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  1. I don't think I can either board or depart a flight now without looking for the bulkhead seat in 1st class and reminding myself that there's the Otis seat.
  2. Watched a little quirky indie flick last night called Upgrade. It's about a guy who gets some kind of a microchip implanted into his skull after being paralyzed from an attack. The scenes where the chip takes control of his body during payback to his attackers are pretty amusing.
  3. Well, that didn't take long "She said Hopkins was beaten by three other inmates in the jail’s television viewing room, and no weapons were found. Jameson said she had no information on what precipitated the violence."
  4. There is now an actual series on FX of What We do in the Shadows and it's getting pretty good reviews.
  5. How fitting would it be to see KD win a 3rd straight Finals MVP and then bolt to NY and fail to make the playoffs next year.
  6. Agreed, I'm left to wonder what the Sasha Baron Cohen version would have been.
  7. My only concern is that they don't turn this into some kind of a puff piece where their going for sympathy angles.
  8. HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring the Cleveland Browns received three Emmy nominations on Wednesday NFL Media announced. Unfortunately No Best Actor for Hue.
  9. Sounds like Duke has had enough of being jerked around and officially requested a trade.
  10. He did the Late show last year and Colbert got pretty animated doing a scaled down tasting once he hit Da Bomb.
  11. RIP Ranking Roger 56 years old
  12. Yup, many of times it seemed like the celebrity was coasting along until they hit the Da Bomb. I believe it's #7 on the lineup