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  1. Thanks for the order. For anyone else that would like a shirt, I imagine your draft is within the next two weeks. I will send it immediately if you order one right away. You will be able to proudly wear it to your draft, or use it to wipe up the table.Just think, when you take Jacobs in the 3rd, the guy behind you will cry "I was going to take him next" and you can simply point to the shirt. When the runner up from last year whines that if Westbrook didn't lay down on the goal line, he would have won the trophy, you can point to the shirt.Send me a PM and I will send you payment details. Or visit Fantastic graphics.
  2. Anyone who would like a shirt, I will extend a FBG offer, $10 delivered. Send me a PM, and I will send payment instructions. I can ship immediately, and you will have your shirt within days.
  3. What kind of discount are you giving the FFA guys?????I will sell the shirts, 2 for 1, from now until Sept. 1st. Just send a note to me. You pay for one, you get 2. One for Sunday games, one for MNF. FFA special. Thanks to those FBGs that took advantage of this offer back in August.I will extend this offer again for the next 2 weeks, so you can get shirts delivered by Christmas. I appreciate the attention this board has brought to my shirts, so I want to return the favor. As always, your identity will be kept in strictest confidence, so you will not be exposed to unwanted abuse. I will accept the abuse on your behalf, as I continue selling shirts. Send me a PM and I can send you a Paypal invoice. Thanks
  4. What kind of discount are you giving the FFA guys?????I will sell the shirts, 2 for 1, from now until Sept. 1st. Just send a note to me. You pay for one, you get 2. One for Sunday games, one for MNF. FFA special.
  5. I have a bunch of shirts with FFToolbox printed on them, and they provided advertising last year in exchange for their logo on the shirt. Shirts can be ordered with or without the logo.
  6. The site is up and ready for your order.
  7. Guys, I have re-ordered Large and XL, and they will be ready for shipping after Christmas. Just in time for the playoffs. To those who are on back order, I appreciate your patience. BTW, I won Monday night by 2, my opponent's rant "I can't believe I played against Devon Hester" PTTS
  8. What about those Family Sit Down posters? Should I order mine now?I had to print more posters in order to make the marginal cost low enough to sell. I have sufficient stock, but I have a feeling you are not looking to order, only to make fun. If anyone wants a poster, from now until Christmas, I will ship it free to you.You guys are good advertising, each bump results in a few more sales. Thanks
  9. Guys, I sold the last size L over the weekend, plus a couple of Mediums. I guess its the Christmas rush, so please understand that if you order a Large or XL now, I might not be able to get them to you by the 25th. I do have L and M in the Fantasy Football Widow shirt available, so feel free to order and make this the best holiday yet for your wife or girlfriend, or get one for each of them.
  10. Your customer service sucks. I ordered 4 shirts for gifts about 3 months ago and never received them. Paid via credit card and have the receipt and all in the email. I called your people on three different occasions. After telling them my situation each time their reply to me each and every time was SCAM!!what number did you call? The correct number is 800-FF-point
  11. I have only a handful of the Fantasy Football Excuse shirts left. One in Large, and the rest in medium. I have a few more of the Fantasy Football Widow shirts left in various sizes. I have a couple listed on Ebay, so now is your chance to grab one for yourself, your wife, whoever. This is also a chance to heap abuse on the shirt design, and post those oh so clever smileys rolling around and laughing. Get the shirt now, before they are gone.
  12. Now that is a thoughtful and funny reply up there. Checks can be made out to the Red Cross. Anyone interested can send a check, with a note indicating your address and size, to Jersey Tees, PO Box 8, Fanwood, NJ 07023. Include your email so I can send you a note indicating that the shirt(s) are on the way. That should take care of the trust thing. You can see your cancelled check deposited by the Red Cross. $15 for one, $22 for two, $29 for three. If you hate the shirt, throw it away, mop the floor with it, or give it to your league's worst team. And a final idea, my league is donating one entry fee ($250) to Katrina, and everyone is good with that. Perhaps this would work in some of your leagues too. doug