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  1. I’ll give credit where credit is due...the stamina you all have to keep this going is impressive. Most reasonable people gave up already, but not here. Well done.
  2. She’s going “all-in” with her plea. I think she does time.
  3. It’s too late. They can’t turn back, so they can’t stop either. This forum wants the POTUS to be a criminal more than anything else. Nothing else is acceptable.
  4. I rake my ball mark, swing divot and foot prints. I also always put the rake in my cart so it doesn’t obstruct the players behind me. I always get funny looks with 2-3 rakes in my cart.
  5. I came across this yesterday. It shows goals by age. Pele is tops.
  6. KFC. You’re eating bad food and you’re likely the only person in the restaurant.
  7. Hey, how about that nothing burger that landed on your head yesterday? You feel like discussing it in this thread, or would that be a lame attempt to divert what you’re discussing between your rants? Keep up the broad insults. I’m sure you’re demonstrating the type of character Joe and FBGs like to see out of their members.
  8. When Rachel Maddow is crying on the air you don’t do a victory lap. You sit back and laugh. The victory lap is coming.