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  1. Also there's Damon Herriman, who had me in stitches with his portrayal of dimwitted Dewey Crowe. He later depicted the part of Charles Manson in both S2 of Mindhunter and Quentin Tarantino's "Once upon a time in Hollywood".
  2. Nine Inch Nails "And all that could have been"
  3. Just wrapped up watching Zerozerozero due to the recommendations of other FBG's It would be a travesty If they don't win any awards for the cinematography of the series. Some simply stunning landscape filming. The series which intertwined 3 sub stories into 1 was also very well done. Highly Recommended!
  4. In a foot chase through traffic where one of the actors get hit by a car roll over the hood and the asphalt then resume the chase as if nothing happened.
  5. I suppose you could always start S4 with Marty waking up and realizing S3 was all just a bad dream
  6. Anything Ian MacKaye has been associated with most notably Fugazi, Minor threat and more recently The Evens
  7. Surprised to find out that S2 of What We Do in the Shadows has apparently started on FX.
  8. Who was the FBG lead singer from Silverplane again?
  9. I didn't fare as well with this one. I crapped out after the 3rd Ep. Really liked the ensemble of actors put together (Whittaker, D'Onofrio, Esposito) but something seemed to be missing as the acting seemed really wooden and that they resembled cutout characters. Maybe watching this right after completing S3 of Ozark could have had something to do with this.
  10. So you decimate your D-Line to sign an over 30 year old LT who hardly played in 2 years?
  11. You been talking to your secret source in Berea again?
  12. Looks like your reliving the 2014 draft with your slobbering over Sammy Watkins LOL!!!