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  1. Yup, A lot of D league basketball going to be played at NBA prices this year in the bay area.
  2. Steph Curry out for at least 3 months
  3. Nat's just hanging around as the Astro's can't score despite outplaying them.
  4. BBC reporting that Erdogan upon reception just threw the letter away.
  5. That was one ugly 1st half. WTF on that final play.
  6. Yeah, that was the same thought I had when Bruce was introduced.
  7. Jamie Gillan named AFC Special teams Player of the month
  8. Wasn't there a scenario bandied about where Bruce Arians would be the 'bridge" couch for a couple of years with Freddie learning the ropes under and succeed him?
  9. I get where your coming at with this as the trailer seems to be portraying the Joker in a more sympathetic touchy-feely aspect. But who knows I'll still give it benefit of the doubt because of whose involved and check it out anyways.
  10. FWIW as I posted in the Hot Ones thread Steve Austin is scheduled to be the guest on the season ending episode.
  11. Just received notification on my Youtube account that the upcoming season final episode guest will be "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.