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  1. He finished 2nd in QB scoring in my league, which gives 6 per td and only -1 for turnovers. I know most leagues use -2 for turnovers, but I would think most were satisfied with him in fantasy this year, especially considering weeks 14 and 15?
  2. Thanks in advance. Need to pick 3 in non-ppr to cover two RBs and a flex (flex can be a RB/WR/TE): Singletary, Gordon, Kittle, Boone/Mattison (I have both) or DeAndre Washington
  3. I wonder the % of folks that have Boone and Mattison rostered.
  4. That’s the same choice I’m debating. You benching Singletary for sure if Cook doesn’t play?
  5. Those with an open spot may want to grab the Colts for next week, in case Carolina benches Allen for Grier.
  6. Two of the four playoff teams passed on him and he fell to me. Considering putting him in over Singletary or Kittle in standard.
  7. Need 2 of 4 to fill a RB and flex spot in standard. Singletary, Kittle, Snell or Mattison. James White, Golliday or Mattison for a flex spot in half PPR. Thanks!
  8. He’s burning a hole at the end of my bench, but I don’t want to drop him and let someone else scoop and keep him next year for a last round pick.
  9. I need a WR in non PPR, this week and possibly ROS if they shut down Julio. However, I need to win this week and score as many points as possible to make the playoffs (tiebreaker is points scored). The waiver options are Watkins, McLaurin, Westbrook and Alshon Jeffery. Thanks!
  10. I can start one of Bo/Guice over him in standard (TE is a flex spot). Kinda leaning towards waiting, especially if no one picks up Mostert. I can also pick up Andrews for MNF. I’d rather play Kittle if he can go. I wish this game didn’t get moved.
  11. I blew it and let him go in a one player keeper. He woulda cost me pick 2.1. I opted to keep David Johnson at pick 6.1 and have my 1st and 2nd round pick available. I’m still crying....