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  1. Phillip Rivers. Hate his match up against the Rams. Just hope this pays off. Who else is starting Fitz?
  2. I know he has receptions. Not watching....thought maybe he got hurt
  3. Horrible gameplan by the Jets today. Both Powell and ASJ under-utilized today.
  4. Why are they not giving Collins the ball? These stupid play action's are not working
  5. And he is running good today. I don't get it. Unless he is hurt.
  6. Hasn't been in since. Gallman getting carries. Not sure why. Darkwa has 8 carries for 48 yards. And just now Gallman fumbled ball away.
  7. Take it and don't look back. You can play matchups with your RB 2 each week with Darkwa, McFadden (who I believe will prove to be the back to own in Dallas), Powell and Buck Alllen. And Gurley just had his bye week, which is an added plus.
  8. Maclin is the safer play I think. See mine please:
  9. I know it sounds crazy but I am wary about Cousins going into Seattle. His whole offensive line is hurt plus Reed and Crowder are also injured. Seattle is tough enough as it is, and playing at home. Meanwhile, McNown has played well for four consecutive weeks and the Bills, while conceding a lot of passing yards to QB's, are not giving up many passing TD's. Anyone else in the same situation with Cousins? Need opinions....thanks! Leave a link.
  10. Picked him up in my dynasty league a few weeks back for nothing, after Rishard Higgins had that big game for Cleveland in week 2. I had read somewhere, it might have been Waldman, that Louis would prove to be the better receiver and might prevail over the two. So I did some research on the kid and like what I saw. In the video below from the offseason, he mentions he plans to work out with Brandon Marshall, and talks regularly to Andre Johnson and Antonio Brown. He has a drive to be a great player it seems. So I said what the heck and took a flier on him. Has the measurables. Hope it works out... actually may use him this week with Diggs hurt. It's either him or Jaron Brown. I think it will be him with Britt not practicing. Browns’ Ricardo Louis on using his speed to scare DBs