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  1. Dude thinks we're still in April.
  2. Mike Florio ? Brooke Pryor ? KC Star board ? METOO brigade ? Who are the others ?
  3. Mike Florio reacts to no suspension for Hill (Hitler parody) 🤣
  4. No Pulitzer for Mike Florio or Brooke Pryor. I'm very sorry.
  5. No, I suppose they're gonna cut him now that he's cleared.
  6. NO SUSPENSION Eh eh eh eh 🙂
  7. Well, instead of stressing out Milkman about his source, you can just check this forum daily or these people on twitter and you'll always know everything you need to know about this case
  8. I believe people who has knowledge of the situation, people who have been right all along for months. But you can believe Mike Florio or the guy hired by Footballguys less than 2 weeks ago. It's your choice.
  9. Mike Florio should be worried about his job or at least his bank account balance when this is over.
  10. There is no policy here and the final number will be close to ZERO than 6, I have no idea why people still can't accept that.
  11. Oh, I see that FFAuctionXpert is quickly backpedaling from his June 18th tweets where he was saying, and I'm gonna quote here "my money as a defense attorney is on Hill sitting out a full year while licking the NFL’s boots to prove he cares and deserves another shot". Funny.