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  1. He has a cool nickname so he must be good.
  2. Well, he's one the 3 rookies still unsigned.
  3. Peyton looks like SH--
  4. Not exactly sure what happened to the Packers after the bye but these are his stats in the last 10 games. 4-6 record 223/390 (57.2%) 2330 yds 16 Td 6 Int 7 fumbles, 3 lost 35 sacks 184 rush yds 1 Td
  5. Broncos with some ####ty defense in the last drive
  6. Wow Davante Adams
  7. WTF was that ?
  8. What the hell is the problem with Rodgers ?
  9. Jonathan Anderson, playing every down and calling the plays for the Bears tonight.
  10. Malcom Floyd
  11. He played only 28 snaps out of 75.
  12. Jamie Collins – 72 Dont’a Hightower – 71 Jonathan Freeny – 22 Jerod Mayo – 1 NOTES: Mayo doesn’t officially credit for a defensive snap for being on the field in the goal-line package when the Jets were called for a false start, but he gets that credit here. This rotation highlights how he is No. 4 on the depth chart. He also played just one special teams snap, while newly acquired Jon Bostic didn’t play on defense (but was on for 19 special-teams snaps). Hightower was impressive with the physical edge he brought the defense and was credited with 10 tackles.