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  1. I picked them up. I’m gonna try to bite the bullet and play them this week to avoid carrying two defenses. Will see how much my opponent has scored after noon games.
  2. Gordon or Mixon? Dede Westbrook or pickup one of Pettis, Jones, MVS, Beasley or Lazard? I need to win this week. Half PPR. Thanks!
  3. Are those with Gordon still trying to acquire Ekeler? The Cook owner just offered him to be for Mattison. He also has C-Mac though, so I feel like giving him Mattison is a lose-lose.
  4. Looks like ESPN is forcing me to do the same.
  5. Alshon or Chase Edmonds in the flex? Half PPR. Thanks!
  6. This is more of a long-term question. My starting RBs are David Johnson and Gordon, and I cuffed DJ with Chase. Would you hold onto James White or go with lotto tickets in Brown, Murray or Mattison? Thanks!
  7. Guess we better cuff Chase no matter what. Back issues can linger.
  8. Darnold was a waiver casualty in my standard league.
  9. Curious. Are those with David Johnson bypassing some other lotto ticket RBs for Chase?
  10. I’m thinking of dropping him for Freeman (Broncos)
  11. I’m surprised there isn’t more love for Gay. He’s the top kicker so far. He should have plenty of opportunities each week.
  12. I benched him for Tyrell Williams. I don’t have another player with a late game if Godwin doesn’t play.
  13. I think I’ll be starting him over White as well in a standard scoring league.
  14. Darrell Williams or James White at RB2 in a standard league? Need a RB, WR and Flex out of this group in half PPR (Peterson, Golliday, Edelman, James White, Gallman).