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  1. Reinstated ? No, released.
  2. No, you should expect a downturn because McDougald won't even be starter unless Chancellor & Earl Thomas are injured.
  3. Wade Phillips to the Rams, Gus Bradley targeted by Redskins & Chargers.
  4. Ironically, their biggest problem is that they need to beat the Packers...but if they beat the Packers then the Cheeseheads would have nothing to play in the last game against the Lions and they would probably bench a gimpy Rodgers and concede the division to Detroit.
  5. I'll wait on that, the Panthers are the worst and weirdest matchup for opposing LBs.
  6. No, his playing time depends on matchups...sometimes under 60%, sometimes over 70% like last week. It has been like that for the past 7 weeks and it'll be the same for the next 3.
  7. Looks like the Ryan Leaf of this class.
  8. Actually 4-2 on defense, 2-0 on special teams.
  9. Safeties mess in Washington Duke Ihenacho played 63 snaps (out of 76), Whitner 52, Blackmon 31
  10. Does it matter ?
  11. Honestly, I think the explosion of Tyreke Hill has hurt Ware receiving numbers more than the presence of West.
  12. He played 4 snaps this week and 18 last week.
  13. I don't know, the Colts are gonna lose this game anyway.
  14. He's slow like hell, I have absolutely no idea why he plays more snaps than Hodges.