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  1. Kareem Hunt > Chester Taylor
  2. Navorro Bowman looks done to me, can't stop anybody anymore.
  3. Farley could be back on the bench once (IF) Geathers is cleared.
  4. Matthews again
  5. Newton down
  6. Hunttttttttt.
  7. Finally Matthews
  8. Ugly game
  9. LOL, what the hell was that??
  10. Taylor has 15 passing yards. 15.
  11. Is Jordan Matthews even on the field ??
  12. Kelvin Benjamin down
  13. My god, Dalton..........
  14. This is from the famous Dr. Chao The worry is an ACL tear in his left knee. There was only one replay from the side on the telecast, so by video there was no definitive view of a shift in his knee. But the way Robinson was off-balance as he landed and never put his foot down, that mechnism is consistent with an ACL tear. Hopefully that is not the case. However, it is not a good sign when the head team physician and orthopedist leave the field with a player. That means they wanted to get a thorough examination. They did the examination and immediately ruled Robinson out.
  15. We should pray that he's not out for the rest of the season.