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  1. Sure, but if anything this season is showing is quality depth is a good thing.
  2. Plus next years draft is supposedly strong in the safety position.
  3. Really Hard to say as one can influence the other. Thomas reached the Pro Bowl in his first and only season in Baltimore, but he struggled mightily at times. He gave up on an 88-yard touchdown run by Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb in Week 4 and then got stiff-armed by Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry in the playoffs. The breaking point came Friday in the team's fourth training camp practice of the year. After Thomas blew a coverage, Clark angrily ripped off his helmet and threw it to the ground. Thomas then punched Clark, a source said. Both players were separated by teammates and coaches. It's unusual for two players in the same position group to fight.
  4. My comments were directed more on why Thomas style of play was not a good fit for the Browns defensive backfield rather than why he was actually cut by the Ravens.
  5. I actually started watching Six Feet Under for the first time. Francis Conroy is absolutely brilliant as the mother. Interesting role for Michael C. Hall
  6. From what I have heard on both: Eric Reid falls more under the SS/LB role and isn't supposed to be very fast. Browns already have that in Harrison and Joseph. Earl Thomas on the other hand likes to freelance to much trying to go for the big play and not play within a structured role. Supposedly that was part of the problem in Baltimore.
  7. Going to be interesting in the next few weeks to see how Higgens, DPJ, and Bryant pick up the receiving slack.
  8. Has to be some series cabin fever going on over there.
  9. For those who enjoyed the series Kingdom. Frank Grillo who played Alvey Kulina and who in real life is involved in the Fight culture also has a series out called Fightworld. In an older Jimmy Kimmel interview I stumbled upon, he describes the 5 part series as him traveling internationally to Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, Senegal and Israel focusing in on different fighting styles and techniques in an Anthony Bourdain type manner . Jimmy Kimmel interview: IMDB page:
  10. Agreed, Think it's going to be a high scoring game from both teams.
  11. It's now dropped to 25% on RT. Adam Copeland aka WWE wrestler Edge has top billing.
  12. I was thinking that the actor playing King George looked somewhat familiar. Turns out he played the main character Holden Ford in the series Mindhunter.
  13. Also there's Damon Herriman, who had me in stitches with his portrayal of dimwitted Dewey Crowe. He later depicted the part of Charles Manson in both S2 of Mindhunter and Quentin Tarantino's "Once upon a time in Hollywood".
  14. Nine Inch Nails "And all that could have been"