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  1. Have I missed it . So few carries and minimal impact.
  2. Hope bad. Going against. Sorry. Status. ?
  3. Choosing one of him , Cook , fournette i have a good mind to start him over both but I can’t fully wrap head around losing with a guy on my team two weeks. Ask me who has best chance of a 100 and a Td. JJ honestly
  4. We need to address Jackson’s likely stat line. I’m legit considering him over Dalvin Cook and Fournette. Am I nuts
  5. I get it but do we really believe that.
  6. Right so all of us who have him would never dream of benching him but for the injury , begs the question why are we starting him
  7. Yeah he’s gonna play and I love his toughness but I have real trepidation and am not confident he will do much. I seem to be in the minority and I don’t know why.
  8. I have mahomes and dak, I like dak a lot this week. The weather and hill injury really influencing me or I wouldn’t consider dak
  9. If Jackson is the main carrier Thursday I have to choose between Jackson, Fournette and dalvin cook I legitimately lean Jackson in the rain vs the KC defense. Fournette with bottles was viable but since, omg and cook who knows the new game plan and if he gonna get 12 or 24 carries. Jackson should get 100 and a TD if he is featured.
  10. I agree on his routes, just heard freezing weather, rain and 15 mph rain I don’t want to overthink this but I don’t like this set up for Hill . I also have mahomes and am very confused all around
  11. I understand your sentiment. In my eyes hill is a burner and I don’t see him separating himself while hurt. He’s a small WR so RZ looks not as relevant but certainly possible yes
  12. I don’t see much upside for a TD so benching him is in my radar. I also have mahomes and dak, got to worry about mahomes as well this week
  13. The limp scares me. Pain going to get worse before better. He sounds committed to being out there but I can’t see starting him
  14. hes not gonna play and spoil a lot of championship aspirations ####### hate injuries