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  1. Ok, I'm gonna say it again........the Arizona Cardinals were 3-5 at the deadline, I repeat 3-5. They didn't have to make any trade, they could have gone with Alfred Morris & Zach Zenner while Edmonds or David Johnson were out. Instead they decided to trade for a RB with an expiring contract, that never happens. I think we can assume that they've already decided back then that David Johnson's days were numbered and realized that Chase Edmonds is essentially a J.A.G.
  2. Oh, Kingsbury didn't want to take him off the field last year but somehow some people here expecting to see Edmonds getting 10/12 touches this year.
  3. Edmonds missed 3 games then he came back and barely saw the field. When a team with a 3-5 record decides to trade at the deadline for a RB with an expiring contract you know that they don't think very highly of their RB roster.
  4. These are the 2019 RB-not-Drake touches since he joined the Cardinals. week 9 vs SF: 1 Alfred Morris, 1 Zach Zenner week 10 @TB: 6 David Johnson week 11@SF: Zero week 13 vs LAR: 6 David Johnson week 14 vs PIT: 5 David Johnson, 1 Chase Edmonds week 15 vs CLE: 3 David Johnson week 16 @ SEA: 3 David Johnson week 17 @LAR: 1 Chase Edmonds If Drake is healthy Edmonds value is close to ZERO.
  5. The Steelers could've picked Dobbins, Akers, Moss or Vaughn yesterday or they could've traded for Fournette. For redraft leagues McFarland in the 4th is actually a great news for Conner.
  6. Lol, maybe next year. Yes, that's why they have passed on every Rb in round 2 & 3.
  7. On paper Tom Brady 43 years old noodle arm is probably the worst possbile fit for Arians system.
  8. Young 8

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Quincy Williams went from being a 3-down-LB to play ZERO snaps, Najee Goode is the new Jaguars WLB.
  9. He missed the 1st preseason game, he played in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Try again.
  10. Does this look like a body of a NFL QB to you ? Especially compared to Jimmy G.
  11. Based on what exactly ? Right now they're playing every possible scrub over him.