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  1. There’s a lot of social distancing violations going on in that video.
  2. Baltimore after Freddy Gray has entered the thread.
  3. People can’t even vote in a poll without arguing about it. Geez
  4. Biden spent too much time on the breakfast club and got overly comfortable. He’s not buttoned up.
  5. I honestly worry he won’t be the dem candidate.
  6. Hard to find items- TP, sanitizer, Lysol, chicken breast, ground beef, bread, rice
  7. Have the GF stay with you if her grandparents don’t “need” her. Depends on how well she is able to isolate. There’s no chance they don’t see each other.
  8. Don’t worry. Neither of the condescending posters offered anything of their own. I appreciated your intent.
  9. I went to the gym early this morning, but kept 6ft away from anyone else. I knew I was pushing the envelope, so wasn’t going to go anymore. The state of MD closed all gyms at 5pm. Friday and Saturday I had trouble finding a parking spot and all the classes were packed (I don’t do classes).
  10. I’m 40yo and went with Munny. Loved Unforgiving. Can’t remember if I’ve watched Dirty Harry all the way through.