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  1. I just finished using DD for my auction and have a couple things that really need improvement in DD. I am not sure if development still occurs with the desktop DD, but I would request the following changes for next year. I would also repeat the great suggestions made 5 years ago (https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/550400-auction-dominator/) when suggesting a separate DD for auctions. In today's draft it was difficult to see a draft summary by position. It was also difficult to see how overall spending was going. Here are some questions I had during my typical auction draft. How has the bidding on WR been going? Show WRs in pick order with amount paid. Who has been highest or lowest WRs paid? Show same WR list, sorted by amount paid instead of pick order. Where has money been spent so far? Show the overall Draft Summary list, sorted by amount paid (descending of course).
  2. I recently saw mention of an H-value by Maurile Tremblay, based on conversation from Dan Hindery, and I am wondering if it has any value when analyzing regular auctions rather than DFS. It seems you would take the Points / Auction value and then multiply it by (Points * 1.73) to get the H-value. How would I use this H-value if trying to determine an optimal lineup for my auction? Could this be used to generate a better auction value per player? On a side note, it would seem the auction value generated by DD would have a consistent value when VBD / Auction value, since the value is the point rate * the VBD. However, I can see the #6 and #7 QBs with the same VBD having a difference of $1.28. The auctions.csv file has 1 for every position/rank, weekly weights are all 1 and no use of strength of schedule. I thought the auction value was consistently applied, so I did not understand if the H-value would be of any use, but it seems the auction values in DD are different, so the H-value may be able to tell me better "values".