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  1. Ty for the reassurance, lott's!!! I just dropped Brown. I think that Ivory has the "higher ceiling" in their current situations. I'm really interested to see what Ivory could do with the right oppurtunity and maybe a little luck on the health issue..... WB
  2. I've had Ivory stashed since last years draft. I love this kid, injury history aside! I agree with most of the positive things that are being posted but some of the negative posts have very valid points as well. Same old story, risk vs issue now is that my cuts are due at midnight tonight and my last one is between Ivory and Bryce Brown. Was hoping a deal would have been finalized by now!! If anyone wants to put their 2 cents in, please do or send my a pm. Leaning towards keeping Ivory as Brown looked really pedestrian after Def's started game planning for him..... WB
  3. TY for the great scouting report, Gordon!!! That helped me out a ton yet I'm hesitant to even get somewhat excited about his future as a QB1! I'm in a position where I almost have to put him on my dynasty roster, as I only have Vick and Weeden at the QB position. Obviously my current strategies for finding my next QB1 are the "lottery ticket" and "lightning in a bottle" strategies!!! It will be difficult for me to watch many of his games should he get the chance, but it's info like this that makes it possible to form intelligent (hopefully) scouting reports and then decision's...TY!!! WB
  4. As a Vick owner in a dynasty with the option of picking up Foles, I need to hear as much info/opinions on Foles as possible! I haven't had the chance to watch the kid play in college and his preseason play is just that...preseason play! The highlights I have seen of him look good but he sure looks like a "string bean" out there!!! How's his arm strength? Would anyone care to opine on this kid's potential NFL future??? I'm sure I'll end up grabbing this kid off the ww but any and all info would be greatly appreciated.... WB
  5. You have to like his attitude after the game last night..... Kenny Britt called Thursday's Week 6 win over the Steelers "hands down the worst" of his life. Britt knows he still has to knock off the rust after dropping several of his 11 targets and frustrating Matt Hasselbeck with his route running. "I know I had some catches that I left out there on the field. I know I can make those plays," said Britt. "There is no days off for me. I know I have a lot of work to make up. I've had a rough season. That's behind me. I'm going to make up for it." Expect a better performance from Britt versus the Bills in Week 7.
  6. Quick question that I'm hoping to get a few opinions on today...I have to pick a QB to grab off the WW's between Ponder or Weeden??? It's a 10 team dynasty with heavy points for QB's. The thing is, I need which ever QB I pick up to start for me quite a bit this season as I only have Vick as a viable QB on my roster. I do have Fitz but it's really hard to take him and the Bills seriously!!! I looked at both schedules and they are relatively nice for each of them so that's kinda negligible. There is a difference in age and the Vikes are definitely closer to being a good team but Weeden throws the ball a ton and of course that's good for FF! Anyone want to throw their .02 in........