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  1. The first year I unplugged it when the temps got below freezing or close (40ish). This past year I put a throw blanket over the TV and under the cover. Plugged in all winter and no issues.
  2. I keep mine up all year round on my covered patio. I keep a cover on it when it isn’t on. Going on year 3.
  3. I don’t think there is a strict protocol here. Depending on who you talk to will determine the outcome. It doesn’t even seem like a phone number or department is better or worse than another this year. Set up a cancellation, call for discounts, decline if you’re not satisfied. Call as many times as you want. Wait for it to cancel, call for discounts, decline if you aren’t satisfied. Call as many times as you want. Getting too frustrated? Move on.
  4. Week 1 Sunday Ticket and Red Zone is always free.
  5. Hey, look...CBS is back. (Has it been back long?)
  6. It seemed like the entire cast had to wear oversized sweaters and heavy winter garments all bc the producers were trying to hide Shiv’s weight gain.
  7. S02 Shiv looks like she ate S01 Shiv
  8. Snickers, peanut butter cups, cookies and cream ice cream, fruity pebbles, pop tarts, cold fresh fruit... keep’em coming
  9. I got the same deal for a 12 month agreement.
  10. All the above. My joints and tendons can’t take the heavy weight anymore. I try taking my 2 boxers on a couple mile run 4-5 times a week (in addition to the gym). I give myself a max time limit of 5 min in the PSF.
  11. Whatever happens, don’t sign another 2 year agreement!!
  12. If I may ask, could you elaborate on the “skip” that you do?