get right now...will be reprinted) and Abyss. Also enjoyed Terraforming Mars.
  5. My God reading that just reminds me of how insane the Eagles schedule ended up being. THIRTEEN games against teams with winning records? NINE games against playoff teams? This team really did well this past year all things considered. And for all the talk about poor cap space, they seem to have most of the more important players already under contract...which is something few teams can say. The financial numbers are misleading IMO.
  6. I'd be willing to place a (relatively) healthy wager that Wentz has the better career
  7. I wouldn't move him for less than the 1.2 today. Might consider the 1.3 or 1.4 closer to draft day depending on how things shake out. Kid produced when given the time and seemed to ooze talent. Has already shown more than half the first rounders will.
  8. Real world hot, with plenty of cuteness and a nice rear, but missing too much to be considered anywhere close to elite. Gave here an 8
  9. Used to be 5 or 6 times a month, which is reasonable IMO. There's a medical issue interfering now though (hers, not mine).
  10. I don't care what side of the aisle you're from...defending a PRESIDENT making these kinds of tweets is more asinine than the actual tweets themselves. This man is an utter embarrassment
  11. And how, exactly, did you feel about all the wikileaks? You can't have it both ways.
  12. Prefer 2, but I can see the appeal of 1. Both are smoking, but different
  13. This. All four are hot, but 1 is a step above.
  14. A lot of this is complete garbage, and represents stooping to the same BS levels Trump utilized during the campaign. That said, there's been smoke rising re. Russian connections since the early days of the campaign. What disturbs me far more is how he interacted with the CNN reporter. Those on the right are irritated that those on the left are not "accepting defeat", but I've never been more disturbed or alarmed by the attitudes of a politician. His open antagonism towards the press should be alarming to every intelligent American, regardless of political bent. I typically identify more often with liberal ideas, and my thoughts on the things that I consider the most important topics of our time more closely reflect positions from the left, but I hardly agree with everything. I once voted Bush. The real problems I see in Trump go far beyond his politics though...I may disagree with him on immigration and the wall, on ACA, even on education or the environment, but those aren't the things that alarm me...those are political positions that reasonable people can disagree on, debate on. What alarms me is that he has no room in his world for intelligent debate, an incredibly thin skin, and a penchant for obfuscation I've never seen before. I honestly believe that if a Republican congress allows him to continue to act as he is, he'll tear this country to shreds.