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  1. I don't think I could bench Mahomes right now.
  2. A little more context. It's a keeper league. Thomas has to be released after this year, I have Allen for 2019, and Evans through 2020 season. Mixon is keepable through the 2019 season.
  3. Thinking of offering M. Thomas, Big Ben, and Tevin Coleman for Mixon, Goff, and Marvin Jones. Does this seem like a fair offer? He has Barkley, Fournette and K. Johnson as his other backs and needs a WR. I have M.Evans and Keenan but need another RB.
  4. Was thinking of going after Mixon myself, w/ Michael Thomas as the main player offered.
  5. Peterson, Ekler, Lindsay are my other options. I should have mentioned it's a keeper league, so I could keep whoever I pick up for 3 seasons if they are one of my top four players.
  6. My league locks waivers after the draft until after the first week. We use a blind bid system with $100 starting amounts. I'm trying to decide how much to bid for James Conner. I need a better RB2, and am not a Bell owner. My RB1 is Kamara. Thanks in advance.
  7. Went with Luck. Thanks.
  8. Pitt @ Clev w/ weather concerns cincy @ Indy
  9. So how much of your free agent budget would you blow on Conner? I'm assuming the Bell owner will go for him.