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  1. Also He also had the support of the NFL's worst rushing attack. And was faced with 8.4 yards to go on 3rd downs on avg, the most in the NFL, setting up predictable passing situations needing deeper routes to convert behind the NFL's worst offensive line. Not great.
  2. This is from Warren Sharp CARDINALS o-line PFF 32° / FO (football outsiders) 26° BILLS o-line PFF 19° / FO 23° JETS o-line PFF 22° / FO 18° BROWNS o-line PFF 3° / FO 16°
  3. I'm pretty sure he talked to Dorsey or Hunt's agent.
  4. Exactly, very smart move by the Browns. And very dumb move by the Chiefs who are getting nothing in return.
  5. They signed him for 1 year, that means the last 6/8 games if Goodell is magnanimous.
  6. Well, according to his father he played most of the last season with a torn labrum
  7. Ok, but how about the other incidents ? Are they gonna look to the entire Kareem Hunt life to find some more dirt ? Why are they targeting him every day since friday ?
  8. The real question here is why he's been targeted by TMZ all of a sudden ? Why are they diggin' up all the dirt on him ? Who's behind all of this ?
  9. Oh, boy....
  10. That's not possible, when there's a strip sack the guy credited for the fumble gets the sack too.
  11. No, the strip sack at the end of the first half.
  12. Yes, they gave the sack and the ff to Gregory.