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  1. There’s a good documentary on Netflix called “The Pharmacist” that covets an opioid outbreak in Louisiana.
  2. He was flying from Newport Beach to the Staples Center. Evidently, he made this trip all the time to avoid traffic. -Jim Grey
  3. Meh. Usual suspects poisoned that thread too...
  4. Could you link a thread, any thread here where he is?
  5. I had to stop in to get the negative spin. You guys don’t disappoint. It’s a good night for anti-terrorism.
  6. I spent a good amount of time searching through Amazon Music and found about 40 songs that I added to a playlist. I searched keywords like “running” “workout” “lifting” as well as songs I either knew I wanted or came to me during my search. I ended up with a collection of Rap, Classic Rock, R&B and Pop. I set the playlist to random and it’s been working great.
  7. Great show. And I much prefer the dropping of entire seasons at once. Next, you’ll complain about the lack of commercials.
  8. I was able to get my Nest devices through my electric company at a fraction of their cost. Might be worth looking into since there’s a lot of interest in here.
  9. I’ve had a few high brand name Bluetooth speakers that I’ve used outdoors. I can say without a doubt the best ones have been the UE Boom 2. Looks like they’ve come down in price and you can find for around $60.
  10. I needed a Micro SD card for my GoPro and Amazon sent me different model numbers twice when I ordered them online. I ended up going to BB today and found this deal. Also, I don’t need a TV, but I almost bought a couple while I was there. Ridiculous how cheap they are.
  11. I have 2 boxers and my daughters are 9 and 4. Perfect dogs, especially for kids. The dogs take turns sleeping in the girls bedrooms. Very loyal and protective. I’ll never own a different breed.
  12. I guess if you read it as me being serious, I did.
  13. If Michael Jordan could come back after taking time away from the game, there’s no doubt CK can do the same.