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  1. LaFleur is 15-3 as a HC. 1000 yds and 85 pts so far this year. I’ve gotta think he’s a little better than Nagy, Fangio, Flores and Lynn.
  2. I want to add him, but just can’t find a roster spot. Evans, Chark, Diontae Johnson, Gallup, Lamb, Parris Campbell, Preston Williams. Think I’m going to have to wait for now.
  3. 1 PPR. Am I crazy to be thinking of benching Chubb against Baltimore?
  4. Kamera, Chubb, M. Sanders, K.Allen, Kupp, D. Parker, or Perriman. Need 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex. Thanks
  5. I’m not a big Winston fan, but he didn’t do that.
  6. We keep 4 players per year. After 3 years a player must be released and exposed to the draft. 10 team league- I’m drafting 5’th. Straight draft (no snake). My keepers are Kamera (last yr I can keep him), Chubb(2 seasons), Mike Evans(2 seasons), and Keenan Allen(last year). I’m hoping Kelce drops to me, but I don’t think he will. I was thinking I’d draft Micheal Thomas, but it turns out Kerryon Johnson won’t be protected. (His owner has Barkley, Mixon, and Fournette as well). Is there a case for taking Kerryon over Thomas, keeping in mind this is a player I’d hope to keep for three seasons. We start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1flex, 1te, 1def. ( We got rid of kickers for this year.) ppr league.
  7. I don't think I could bench Mahomes right now.
  8. A little more context. It's a keeper league. Thomas has to be released after this year, I have Allen for 2019, and Evans through 2020 season. Mixon is keepable through the 2019 season.
  9. Thinking of offering M. Thomas, Big Ben, and Tevin Coleman for Mixon, Goff, and Marvin Jones. Does this seem like a fair offer? He has Barkley, Fournette and K. Johnson as his other backs and needs a WR. I have M.Evans and Keenan but need another RB.